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(Taste Of Their Medicine) ??


By Authoress Rhema



While Lisa was dressing to go to the fight, Dora was dressing for work, they both stepped out of the house together and none of them talked to each other

Dora crossed the other side of the road to go to the supermarket while Lisa turned to the direction of the park

She got there and as expected, some students are already waiting there, the moment they noticed her presence more noise started

More noise started as soon as the MAK arrived, Maya helped Kinsley to take off her jacket, leaving her with just singlet that shows some of her muscles

Audrey looked at Lisa and gave her a heartbreak sign while Maya walked up to the front

“So everyone, as promised the one on fight will be starting now. In 3 2 1….

Maya didn’t get the say go when Lisa rushed to pounce of Kinsley, they both fell on the floor and Lisa began hitting her real hard

Kinsley managed to turn Lisa over and hit her face too. The fight was hot, they were both injured and no one was willing to lose, the kept fisting on themselves with kicks and punches

At the end of the fight, the both of them were so exhausted but Kinsley was more tired, seeing this. Lisa decided to use this opportunity, she jumped kick Kinsley, finishing her off

“That was for slapping me yesterday” she said

People began clapping for her while Maya and Audrey rushed to pick Kinsley who was painting heavily up

Lisa then turned around and began leaving.

“Wait” she heard Kinsley said and she stopped

“Why don’t you join our team, you’re fit to be in it” she said

“Why don’t I join your team!!, Do I look like a b*tch huh?!” Lisa yelled

“You don’t have to look like one, join us and we’ll become the MAKL, we’ll have full authority in the school plus we can get whatever or whoever we want” Audrey replied and Maya nodded

Lisa chuckled. She showed them a “f**k you” sign before leaving

“She didn’t listen to us, we need her we need girls like her” Maya said

“Don’t worry, she’ll come back. I know” Audrey smirked.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Evening… Myles Apartment**

“It’s really late, it’s getting to 10 already, are you even sure that Lisa is leaving here?” Cora, Lisa’s mom asked

Actually she came to visit and check up on Lisa since 8pm but Lisa hasn’t been home

Dora sighed as she served the dinner on the dinning, she knew Lisa went to fight but she doesn’t know how long

“Don’t worry sis,Lisa is a strong and big girl, let’s not worry about anything” Myles said and Cora sighed

After serving the food, Dora sat with them and began eating. The door opened and Lisa stepped in

“Lisa” Cora smiled and rushed up to her but paused when she noticed the bruises on Lisa’s face

“Your face, you got into a fight” Cora frowned

Lisa just blinked and looked elsewhere

“Just when I thought you will be changing, you are not, you just got here last week or this week and you’re already fighting, just look at all your face” Cora scolded

“Mom, spare me a breathing space, not like I’m the only girl who fought” Lisa rolled her eyes

“You!!” Cora moved to grab her ears again

“Why do you love giving me headaches, why do you want to kill me before my time, I’m telling you Lisa if you do anything stupid again, if you get into any more trouble then forget about me because I’ll disown you that same day!!” Cora said angrily before releasing her and storming out of the house

Lisa scoffed and ran upstairs while Myles and Dora exchanged glances and sighed


“If you get into anymore trouble then I’ll disown you, well go ahead” Lisa mimicked and scoffed

She began taking off her cloth when Dora’s phone vibrated, she walked to it and looked at it

It was a message from Norman more like a love message

?Hey pretty, are you asleep already, I just don’t know why I can’t get you off my mind. I know you must think of me as a pervert but I really do care about you, I really do wanna look out for you, I don’t know what has gotten into me tonight but I just wanna tell you that you’re the most prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, I wanna be the guy to take care of you. It might sound crazy but I love you a lot?

Lisa rolled her eyes, she looked left and right before deleting the message then dropping her phone back on the table and going to the restroom to go shower


Next Morning… Samantha High**

Lisa didn’t follow Dora to school today, she was still at home and said she’ll come by herself later

Dora sighed, she didn’t know why Lisa doesn’t talk to her anymore, did she do something but what could she have done, she doesn’t even know

She made to take another step forward but someone came to cover her mouth from behind and dragged her to an empty classroom

They dropped her there and took off her glasses

“What do you want from me, give it back” Dora yelled, not knowing where to look from, she could only see blur

“Welcome again old friend” she heard a familiar voice

“Audrey?” She called and a slap landed on her face immediately

“You think I’ve forgotten about you huh?, I saw Norman staring at you yesterday why is that?” She asked

“I don’t know what you’re talking about I…

She received another slap from Audrey again, actually it was only Audrey that was with her, Maya is with Evan while Kinsley is on her own

“Please stop hurting me, I didn’t know that he was looking at me, please I’m sorry” Dora began crying

“You didn’t know, you also allowed him to take you to the hospital that day why is that!?” Audrey yelled again

Dora just kept on crying, Audrey angrily grabbed a handful of her hair and raised her up

“I hate your tears, it makes me wanna hurt you more” she brought her hands to hit Dora again but paused when the door opened

Looking at the door it was Lisa standing with an angry look on her face, she looked at Dora and suddenly recalled the text message yesterday and how Norman took only her in his arms that day

She shut her eyes tight. Maybe Dora kinda deserve this, she slowly back off and closed the door, not caring about what will happen next.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.