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? Episode four?


“Da…..d, Da….d, Da….d”, she was still shouting not until she met her worst nightmare and she fainted immediately.

Debby stood there for sometime transfixed in shock not making any move not until she realized Angela has fainted, she started shouting.

“Angela……, Ange….la, Ange…, please stand up don’t do this, please”, She said in tears.

Then ran out to call near by neighbours who called Ambulance, they took Angela and her father who is in pool of his own blood, they were put on a stretcher and taken inside the ambulance why Debby followed them forgetting what her aunt will do to her but at this point she didn’t care all she care for is Angela and her dad.


They drove to a nearby hospital, a cheap one at that cause Debby knows they can’t afford the money in a classic hospital.

The nurses quickly took them in a ward then told Debby to wait behind.

“Jeezz…, Don’t tell me that bad omen is this, ohhh God please save Angela’s dad life, with the look of things don’t think he can make it, ohh God Angela will die…., She cherish her dad a lot”, Debby lamented with tears streaming down her cheeks pacing to and fro not until a nurse called her.

“Are you Angela Carl sister?”,The nurse that Interrupted her Lamentations asked.

“Yes I am, are they fine now?”, Debby asked hoping everything will be okay.

“Angela just woked up, she is good now”, The nurse said and Debby sighed.

“What About her dad?”, Debby asked.

“Can’t say anything for now”, The nurse said impatiently wanting to go.

“So can I go see her now?”, Debby asked again.

“Yeah…, Sure you can go, her ward is ward 17”, The nurse replied and left.

Debby Walked out too straight to Angela’s water and fortunately she found it quickly and entered.

Angela was seen staring at the ceiling in tears.

“Debby hope my dad is fine and doing well, please…. don’t give me a bad news”, Angela said in tears.

“Just cool down first you are just recovering, he will be fine, the doctor hasn’t said anything yet”, Debby said with tears too.

“Dad must be fine….”, Angela muttered and a doctor entered immediately.

“Sorry miss but your dad didn’t make it he is dead, am sorry”, The doctor drop the bombshell and Angela just stood there like a lunatic why Debby rushed to the doctor and hold his collar in fury.

“Are you mad, how can you just come here and tell someone that is just recovering from shock some minutes ago that her father is dead, can’t you wait…, Are you even a doctor, are you sure you are doctor, is that how a doctor behaves”, Debby yelled in tears hitting the doctor who just stood there guilty.

“My dad can’t die, you are a liar, you must save him”, Angela yelled in tears and starting scattering everything and at the same hitting the doctor.

“You must save my dad, you fool”, Angela yelled still crying.

Before Debby knew it Angela ran out from her ward to her dad’s ward, Debby was shocked how she knew her dad’s ward but that’s not the issue now, she followed her behind making sure she won’t do anything crazy.

Angela entered her dad’s ward and saw the nurses covering her dad Whit a white material, she rushed to them and dragged the material down why they stared at her in shock, Debby couldn’t hold cause she was also in tears joining her in dragging the material too in tears, not wanting to listen to the nurses, they couldn’t even hold them cause it seems the two girls is going crazy now, cause they were destroying things in the hospital and immediately they succeeded in removing the material from Angela’s dad body they shouted.

“Noo ………!!!!!!!!!!”, They both yelled at the same time then fainted.

BOLD SHOOT********

As usual after their fans notice they are in (GALAXY PHOTO HUB) where they are taking their shoot for thier next Abulm of the year, they filled the outside of the place cause the security was tight and they didn’t let them in, The fans was waiting for them to come out.

“Kim how many minutes is remaining for this damn thing to be over need to get out from here”, Baron said rudely.

“At least try and be respectful to your manager, she is not your age mate neither is she your mom’s mate”, Ovi said angrily and Baron rushed to him and punched him angrily giving him a little cut on his lips.

“You can insult me but not my mom, I can’t take ant insult from you when it comes to my mom get it!!”, Baron yelled angrily.

“Then don’t ever tell at another person’s Mother too, cause she is older than your mom I will keep in saying it and you know, if you don’t like when done insult your mum then don’t do that to another person fool”, Ovi yelled too in anger.

“You both should stop it, you guys have started again, always insulting each other, I don’t have strength to separate anyone ohh”, Diego said eating his cheese.

“Ovi just let it slide, this is not the first time he is doing this and I will never blame him”, Kim said calmly.

“Worst he is always your favorite even when he is rude to you, gross”, ovi said stumping his foot angrily.

“Suit yourself, don’t give a damn”, Baron said and walked out angrily.

“Hard face”, Lara muttered rolling her eyes.

Baron went out and his guards and chauffeur followed him immediately cause of the crowd outside, luckily a girl had the chance to overtake the security and went to Baron.

“Oppa saranghaeyo, ssa in hae ju se yo, sjihyo”, She said in korea(Brother I love you,could I have your autograph, am a fan of yours) and he glared at taking the paper Ron her and tearing it, then he poured it on her and his fans was shocked, why he walked out down to his car angrily why is other guards trailed behind.

“Take me to my mom’s Mansion”, He said to his chauffeur who nodded then drove to his mom’s Mansion quickly.

He came down and the gate opened by itself why he entered, sane goes to the door.
Immediately he entered he sister (yummy) ran towards him in shock that he paid her a visit.
She hugged him happily why he smiled and gave her kisses around her face.

“Love you oppa”, She said jumping on him happily.

“Love you too my angel”, he said throwing her up and catching her why she giggled happily.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.