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“This witch…, You need to change her name to cane cause cane is now becoming her food, I hate her, if care is not taking, I will kill her with my hands”, Angela muttered but Debby kept quiet, she was afraid and she was already shivering.

“Hey stop that,is time to stand by yourself, she don’t own you”, Angela muttered and dragged Debby closer to Miss lane.

“Don’t do anything stupid Angela”, Debby said fearfully.

“Why are you coming back now, are you okay and I told you never to bring this bush pig here again, but it seems you are now the owner of this house now “, Miss Lane yelled and started arranging the cane to flog Debby Then Angela interfered.

“Hey cane…, First am not a bush big, Secondly you look like someone who just came out of hell fire now, cause you are burning already but that’s not my issue now, I came to tell you that Angela is not staying here anymore, We are starting school on Monday, We are both attending high school to complete our education, So she won’t be staying here ,So there is no one to use anymore, do you think she is like a commodity, now let’s see who will be Hawking diet, we are no more Hawking any longer, your name will Change to Miss cane the hawker of diet, sweet diet, that’s what you will be shouting, let’s see how you will cope, your sufferings start now cause if you do anything stupid, I will kill you with my hands, I promise you”, Angela said boldly not caring about the furious fool Why Debby stared at her shockingly.

“What!!!, She is going no where, No school, she must continue Hawking diet till she dies, Now Hawker go in now”, Miss lane yelled angrily but Debby didn’t even bulged.

“You’ve been using me for long, now time to tell you good bye and is your future kid that will hawk till they eventually die, you will die a miserable death, Go to Hell Cane the hawker of diets”, Debby yelled angrily not knowing where the courage came from and Angela smiled.

“Let’s go Debby, leave this fool”, Angela said and Miss lane was about slapping her when she caught her hands in the mid air and bend it back twisting it roughly why Miss lane yelped in pains.

“This is my last warning, unless I will kill you”, Angela said and fling her hands away.

“You can take her clothes so you can use it in Fending for yourself, you broke ass lady, poverty will be your best friend soon, just watch, let’s go Debby”, Angela said and they were about going when Miss lane brought out a knife from her clothe to stab Debby but Angela was fast to kick her hands away and the knife fell in the floor, using her master best technique “your eyes should always be at your back cause the enemies might be funny and very trickish” and they both pounce on her angrily.

“After using her for years, you still have the guts to try killing her, how wicked and callous you are”, Angela yelled and began punching her, and that made her bleed, after several begging from Debby she stopped and stood up not knowing when Miss lane stylishly took the knife from the floor And stabbed Angela who shouted……………..


“Any updates or reports on her”, A man who wore black looking so dangerous with a hard face asked smoking from a pipe.

“Yes, found out she is looking for you and ready to kill you at all cost even if it means taking her life, she has even turned to a tomboy and doing some trainings because of you”, His boy replied as he continued smoking.

“Hmm, very funny huh, gonna kill her soon, or will just play a little game with her, want her to kill me, this is gonna be fun, gonna kill her before she thinks to make any move, she knows nothing huh, she is still little and coming up, hahahaha”, The man said and laugh hysterically.

“Sir but you have done enough, you have destroyed her home, killed the mom, father and brother, why don’t you allow her have some peace, haven’t you done enough”, The reported muttered loudly and The man shot him three bullets immediately and the other of his boys shivered.

“This is what you get for talking when you weren’t told to do so fool”, He muttered gritting his teeth.

“Clean this mess and continue the monitoring of the little kid”, The man said to his other boys as they clean the mess.

“Gonna wipe them one by one, will kill them all, they caused me pain and pain they will receive” , He muttered wiping his tears remembering the past.

“Won’t cry anymore…, This is the end.. , I will ruin them all, the way they ruined me”, He muttered gritting his teeth evilly.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.