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“Social science is the branch of science devoted to the study of societies and the relationship among individuals within those societies. The term was formerly used to refer to the field of sociology, the original “science of society”, established in the 19th century. In addition to sociology, it now encompasses a wide array of academic, disciplines,including anthropology, archaeology, economics,human,geography, linguistics, management science, political science and history”, Angela simply said smiling why everyone clapped for her even the teacher was glued to her spot in shock, she clapped too.

?️ “Not only a badass but intelligent”?

?️ “Someone is gonna beat rude Dara”?

?️ “How, not like she is in this class”?

?️ “Remember we have general classes and our scores are always merged together, the difference is just that, they gat to be in a separate class, we still write test and exams together”?

“Stop it!!!!!!”, Mrs Anita said and the bell rung immediately causing everyone to laugh at her and she quickly left why others went to the cafeteria.

“My badass, let’s go to the cafeteria”, Ann said standing up why Debby and Angela stood, Debby also shook hands with Ann and they introduce themselves.

“Thanks….., Show us the way”, Angela said.

“Not like.. , you aren’t with your maps”, Ann said and Angela chuckled.

“Am starving.. , let’s just go and quit talking”, Debby said and they all went to the cafeteria together, they secured a sit why Ann went to get their lunch.

“Seems here is gonna be fun, already loving it”, Angela giggled.

“Love it too”,, Debby said smiling and Ann came in immediately and served them lunch.

“It seems you’ve been in this school for a while, why don’t you tell us more about here”, Angela said eating from her noodles.

“Yeah need to be giving some information”, Debby said.

“Okay As your Lord pleases”, Ann said and they all laughed.

“First person is Baron, the owner of the school though he didn’t accept it cause it was his dad’s own, after his mom and dad divorced, this was part of his mom share so she gave it to him but he refused, So she just used his name, he is rude, wicked and Cruel, too bad he is so handsome and look like an Angel, heard if you are close to him, he is soft and kind, and also heard something made him like this but no one knows”, She said and Angela scoffed knowing who he is already why Debby cheeks flushed only by hearing his name.

“Second person is Diego, he is cute, though one of the most quiet boys in the crew, don’t talk much, don’t be too shock,they are singers, dancers, models only Baron is an actor too, they are Korea and Baron high sweetheart, their voices can melt your heart especially Baron, his songs can make you cry.

“Same to Ovi, also cute, funny and one of the free ones in the crew, then Lara, the only girl in the crew, my best, love her so much, cause she is the most amazing, she can rap and dress for Korea, she is amazing, then next to the DDS, the most annoying and Bully ever apart from Sonia who is the kindest, sweet and amazing, why Dara and Demmy are the most wicked and callous people here, Dara always acting like the queen why Demmy is her advocate, always behaving as if she owns Baron when Baron hates her the most, So these are the most popular people in the school, Don’t cross paths with some of them cause you won’t like it”, She said why Debby and Angela rolled their eyes immediately.

“Gonna set some people straight, Angela said laughing not until they heard noises from students and when they turned they saw Baron and his crews, Angela stared at him but quick removed her face, and an evil smirk appeared on her face.

?️ Wow, My oppa came to the cafeteria, am dead.

?️ Jeez can’t believe this?

Students kept on yelling and some of them fainted when they came closer, immediately Angela stood up from her seat and went to meet Baron, immediately she pat his head like a baby.

“Wow…, My moron decided to come to school, thought you don’t want to see my face”, She said smiling why everyone stared at her in shock even the band members, no one dares touch Baron, Baron glared at her angrily, his face already furious.

“Calm down Cutie, not biting you”, Angela said still patting his hair and smiling, she just wanted to torment him.

“You got nerves huh?, Now get your hands off me now,!!!!”, Baron yelled angrily and she didn’t even bulged.

“Don’t stress your voice that much so you won’t get a crack voice why singing”, She said and touched his cheeks pinching it lightly why Baron quickly slapped her hands off and pushed her angrily then stormed out of the cafeteria angrily, and the students stared at her angrily.

?️ Who does she think she is?

?️ She is so bold ?

?️Baron didn’t pour food on her, am shock”

?️ I hate her already ?

?️ She is so annoying ?

The students said, sending hateful glares at her angrily.
Angela just smiled and went back to her seat why Ann and Debby stared at her in shock.

“What did you just do”, They both yelled at her and immediately The DDS came to their table, another Shout erupted.

“Wow….., So she is the new students already causing choas and problems on her first day”, Dara said smiling, why Sonia just kept quiet watching the show that’s about to start.

“Who is this chicken or is there anyone here”, Angela said and everyone burst out laughing both their fans and Sonia.

“What did you just say!!!!”, Dara and Demmy yelled angrily.

“Seems your blind…., Or are you deaf…, Should I increase the volume you moron”, Angela said again and another laugh erupted.

The show just begun ???


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.