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“She wanted to meet My Baron, too bad he hates her, and I will also disgrace her for wanting to give him that cheap Cupcake”, Dara said still laughing out loud.

“How is that funny”, Sonia said rolling her eyes.

“Mrs saint just go and sit down!!!”, Dara and Demmy said still laughing more.

“But I thought that place is restricted and private then how did someone camera that immediately”, Sonia said aloud confused.

“Have you forgotten This is BARON HIGH”, Demmy said throwing a bubble gum in her mouth.

“BADASS HIGH SCHOOL, AKA NOTHING IS HIDDEN UNDER THE SUN”, Dara completed it and burst out laughing why Sonia scoffed and concentrated on her book shaking her head.

“Another news, this one is worst”, Demmy said covering her mouth in shock not blinking, you can call her New caster cause she talks and hear things a lot.

“What’s that”, Dara and Sonia said anxiously.


“Dad, your leaving again and the next time I will see you again is at night and please don’t over stress yourself, make sure you eat much”, Angela complained as her dad dressed up to go for his work.

He poked her nose and smiled

“I know how you feel my baby, but am doing this for both of us, so that we can be able to survive, if I don’t go then we can’t survive”, Her dad said and pecked her both cheeks.

“But….”Angela was about saying with a sad face.

“Take care of yourself Angela, and be careful while selling, i won’t take it if anything happens to you” he said and rushed out hurriedly to avoid scolding from his boss, he doesn’t wanna get sack cause that’s what he uses to survive.

“Gosh!, I’m tired of this kind of life!”, She muttered and got dressed in her white hoodie and old flip flop before grabbing the diet she just prepared for sale today.

“Another day of Hawking!” She said and started running to Debby’s house knowing fully well that she is late(her Best friend house)

“You came late again as usual, you will never change” Debby said shaking her head as Angela walked sluggishly to the front of her house, she lives with her wicked aunt.

“I’m sorry, can we go now before you keep on blaming me now?” Angela asked and she smiled before they began strolling out, and holding their both diet on their hands protectively.

“Debby!, You better come back early today without any remaining diet or else you will hear from me and make sure you make enough money”, her aunt Miss Lane said, coming out of the house with a hard look in her face.

“Yes ma’am” she replied and left hurriedly not wanting any drama this morning from her aunt.

“I’m serious, come home with enough money!” She yelled but Debby has already ran away with Angela.

“Foolish girl”, Mrs lane said and went inside to continue what she was doing.

ROAD SIDE********

“Debby”, Angela called as they were Hawking.

“Don’t you get tired of this stupid woman, infact why don’t you just kill her one day”, Angela said angrily remembering all the marks on Debby’s body.

“There’s nothing I can do about it, you can change date you know?”, Debby said obviously sad.

“Just stab her when she is asleep with a sharp knife and end her life cause her existence is of no use, She sits at home all day and you do all the work while she takes all the money, who does that!” Angel said angrily still Hawking the diet.

“I can’t do that, that’s brutal at Least she still feeds me and allow me stays with her, besides I can’t kill, will let destiny decide” Debby said with a sad expression.

“You no nothing do you, you said feed, isn’t your suffer she is eating, after Hawking under the hot sun, she still eat your pains, ” Angela replied not convinced enough.

“Huh?, Just let it be, not my fault that mom and dad left me in this cruel world with Aunt lane who never cares about my well being, only uses me” she replied blinking tears.

“What if…..

“Can we not talk about this anymore?* She said immediately and Angela smirked.

“Yes mummy” Angela said and they both laugh hysterically.

“You’re crazy” Debby said laughing more.

They got to their normal place they stays when customers are not much, they kept their diet there not until they started seeing people.

“One, two, three go” They both shouted and took their diet before running up and down the road to sell.



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