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His car was parked at his mom’s garage why he came down, as usual the door opened by itself and immediately he entered the first thing that happened was him colliding with a girl who was about falling and he quickly looked at her disgustingly and she fell hitting her butt on the hard ground, he didn’t even try helping her.

“Are you blind, next Time watch were you going to avoid this”, Baron said hissing loudly and was about going when Angela quickly grabbed his hand angrily.

“Hey… Mister or whatever your name is, you don’t go around acting so cocky, try and be a gentleman with your hard rock face that’s making you look like aliens, I do watch in movies”, Angela said angrily not caring at his handsomeness and Debby gasped why Baron stared at her shockingly.

“What did you say”, Baron yelled angrily with a furious look.

“I said you look like an alien, not only that, you like a monster, do you know what is gorilla, that’s what you look like”, Angela said fearlessly not even flinching at his furious look, Baron quickly grabbed her hand angrily pining her on the wall roughly, he gave her a little cut on the wrist cause of the way he hold her and his sharp fingers pierced in her hands, And that made Angela angry, she quickly used her leg and kicked his groin making him released her angrily.

“You have luck I don’t hit girls, if not your face would have been disfigured, you ugly duckling, trying to behave and act like a boy when you did not fit in”, Baron said holding his private part and glaring at her.

“Hahahahah, duckling you say, Goat is better than you, if am ugly then you are just a pig, your eyes are blind to see, you need some lenses to see properly, go check yourself properly Cause I don’t see a human in you,”, She said and Debby burst out laughing behind why Baron was about replying her when Mrs Miller came in immediately.

“Ohh Baron you came…., Yummy misses you alot, she has been indoors wanting to see you “, Mrs Miller said not knowing what’s going on.

“Good day mom, I will go see her but before that who are they, especially this duckling tomboy”, Baron said gritting his teeth and Debby laugh why Angela glared at her.

“Point of correction, am not a duckling, if you don’t know my name then quit talking, ugly Moron, stock fish face”, Angela said and Mrs Miller burst out laughing loud, “He just saw his match”, Mrs Miller muttered inwardly laughing out more.

“Mom…., You are laughing why this ugly thing is insulting me, you know what I can do, am just taking all this from her for today, but next time she won’t like me”, Baron said staring at Angela disgustingly.

“Big big talk, ohh don’t tell me this shit, you are just say gibberish, keep on dreaming moron, what I know is that all these your saying is Big big talk”, Angela said hissing and Baron tightened his fist and felt like punching her.

“Now Stop it!!!, Baron this is Angela and Debby, they are going to be attending your school from Monday, saw them and decided to help them, And Angela this is Baron my son am talking about, try to limit the way you insult him cause he can be crazy and behave like a lunatic sometimes”, Mrs Miller said and Baron just rolled his eyes.

“Then she is behaving as if she is one rich goddess or something not knowing, She is a poor stricken thing and I don’t want them in That school if not she is gonna face hell from
Me, just hate her”, Baron said gritting his teeth and his mom yelled.

“BARON!!!, Stop it now, they are attending the school and that’s final, you haven’t known them yet, bet they are unique and you will get to like them”, Mrs Miller said ruffling her head knowing how her son behaves.

“Unique you say and like my foot, Do what you like, going to see yummy”,He said and went out angrily.

“Don’t mind his attitude, Something made him like that, hope he changes one day but that seems impossible cause…., Just forget about it, and just avoid him cause he can be violent sometimes”, Mrs Miller muttered sadly.

“No problem ma we understand, So he is the Baron, Oops, always listening to his music but never seen his face, don’t know he is like this, I will never admit he is handsome, gonna set him straight”, Angela said only the first sentence to Mrs Miller hearing why the second to the last to only Debby’s hearing.

“So let’s get to business, where are your previous results”, Mrs Miller said and Debby brought the results and showed to her why she opened them and looked at it with a satisfactory smile.

“Just knew it that, you will be so intelligent, this results is amazing”, Mrs Miller said and flip her hands and a guard came with their uniforms though Angela own is in form of trouser cause she said she is not wearing skirt, her’s is baggy and she was satisfied, Extra clothes were there too, Mrs Miller thought giving them new expensive clothes will be nice so she gave them each and expensive school bags, shoes, books laptop, phones and pen and they gasped seeing that already in tears, they knelt down thanking her

“Ma…, This is much…., Thank you so much”, They both said and Mrs Miller stood them up why they hugged her happily.

“That’s enough, Anything you want always call, my number is in the phone, will teach you how to make use of it and the laptop and also will get back to you about the singing and modelling, for now focus on your studies and make your parents and I proud”, Mrs Miller said and they nodded.

Mrs Miller was done teaching them and everything was packed for them to start going not until Baron came down with yummy who was beaming with smiles as she saw Angela and Angela smiled back.

“Wow!!!, Love your boyish looks, you look pretty, will one day try dressing like this”,yummy said and Angela smiled.

“Pretty my foot, don’t dare try that if not I will stop talking to you, you will look like an ugly duckling”, Baron said gritting his teeth.

“Oppa….., Stop lying, She is pretty and will look more sexy if she dresses like a girl, I like her already, hope you both will be coming here more often please…..”, Yummy said pleadingly, giving them her cute pouting anyone can’t resist.

“Fine….., Suit yourself, am out of here, just hate this duckling”, Baron said shocked at the same time that yummy liked someone and walked out not without glaring at Angela angrily.

“Fine…., Yummy she will be coming here once In a while, just chill”, Mrs Miller says shockingly that Yummy like someone, she don’t even like the band members that much.

“Yes yummy…, Your too cute too, love you already, will come with my bestie more often and keep you company”, Angela said and yummy jumped up happily.

“Yasssssssss, we will play game together, eat, dance, sing, do assignment, won’t be lonely anymore, now Punch your number here, both You too, what’s your name, you are so cute and look so innocent”, Yummy said happily referring to Debby

“Awwn…, Thanks.., Am Debby why this is……”, She was about completing the statement when Yummy complete it immediately.

“Angela …., That’s her name, heard when mum called her, I will call you Angel cause you like an Angel, why i will call you Baby cause you look so innocent and cute”, Yummy said why Her mom stared at her in shock same with Debby and Angela but they later smiled loving the girl already.

“Jeez ….., How old are you…, You talk like an elderly person”,, Angela asked smiling.

“Am just six year’s old, but it seems that was a mistake cause I think am twenty”, Yummy muttered and they all chuckled why Mrs Miller laughed hysterically.

“She is at it again, Always saying she is twenty”, Mrs Miller said still laughing.

“Thanks yummy and Mrs Miller, we appreciate, time to go home, so we can get ready for school”, Angela said and Yummy face dropped down.

“Not so soon”, Yummy muttered sadly.

“Will visit you again, yum yum”, Angela said smiling.

“Wow yum yum,love that name, love you more”, Yummy said beaming with smiles.

“See you later yum baby”, Debby said and pecked her same to Angela and they left.

“Love them both plus the nick names”, Yummy muttered sadly.

“But you just get to know them today”, Mrs Miller said patting her hair.

“But it feels I have known them for years”, Yummy said and Mrs Miller chuckled and took her upstairs.



As usual the school almost collapsed with cheers when ever the BOLD and DDS entered the school but this time something looks different cause is neither the BOLD nor the DDS But something different, guess who??

Wahala no too much, who love yummy like I do???


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.