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? Episode three?


After the incident that happened at school, he angrily went home to cool of his head.

He is seen with his colourful headphone when an inspiration came in and he started singing at the same time writing the lyrics down.

? I thought I could change it?

? Thought I could forget it?

?Tried to run away from it?

?But it seems that’s fate?

?And there’s a saying that says?

?You can’t change fate nor destiny ?

?Wish I could turn the hands of clock?

?Wish I could stand up from this mess?

He continued singing until tears filled his face, everything came hitting back, the past even the present cause he don’t know when his devilish father is gonna stop using him.

Still in tears when the door badged opened and a maid entered immediately.

“Sir…, Your fo….od is ready”, She stuttered fearfully.

“What are you doing here, did I called you”, He yelled angrily and she flinched.

“Am so…..ry si…..”, She didn’t complete her statement when he shut her up.

“You are fired, now get o u t…..”, He yelled as he spelled the out each.

“Sir pl……..”, She begged but he still didn’t let her complete the statement.

“I said out of my sight before I vent my anger on you”, He yelled and she ran out in tears.

“Fool”, He spat and wiped his tears heading to the dining.

He sat down with his food already arranged carefully on the sparkling table.

A maid rushed to him and was about opening the dish that was neatly covered when the spoon she was holding fell on him.

“Am so……”, He didn’t let her complete the sorry before saying.

” Your fired, now get out!!”, He yelled and she ran out in tears.

“Everyone just been clumsy and spoiling my day”, He muttered and went out angrily.

Few minutes later…………

He was already at Diego’s and ovi’s mansion, fortunately Lara was there too.

He walked elegantly and input the pass code to the gate and also input another pass code before entering fully since there is no gate keeper like his own mansion.

“Hmm…., It seems someone is in a good mood today”, Ovi said smiling and Baron scoffed with a hard look on his face as he sat down.

“At least smile a little is becoming annoying”, Diego smirked.

“Just let him be, this is not supposed to be new to us anymore”, Lara said scoffing out loudly.

“Please just shut it and let’s get to business, ain’t here to play, gat some film to shoot”,Baron said rolling his eyes.

“Not only you have a shoot, I also have so quit been crampy”, Ovi said smirking.

“Can we go further now”,Diego said not wanting any drama from Baron and Ovi.

“Yeah but not without our manager, have you forgotten, shit.., you guys just forgot you gat a manager”, Lara said scoffing.

“Oops”, Ovi and Diego said at a time and Kim entered immediately.

“Sorry was late, had to arrange for your upcoming show”, Kim said rushing her words.

“Dumb excuses, can we go further now”, Baron said sarcastically why the rest glared at him for being rude.

“His at it again”, Kim muttered to her hearing only.


They are seen doing there make up by their make up artist for their shoot ( don’t forget they are also models, they are Brand ambassador to Eva soap so they are doing their make up for the shoot) not until Demmy Start are talkative madness.

“New gist, you guys should just come check this out”, Demmy said smiling looking at her phone why Dara and Sonia scoffed remembering what she did in their private class.

“You must be silly to think I will come check after fooling us at school”, Dara said angrily.


“Another news, this one is worst”, Demmy said covering her mouth in shock not blinking, you can call her New caster cause she talks and hear things a lot.

“What’s that”, Dara and Sonia said anxiously cause of the look in Demmy’s face, you will think she mean what she said now so.tbey rushed to go check it out when Demmy burst out laughing.

“I don’t know that you two are interested in my gist like this, even Mrs saint want to hear from me, this is so funny,look at your face now, go and sit down there is nothing to see here”, Demmy said laughing out loud, why Dara and Sonia glared at her angrily.

“You just fooled us, you must be stupid”, Dara said and Drew her expensive bag at Demmy who ducked.

“Stupid thing”, Sonia said and went back to her sit angrily.


“You guys still remembered that, that was just a joke”, Demmy said and burst out laughing why Dara glared at her.

“Keep your silly jokes to yourself”, Dara spat.

“I don’t even need it cause is not always relevant Miss News caster”, Sonia said and continued dressing before they all went for their shoot after the make up artist was done making them look so pretty, they dressed sexily and went out.

ROAD SIDE*********

They were done selling for today, looking tired as ever, ready to head back home.

“Jeez…., Finally done for today”, Angela squirled happily.

“Aunt won’t hit me today cause I earned much, is that not awesome”, Debby said jubilatingly.

“Screw that stupid woman”, Angela spat angrily.

“Let’s just head home, it’s late already”, Debby said and suddenly Angela hit her leg on a stone.

“Bad omen “, Angela said sensing something bad with a sad expression.

“No.., just a normal thing, i do hit my leg on a stone several and nothing happens “,Debby said trying to convince Angela but that didn’t work.

“Don’t think so, cause I don’t understand myself anymore”, Angela said having some strange feelings.

“Let’s just go home, nothing is gonna happen”, Debby said and Angela just nodded praying everything will be fine.

They walked tirelessly first to Angela’s house and the door was wide open making Angela to wonder, cause her dad don’t come back by this time. Always at night when she has even gone to bed at times.

“Something isn’t right, why is the door opened”, Angela muttered fearfully.

“Let’s just go check”, Debby said and they entered inside, what welcomed them was traces of blood, Angela became more afraid, she started shouting.

“Da…..d, Da….d, Da….d”, she was still shouting not until she met her worst nightmare and she fainted immediately.


You will be addicted, mark my words ??


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