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(Taste Of Their Medicine)



Myles Apartment**

Myles, a man in his middle age like 30+ could be seen balancing on his couch and watching a football match

His live football match was interrupted when a knock sounded at his door

“One sec please” he stood up and went to get the door


“Sis” he smiled and immediately hugged the woman standing by the door

“I’m so happy to see you today Cora” he smiled

“Hmm, me too, you’ve not forgotten why I’m here right?” She asked

“Not at all, but you could have just come tomorrow thou” Myles said

“Nevermind, tommorow is too long… Lisa!!” Cora yelled

Lisa who’s standing outside and kicking stones looked up at her

“Come in and say hi to your uncle Myles” she said

“I don’t want to” Lisa replied lowly

“Lisa!!” Her mom glared at her

Lisa scoffed and entered inside with her luggage

“Hi Uncle Myles” she muttered

“Lisa, my girl, still as stubborn as always” Myles smiled

“I’m telling you,day by day she keeps turning to something else, I can’t stay with her or else I’ll die early” Cora shook her head

Lisa just scoffed

“I understand, don’t worry I’ll take care of her and I’ll make sure she finishes her school here” Myles smiled

“Thank you brother, I know I can always count on you” Cora smiled happily

“Lisa, I’m sure you’re still familiar with this house, go upstairs, you room hasn’t changed one bit, it’s just that you’ll be sleeping in there with someone” Myles said

“With someone??, You know how much I hate people!!” Lisa frowned

“Lisa!!” Her mother moved to grab her ears again

“Ouch!!, Let go mom.. let me Go!!!!” Lisa yelled out

Myles immediately came to separate them, Cora glared at Lisa and sighed out

“I’ll get going now, I can’t stay here any longer or I’ll be forced to chop off her eyes, thank once again brother” Cora smiled, she looked at Lisa and glared at her

“And you!!… Behave!!” She added and left

Lisa scoffed, she took her things and rushed upstairs while Myles sighed

“You can do this, you’ve done it before, I’m sure it’s nothing” he muttered to himself

Then the door opened and a girl of Lisa’s age stepped in, she’s also putting on glasses

“Papa, I’ve gotten the fish like you asked” she smiled

“Dora, come in dear” he smiled

She entered the kitchen and dropped everything there, she moved to the sink to wash her hands so she can start cooking

“Don’t bother, I’ll make dinner” Myles stopped her

“Huh?” She asked

“I’ll make dinner, there’s a new friend for you, she’s in your room, you both are of the same age, she’s the girl I told you about yesterday” he smiled

“Really?” He asked

“Hmm, go talk to her, I’ll cook” he said.

Dora nodded and rushed upstairs, she met a girl of her age, looking pretty but haggard, she was arranging her things

“Hi” Dora waved

“What!?” She faced her with a frown

“I’m Dora” Dora smiled

“Do I look like I care?” Lisa asked back

Dora nodded and looked around

“I see you’re new here, you must be his nephew, he told me about you earlier today he said that you’ll come over” she said and adjusted her glasses

“Okay I don’t care” Lisa replied, after arranging her things she began taking it to the empty wardrobe

As she was putting it in, a picture of a pretty girl fell

“Look something fell…” Dora said as she made to help her pick the photo but Lisa was fast enough to pick it

“Don’t touch my things” she said with a glare

“Oh” Dora nodded

“Lisa, Dora, dinner is ready!!” Myles voice sounded from downstairs

Dora looked at Lisa and smiled

“He’s a great cook” she said

“Don’t care” Lisa replied and walked passed her

Dora sighed and followed behind


They were all eating in silence before Lisa started

“Uncle who’s this?” Lisa asked

“This is Dora, well I’ll call her my daughter even though she just moved in last two years” he replied

“Huh?” Lisa asked

“My step mom kicked me out of her house, I was alone when he found me and decided to take me” Dora explained

“Oh” Lisa said lowly and continued eating her food

“You two eat fast, Lisa you’ll be going to a new school tommorow” Myles said

“Tommorow??, I just got here” Lisa frowned

“Education is really important, you don’t toy with it” Myles replied

“You talk like crap!!, Urgh!!” Lisa pushed her plate away, she stood up and stormed upstairs in anger

Dora looked at Myles and he sighed

“She’s always like that” he said

“Then it means she must be going through a lot” Dora muttered

“Hmm, she became aggressive ever since she lost her sister and her father” Myles sighed

“That’s sad, just like me… Ever since I lost my mother, I became really quiet, I wish to be aggressive as her so no one will ever bully me again” Dora muttered sadly

“Don’t say that dear, go up stairs, sleep early for tomorrow… I’ll take care of the dishes” Myles said standing up

“Are you sure I shouldn’t help?” Dora asked

“No dear, just do as I told you too” Myles smiled, he took all the dishes and went to the kitchen

Dora nodded and stood up

“Goodnight papa” she waved and went upstairs to the room, she met Lisa standing and fuming with anger

“You don’t have to be worried, the school is not that bad, I just enrolled last week” Dora smiled

“Please do me a favor, stop talking to me!!” Lisa snapped and stormed into the bathroom, she slammed the door making Dora flinch

“It’s nothing new, no one likes me anyways” Dora muttered and rolled up her sleeves, she got a big cut on her elbow

That happened earlier today after school when three unknown girls came to beat her up, warning her to stay away from a guy they called Norman

She’s just a normal girl, her father do bully both her and her mom, because of that she lost her mom and had her stepmom come stay with her, her stepmom beat her most of the times, all her body is full of scars, her stomach, her waist, her wrists, everything

Her stepmom got tired of beating her so she kicked her out of her house, under the rain, her father doesn’t care because he doesn’t love her, she was shaking like a chicken when Myles found her and took her with him

She has stayed with him for two years now, changing school each times because she can’t handle bullies, she promised to be quiet in this school she just joined so as not to get noticed by anyone but there’s this guy that won’t stop following her about, now because of him, three worst set of bullies have set their eyes on her…


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