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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



Myles Apartment**

Lisa and Dora trekked back to Myles apartment together, the walk was silent and boring because no matter how Dora tries talking to Lisa, Lisa never replies

Finally they got in and met Myles cleaning the whole house

“Papa, good afternoon, why do you keep doing all this? How many times will I have to tell you that I’ll do all this” Dora scolded and rushed to collect the broom from him

“Sorry dear, it’s just in my blood” he smiled

“Don’t you have a job to do or something?” Lisa asked with an eye roll

“Young lady good afternoon to you too, and I’m on a leave today” he replied

“Will you also be on a leave tommorow?” Lisa asked


“Thank God!!” She exclaimed and began climbing the stairs to the room

“How was school?” Myles shouted

“I hate that question” she replied and slammed the door

“My God she’s so terrible,how do you cope sleeping in the same room with her?” Myles asked going to the kitchen

Dora just shurgged in reply, she went to keep the broom before going upstairs to her room

She met Lisa sitting on the bed, opening books and flipping through pages of a book, she decided to ignore her and went to shower

After showering she came out with a singlet and walked up to her closet, Lisa raised her head up to look at her, her eyes went to Dora’s arms and it widened

Dora turned to catch Lisa staring, she took her jacket and covered her arms immediately

Lisa cleared her throat and covered her book

“Going somewhere?” She asked

“Hmm I work at a supermarket along the street, they are still looking for another sales girl, are you interested?” Dora asked

“Let’s go, I don’t want to stay here with Myles” Lisa replied and stood up

“What?” She asked when she saw Dora staring at her

“You just called uncle Myles by his name” she said

“So?” Lisa scoffed and walked out

Dora shook her head and followed behind, they both got downstairs and met Myles cleaning the dinning table

“Lisa, Dora, are the both of you going somewhere?” Myles asked

“We are going to the supermarket” Dora replied

“And Lisa?”

“Lisa is going too” Lisa replied and dragged Dora’s hands then left

Myles sighed and continued doing what he was doing


Delox Supermarket**

“Good evening Miss Gigi” Dora smiled the moment she stepped in with Lisa

“Dora” Gigi smiled and hugged her, Gigi is just a young lady of 25, runs the supermarket for her mother

Gigi looked at Lisa and looked back at Dora

“She’s my friend” Dora smiled

“I’m not, I heard you’re looking for another sales girl, mind taking me in?” Lisa asked

“Sure” Gigi smiled

“How much is your pay?” Lisa asked

“20,000$” Gigi replied

“Too small but I’ll manage, anything that’ll take me away from Myles” Lisa muttered

“Ahh, you’ll also need this uniform” Gigi went to look for a sales girls t-shirt for Lisa

“Urgh, we’ll also wear uniforms!!” Lisa complained

“If you wanna work and get paid then here it is” Gigi smiled placed the uniform on Lisa’s hands

Lisa sighed and took of her jacket then began putting on the t shirt

“You wanna start working now?” Dora asked and Lisa shurgged

“Kk, Dora will guard you with all the rules you’ll be needing, she’ll also teach you how to talk to your customers I’ll be leaving now” Gigi waved

“Your blind date again?” Dora asked, she have been working here for two years so she knows Gigi style

“Wish me luck” Gigi blew a kiss and left

Lisa rolled her eyes and looked at Dora

“So, will you tell me the rules or what?” She asked


“Hey wait, I don’t need it” Lisa cut her off and went to sit on where Gigi stood up from

The glass door opened and Norman stepped in with two guys, the moment Dora saw them she rushed to hide at the back of the chair where Lisa was sitting

“What!” Lisa frowned

“Answer them please” Dora muttered

Lisa looked up to see the guy from school, she rolled her eyes and stood up then walked over them

“Hey, what do you three want?” She asked

The boys looked at her then back at Norman

“It’s the new girl” one of them name Josh whispered

“I know I can see” Norman whispered back

“Why are you dummies whispering, just say what you want” Lisa crossed her arms

“Must you always sound mean?” Norman asked

“You’re waisting my time” Lisa replied

“Fine, I’m looking for Dora?” He replied

“You wanna buy Dora?” Lisa asked

“Technically… Yes” Norman nodded

“Oh, nice… Just one…” Lisa walked to take the shop broom then came back at them

“Eat this losers!!” She yelled and began hitting them with it

Norman and his boys blocked their faces then ran around immediately, after they had all left Lisa threw the broom away

“Now that’s how you chase a nincompoop out” Lisa dusted her hands

Dora stood up from her hiding place and breathed out then smiled

“Thank you, you’re so cool” she smiled

“Whatever now what those he wants from you, is he bullying you too?” Lisa asked

“Bullying, I wish… He’s always chasing after me, acting like he cares or he’s worried about me, so disgusting” Dora frowned

“Boys and their problem, well to me ion care, I’m not even planning to get involved with any guy like forever” Lisa rolled her eyes and walked back to sit

They both worked before 8pm kissed them in the face, they packed and went home and as expected Myles had already prepared dinner


Next Day…. Samantha High**

“Did you get it?” Audrey asked when Kinsley entered

“Yes, hey walk faster!!” Kinsley ordered two guys who were behind them,one was carrying a jar of pink ink while one was holding a carton

Maya who just got in walked up to them with creased brows

“Hey girls, what’s up?” She asked

“What’s up its my payback time, presenting you, pink ink and dead cockroaches” Audrey smiled

“Eww!!” Maya jumped

“You don’t have to jump, they are not bitting you” Kinsley chuckled and passed a huge hammer to Audrey

Audrey collected the hammer and began hitting Lisa’s locker after successfully breaking it, Kinsley passed her the jar of ink too, Audrey opened it and began pouring it on Lisa’s locker

“What do you think you’re doing?”….

That voice made them freezed instantly


Dun!! Dun!! Dun!!!!!!


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.