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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



The biology teacher was yet to come, it was taking up to two hours already

“Sylvia” Norman called and a girl rushed to his table

“Please can you do me a favor by going to as of our biology teacher” he said

Sylvia smiled and nodded

“Anything for you” she thumbed up then rushed out

Most students in the class didn’t care about the teacher, some are busy using their phones, some are texting, some are talking, gisting, some are even practicing Romance at the back sit

Sylvia came back and moved to Norman, she whispered on his ears and he nodded before standing up

“Class can I gather your attention to the front?” He said

Everyone turned to look at him expect Lisa who’s busy pressing hey phones

“Lisa please look up” he said

She didn’t reply him and he sighed

“So our biology teacher would not be coming today because she just cought a cold this morning” he said

Students began smiling and murmuring happily

“So I just thought I could give us some work in biology and…

He didn’t get to complete what he was saying when the class stood up and began rushing out

“I was gonna say we should at least do something!!” He yelled but they all rushed out including the Maya and Kinsley

Lisa also took her phone and left, harshly bumping her shoulders to Norman’s as she walked out

Norman rolled his eyes, it was only the boys remaining, Dora was there too but she packed her things and left

“So what now” Norman stood akimbo

Josh just smiled and began cycling some chairs, he looked at Norman and smiled

“Come here bruh, come so we can play some bruh game” Henry said

“Bruh game jugging from the way you arranged the table it’s a T or D right?” Norman asked, going to sit with them

“Yes but for boys only” Josh smiled and Norman rolled his eyes

Clark, another school guy brought out with water bottle

“I’ll go first” he rolled it and it pointed Henry

“Dare” Henry said without waiting for him to ask, it’s a bruh game after all

“I dare you to peck my cheeks” Clark smiled

Henry rolled his eyes and pecked his cheeks then spined and it pointed Evan

“Dare” Evan muttered

“I dare you to not do Maya’s homework tomorrow” he said

“What no way, I can’t do that” Evan shook his head

“Then lick the floor” Henry smirked

Evan closed his eyes tight and bent to lick the floor

“Woah you must really fear her” Josh chuckled

Henry didn’t say anything he just rolled the bottle and it met with Josh


“When last did you make out with a girl?” He asked

“Never knew you can ask this question but day before yesterday” Josh smiled

“Woah with who?” Henry asked

“Sofia from my street” Josh smirked and rolled the bottle, it pointed Norman

“Dare” Norman rolled his eyes

“You’ll kiss your first girl you bump into tommorow” Josh smirked


“He said you’ll kiss the first girl you bump into tommorow” Henry repeated

“Whatever, deal” Norman rolled his eyes and spinned the bottle

And that’s how they kept playing till the biology period was over, students entered and the English teacher began teaching.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


After School… Myles Apartment**

Lisa got home a bit later than the time school usually close, Myles isn’t at home it’s just Dora who is busy watching Norman’s cardigan in the dry cleaner

She ignored and began climbing the stairs to her room

“Lisa you’re here” Dora smiled

Lisa didn’t reply, she just slammed the door. Seeing Norman’s cardigan was still washing, Dora rushed to the room

“Lisa are you okay?” She asked, when she saw Lisa arranging her cloth


Lisa didn’t reply

“Why are you treating me this way, I thought we were friends already” Dora pouted

“I don’t keep friends” Lisa replied simply

“Okay but will you be coming to the supermarket today, I was waiting for you”

“Lies, I saw you washing Norman’s cardigan”

“Oh, yeah but I was still waiting for…

Lisa turned to Dora with full speed and Dora frozed

“Tell me something, how does it feels to be inside that warm cardigan?” She asked

“I..” Dora was speechless, what concerns the cardigan with what she was asking her about??

“You must be so happy right?” Lisa smiled, before Dora could reply, she took her jacket and walked out

“Lisa, what about the supermarket are you going there already??” Dora shouted

“I quit” Lisa replied and left the house completely

Dora sighed and crossed her arms

“What is really going on” she muttered



Lisa sat on the long bench, putting on earpiece and trying to listen to music as distraction but it ain’t working

It’s still bringing him back to her head, unable to take it anymore she stood up and raised her hands up

“Get out of my head” she screamed and slapped herself hard, she used her other hand to slap herself, she kept slapping herself

“It’s not working” she said painfully, then dipped her hands in the pocket of her jacket then brought out a cigarette

She lit it up and put it in her mouth then began smoking rapidly, smoking hoping she’ll stop thinking and each time, she remembers something else

She remembers how her dad was betrayed by his friends, how they threw his dead body at the front of their compound like he was a piece of trash, then get sister got raped to death by her boyfriend

Tears fell from her eyes but she didn’t cry out, she kept smoking

“Hey, smoking is not meant to happen in the park” an old man who have been sitting on the chair opposite her, spoke up

“Go to hell” she yelled out in tears and stormed out.


Next Day… Samantha High**

Norman is dressed in a huge hoodie that is covering his whole face, his hands dipped into his pocket and his head bent low, praying that no one bumps into him

Lisa could be seen coming opposite him, listening to music with her earpiece, not watching where she was going to, so she ended up bumping into someone opposite her

They both fell, Norman hoodie went of, his eyes widened seeing who was there

“Noooooooooooooooooo” he screamed in his mind

Lisa rolled her eyes and stood up, he stood up too and looked left and right, thinking he could escape but he saw Henry and Josh looking at him, not just them some other boys

He looked at them with pleading eyes but they mouthed a “do it”

After picking her phone up and dusting it, Lisa made to leave but Norman suddenly grabbed her arm then turned her to face him

Before Lisa could comprehend what was going on, he cupped her cheeks then moved his face closer to hers and crashed his lips against hers.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.