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Myles Apartment… 10pm**

The door opened and Dora stepped in, she was putting on a male black jacket and a new glasses

Lisa who was balancing at the couch and watching TV turned to look at her from head to toes

“Norman’s jacket?” She asked

Dora looked at her body and bit her lips hard before nodding, Lisa didn’t say anything she just nodded and faced the TV back

“Uncle Myles, is he at home?” Dora asked

“I don’t know, why don’t you go knock on his door and find out?” Lisa replied hardly, her jaws were working as she spoke

Dora just breathed and sat on the couch right next to her

“So, why are you coming back late, did anything happen?” Lisa asked after a while of silence

Dora looked at her and shook her head

“He just followed me back to the supermarket and we cleaned it up together” she replied

Lisa nodded and stood up then began climbing the stairs to her room

“What’s wrong?” Dora asked

“Nothing I’m tired, need to wake up early for school tomorrow and don’t worry about me, I’m not hungry” she replied and left completely

Dora stared at her and sighed confusedly, wondering what could be wrong with her all of a sudden.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Next Morning… Samantha High**

Kinsley opened her locker to drop her bag but before she knew it, it slammed back close

She slowly turned back only to find Lisa glaring at her

“Look who’s here” Kinsley smiled

“After school, let’s meet at the royal park, let’s go one on one” Lisa said with crossed arms

Kinsley smirked and dropped her bag inside her locker before facing Lisa again

“One on one, I like it” she replied with a smirk and then she left

Lisa rolled her eyes and turned to leave but paused when she saw Norman waiting at the school entrance

Then Dora came next, she gave him his jacket and made to leave but he held her hands, preventing her

Lisa clenched her fist from where she was, she stormed towards them and took Dora’s hands away from him forcefully

“Let’s go to class we are late” she said and without waiting she began pulling Dora away

“She’s not some toy that you can just pull anyhow you want” Norman dragged her back

“Just leave her alone, stop acting like you care about her” Lisa pulled her back

“Oh so you think you care?” Norman asked

Lisa pulled Dora to herself with anger while Norman held Dora’s other hand and pulled her to himself

“Don’t force everyone to be as bitter as you” he glared

Dora couldn’t handle this anymore so she pulled herself away from the both of them

“I’ll be in the classroom” she said and rushed off

After she left, Norman turned to glare at Lisa

“What is even wrong with you, why can’t you act like a girl for once?” He scoffed and left angrily

Lisa just kept glaring at him till he was out of sight, she angrily stormed to her locker room and locked herself in

She sat on the floor and screamed in anger before taking a small bag that was on the floor behind her, she opened it and brought out a cigarette and a lighter

She closed her eyes, she can’t even remember the last time she smoked, she smokes when she’s emotional, she smokes when she can’t handle her emotions

She lighted the cigarette and put it in her mouth then took it in and puffed it out in anger

The image of what happened yesterday came to her mind, they were both outside, they were both shivering, she was the one who got hurt but why didn’t he look at her, why not her, why Dora?!

She shut her eyes tight and puffed another smoke out of her mouth again. What was happening to her, why is she feeling this way, she promised herself and to think if this after what happened to her sister

Tears came out of her eyes as she recalled what happened few years ago, her sister got raped to death by the guy that was supposed to be her boyfriend

“Arghhhh!!!!” She screamed and puffed out another smoke off her mouth

“I’m supposed to hate guys just they way I hate bullies, I’m supposed to hate everyone, I’m supposed to hate every f**king body!!!!’ she screamed out she scattered her hair


“The energy, which a body has by virtue of it’s rotational motion is called kinetic energy”….

Lisa walked slowly to the class when the physics teacher was teaching, her hair looks scattered, her eyes looked red and her uniform looks rough

“Lisa are you sure you’re in this class,I’ve told you countless of times that I hate lateness” the physics teacher, Mr Gab said

Lisa didn’t reply she just walked up to sit beside Evan, she kept looking at the board not listening or understanding what the teacher was teaching

Dora looked back worriedly, it’s the first time she’s seeing Lisa this awful, it looks as if she threw herself into the garbage can

Lisa on the other hand didn’t care about how she looked, she took a quick glance at Norman and noticed him looking at Dora as usual, she shut her eyes and faced her front

Audrey was also looking at Norman, seeing the way he’s looking at Dora instead of listening to the teacher made her clenched her fist tight


After class**

Audrey smirked and walked up to the front of the classroom

“Hello I need everyone attention here!!” She announced and the whole class turned to look at her

“So after school, they’ll be a fight happening at the royal park” she announced

“A fight, who and who?” Someone asked from the back

“Well, she had the guts to challenge one of us, let’s give it up to Lisa, after school today everyone let’s meet up by 5pm at the royal park.. Lisa and Kinsley will be going one on one” she announced

The class began clapping while just stood up and walked out of the classroom, Dora immediately ran after her

“Hold on Lisa” she called

Lisa stopped and rolled her eyes before turning to face her

“What?!” She asked hardly

“Are you really going to fight with Kinsley?” She asked

“Yes any problem?” Lisa asked back

“I don’t think it’s necessary, if you’re planning to give them a payback for what they yesterday, it’s really worth it, they will never change plus I’m worried about you, they might hurt you” Dora replied

Lisa began laughing, she laughed so hard that Dora had looked at her with creased brows

“You know what’s funny, I didn’t ask your opinion, I don’t care about your opinion and I would love for you to mind your business, I don’t bother you so I’ll appreciate if you don’t bother me too!!” Lisa said

“I just care about you” Dora said lowly

“I don’t need you or anyone to care, why don’t you go and meet Norman,meet him to pamper you like the baby you are, don’t worry about me okay??” Lisa eyed her and left angrily

Dora still had her brows creased, wondering what was wrong with Lisa, just when she thought she was about loosening up

“I don’t know why your acting this way but I hope you’re fine” she muttered and left her on way too.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.