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? Episode five?


“Where is mum?”, Baron finally ask after the little play with Yummy.

“She is inside, I think she will be at the kitchen preparing dinner”, Yummy said licking the ice cream Baron bought for her.

“Ok…., Just go to your room, let me go see her”, Baron said already standing up but Yummy question made him sat down back.

“When will you get a girlfriend?”,Yummy asked folding her arms.

“You are 6 for crying out loud, and you are not supposed to be saying this”, Baron said ruffling his head.

“Oppa……, If you don’t get a girlfriend then let me get one for you”, Yummy said blinking her eyes pleadingly.

“No…, Just go to your room and don’t say this again”, Baron said already fuming.

“Just watch me…”, Yummy muttered and ran upstairs.

“Wish I could get one but……, Not my fault am like this, that’s how I was brought up”, He muttered and tears streamed down his cheeks and he cleaned it immediately and hurriedly went to the kitchen and met his mum watching the dishes.

“Where are the maid, don’t do this please?”,Baron said and hurriedly rushed to his mum and started watching the dishes after taking it from her.

“They are on their off, you know is late…, They’ve gone to their various rooms, you don’t have to do that”, Baron’s mum said blinking out tears but cleaned it immediately not wanting him to see it.

“He loves me so much but he is in this mess because of me…..”, She muttered and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

“Mom….., Stop this, don’t tell me your crying”, Baron said and cleaned his Palm with the hand towel since his done with the dishes, then clean his mom tears.

“I saw the videos, why do that to a fan, try controlling yourself, if not I will continue crying, just avoid Them, that will be more better”,Mrs Miller (Baron’s mom) said still in tears.

“Mom…, Wish I can stop, wish I can be like everyone else, wish my life wasn’t like this, Wish I have freedom like everyone else, wish I wasn’t monitored or rather I would have just be poor than be rich and useless, no one understands me apart from you, I hate this life that I wish I could just end it all…..”, He said in tears and his mum hugged him why he wets her clothe with tears.

“Shhhh….., It is okay, is gonna be fine, everything is gonna be fine, promise me you won’t harm any girl anymore, rather you just avoid them”, Mrs Miller said stroking his hair.

“I will try my best mom, but you know when they come closer to me…, They…..”, He couldn’t complete his statement when he broke down crying more.

“Baron…., Is okay…., Everything will be fine, what ever have beginning also have end”, his mom said wiping his tears.

“I insulted Kim, someone as old as you, I love her so much but I don’t want to show her all the affection because…….”,he stopped and broke down in tears again.

“Then you can apologize….., But it seems impossible cause…..”, She paused and wipe the continuous flowing tears.

“You know is not possible, but I wish I can….”,He said and then ran up stairs why his mum sat down on the bare ground and broke down in tears.

“I caused this…, I wish I knew it will turned out like this, I wouldn’t have allowed the devil to use me”, She said and continued wailing in tears.


The nurses, securities and doctor’s couldn’t stop them from destroying and throwing out things in tears, and it seems they are becoming lunatics and crazy cause they are fighting with the nurses, doctors and securities, anyone that come closer to them gets a hit, kick or get some injuries from the scissors and knives they are holding.

“Mom, dad, Jerry, they are all gone, mom left first leaving Jerry with me and Dad, then Jerry followed , his death was so mysterious and confusing to everyone, now dad, they were all asassained, they didn’t die a normal death, I know someone out there killed them all, Now is time to react back, I will take down who so ever killed my dad, mom and Jerry, will kill them all with my last blood not leaving a strand of hair, I will brutal them all”, Angela yelled using knives to destroy the place, imagining it as the assassins why Debby sat down on the ground with her hair scattered in tears.

They succeeded in taking them away from the hospital after more hefty securities.


SEMENTARY ***********

it’s been three days of toture, hell, weeping and sorrow for Angela, after the burial of her dead yesterday, she decided to pay visit to his grave knowing full well she is not gonna be the same person she was before, she is gonna change now cause they’ve made her Cruel and wicked, that’s what she really is but to only the wicked ones cause she don’t Bully the Innocent.

“Dad……, You left me again, after telling me you will come back home but I came to see you brutalled and killed in your own pool of blood, you’ve been the best dad, anyone will ask for, you’ve been a father and mother to me, Sorry that I won’t fulfill your promise of been calm and kind, am change and change for you, I will make all of them pay, rest in perfect peace and watch your daughter from heaven killing those that killed you, already doing some research and learning some fighting skills, also learning how to make use of gun, yeah that was what fate has brought me and that’s what am gonna do, rest on”, She muttered and wiped her tears, dropping her flowers on her dad’s grave, same goes to her mom and brother, before she left to her house.


Debby is grounded after been beating severally for staying with Angela, not coming back home, her aunt gave her different marks on her body, then gave her the beating of her life, but her grounding ends today cause she needs to sell and get more money for her aunt since only that makes her happy.

Angela sat down closer to the mirror, her once long hair has been cut off, making her look like a boy but still beautiful cause she still have that curves though she now dress like a boy, she stopped wearing skirt and gowns only baggy top and clothes.

She made the hair more short then coiled it, she arranged her clothes then burned all her girly clothes, leaving only her baggy tops and trousers, she left only clothes that swallows her curves, boobs but they still get to show little.

“NOT THE ANGELA YOU KNOW ANYMORE”, She muttered gritting her teeth together then laughed wickedly.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.