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? Episode one and two?


As usual the school almost collapsed with the shouts coming from students especially girls as the BOLD entered the school.

?️ Ovi is so cute!

?️ Oppa Diego is adorable!

?️ Baron is killing me even with his hard face!

?️ Lara’s eye’s are so cute awwn, can you see her new style of hair, it is amazing!

?️ No doubt Ovi is hot!

?️ omg oppa Baron is starring at me “, She fainted immediately after saying that.

The BOLD walked in their usual Hottish manner as they received different comments, Lara giggled and smiled at the students, seems she is the only free and vibrant one while the others just walked in.

As usual Baron is the most quiet one, who hardly talk neither does he smiles, only talks to his piano silently, only smile to his sister and Mom, not even his father cause they don’t get along, his father is the root of his problems, the reason why he is like this, he calls his father (devil) cause he torments him alot.

The Bold went quietly to their Private class why Baron went to his private room, the class has a restricted room where only Baron likes going, no one enters there apart from the Bold though Baron hardly let them enter.

He sat down and Drew the Piano closer to him and started playing it with ease.

“Still brooding huh?”, Lara entered folding her arms on her chest and drool at Baron whose face is low.

“Not your f**king business, just get out, you are not allowed to enter here, don’t you get that”, He spat already angry, (that’s one of his character, he gets angry at any slightest thing anyone does).

“You will never change, though try smiling it will make you look more handsome”, Ovi said from behind as he entered.

“Gross, you both should just let me be, what’s there to smile about huh?, Is there any need for all this”, He yelled angrily standing up and They both ran out fearfully knowing what he does when ever he is angry.

He sat down back and hit his leg on the piano angrily, it wasn’t up to 2 minutes a girl entered obviously one of his fans and he turned angrily.

“Umm…, Oppa baron”, The girl called and he turned fuming angrily.

“Didn’t you saw Restricted at the door post before entering, and who let you in”, Baron said Rudely.

“Just passed through a door and found myself here, fortunately wanted to give you this cup cake”, She said smiling why Baron just kept quiet and stared at her angrily.

“Take it, just my little gift”, She said coming closer to him and then stretched her hand, Baron took the cup cake and Stared at it angrily before smashing it on her face making a loud bang and it called the attention of Ovi, diego and Lara.

“The next time you try this shit am gonna change your name, fool, now get out”, he said and spat on her making tears streamed down her cheeks, and she ran out in shame.

“What guts”, he said angrily not caring about the presence of his other crew members.

“That was rude, brutal and harsh at the same time”, Diego said angrily.

“No need talking to him cause it won’t change anything”, Ovi said and walk out.

“Suit yourself, you all just spoilt my mood”, Baron muttered and went out of the room.

“I pray he changes”, Lara muttered and went out also.

“Pray so too but won’t blame him, not his fault”, Diego said and trailed behind.


They walked stylishly to their class after a lot of shout and screams from Their fans.

“Today is gonna be so boring”, Dara sat down heavily breathing hard.

“Lazy as always”, Sonia scoffed focusing on her book.

“What!!, Dara just come watch this, this is fun to watch, OMG!!”, Demmy said calling their attention and laughing at the same time.

“What?”, Dara said grumbling.

“Just come watch this”, Demmy said replaying the video, Dara and Sonia came hurriedly to watch it.

“I didn’t call you Miss saint”, Demmy said pausing the video.

“Whatever”, Sonia said not moving an inch and Demmy replayed the video of how Baron Disgraced the girl who wanted to give him cupcake.

“Hahahahah”, Demmy and Dara laughed except Sonia who didn’t found it amusing.

“She wanted to meet My Baron, too bad he hates her, and I will also disgrace her for wanting to give him that cheap Cupcake”, Dara said still laughing out loud.


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