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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



Myles Apartment**

Lisa and Dora just got back from school, Myles isn’t at home today so Lisa went straight to her room

“Lisa, remember we’ll still have to go to the supermarket right?” Dora said, changing her uniform

“You can go, I’m tired” Lisa replied and laid on the bed then closed her eyes

“You can’t sleep now, if you don’t come Gigi might sack you” Dora said

“Then she should for all I care, I’m not going and that’s final” Lisa yelled

Dora sighed and nodded, she changed to her supermarket t-shirt

“I’ll get going then” Dora said, Lisa just closed her eyes and looked elsewhere, Dora sighed and left

Lisa sighed and spread her arms

“Why am I feeling this way” she muttered and sat up straight

“Norman always goes to the supermarket according to Dora so I’m sure that he must be there” she thought and smiled

She got up and ran to the restroom immediately then changed to her t-shirt and ran downstairs, luckily Dora hasn’t gone far yet

“Wait for me” she shouted

Dora paused and turned back to look at her

“Lisa, you’ve changed your mind?” Dora said

“Hmm, let’s go work” Lisa wrapped her hands around her shoulders and began pulling her towards the supermarket


Delox Supermarket**

Lisa got in with Dora, they met Gigi powdering her face in front of the mirror

“Aunt Gigi?” Dora smiled

“Dora, you’re here already, I was about calling you because

“Let me guess you’re going out?” Lisa asked

“Hmm, I’ll be going out with my friends, you two take care of the shop” she smiled and left

“Fool” Lisa rolled her eyes and went to sit while Dora began cleaning everywhere

Someone entered and Lisa stood up immediately, thinking it was Norman but it wasn’t him

“Calm down Lisa, why did you want him to come so bad?” She asked herself as she went to answer the customer

Hours past and past, Lisa sighed out and crossed her arms, Norman didn’t show up today but he came yesterday

She looked back to find Dora doing her assignments as usual

“Hey Dora when you’re done with your assignment, can you do mine?” She asked

“No Lisa I won’t do your assignment, that’s not how to learn” Dora replied

“Shh not like I don’t know the assignment” Lisa rolled her eyes and sighed out

After waiting and waiting for Norman, he didn’t show up, he didn’t come today and she didn’t know why she badly wanted him to come, she badly wanted to see him

The glass door opened and she immediately rose up thinking it’s Norman but it’s not him, it’s those three troublemakers

“What are you three doing here?” Lisa asked while rolling her eyes

Maya smirked and looked at Audrey then Kinsley

“We are here for payback” Maya said

“So you wanna fight me?” Lisa asked back with crossed arms

“I would but I’ll do something more fun, now!!” Maya yelled and some huge guys rushed in, they began trashing everywhere immediately

“Hey what are you guys going stop!!” Dora yelled, she rushed to stop then but they cut her and dragged her to the front of the shop then tied her down with a rope

“Bastards!!!” Lisa yelled, she rushed to one of the guy and jumped on him then began punching his face

The guys began struggling to get her off him, then another guy came to carry Lisa and forcefully tied her together with Dora

“Maya you bastard, I’ll get you just wait!!” Lisa yelled but Maya began laughing with her girls

“I think Lisa is so hot, let’s cool her down” Kinsley said

“Good idea, hey check the fridge and get some ice block, you get a bucket of water hurry” Maya ordered

“Don’t you dare!!” Lisa shouted and Maya smirked

The guy got the bucket of water and poured a bag of ice in then gave it to Maya

“Are you stupid, do you want me to touch that dirty thing??!!” Maya yelled

“I’m sorry” the guy said and took the bucket out of her sight

“I want you to pour it on this girl without glasses first” she ordered

“No no no don’t you dare!!” Lisa yelled but the guy poured the water on her and she began shaking instantly

Then they poured on Dora next. Maya and her crews continued laughing out

“One more thing” Audrey walked up to Dora and took her glasses

“No please don’t do that” Dora pleaded but Audrey placed it on the floor and stepped on it, making sure she pieces the glasses

“Bastard!!” Lisa yelled, shivering greatly

“Awwwn she’s shivering, let me reset you” Kinsley walked up to her and slapped her face twice with a satisfactory smirk on her face

“You think you’ve won right?, well Damn you to hell!!” Lisa shouted and Kinsley slapped her again, that last slap cut her lips immediately

“What are you guys looking at, continue scattering the shop!!” Maya yelled and the guys continued what they were doing

A car stopped at their front it opened and Norman came down with his friends immediately

“What’s going on there!!” he shouted, running towards them

“Norman” Lisa smiled, feeling happy that he finally came

“What are you guys doing, Dora!!” He yelled and moved to where Lisa and Dora were tied, he loosed the rope from them and gathered Dora in his arms

“Dora, are you cold why are you shivering so much, where is your glasses?” He asked, hugging her to himself but she kept shivering

Lisa watched him with an unbelievable look on her face. Is Dora the only one he’s seeing here, what about her, she’s also cold and shivering, she got hurt plus she’s bleeding why is he looking at Dora??!

“Henry take care of them, I’ll take her to the hospital” Norman said, he stood up and carried Dora in his arms then rushed to his car

Henry nodded, Josh rushed in to deal with the guys, Audrey, Maya and Kinsley had already ran away while Henry went to help Lisa up

“Don’t touch me!!” Lisa glared when he made to touch her with her chattering teeth

She managed to stand up

“Your face is so red, do you need any ointment?, I can take you to the hospital I…

“I’m okay” Lisa replied and began leaving slowly

“What about your shop?” He asked

“I don’t care” she replied and left completely

Henry watched her till she was out of sight, he sighed and ruffled his hair before going inside the supermarket

Josh had already taken care of the guys but the shop is still very messy

“Gosh this place is so messy” Josh sighed

“I know, let’s clean it up” Henry replied and Josh looked at him

“What?” Josh said

“You heard me right, let’s clean up if we leave this place like this then Lisa and Dora might get into trouble” Henry replied

“Ion care about them” Josh rolled his eyes

“If you don’t I do” Henry replied

“Cool, happy cleaning day then” Josh smiled and walked out of the messy super market

“Hey Josh!! Josh!! Joshua get back here!!!” Henry ran after him.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.