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(Taste Of Their Medicine)


By Authoress Rhema



Vintage High**

Princpal Morris removed his glasses as soon as Lisa stepped in with a teacher

“Lisa again,this is your tenth report as a new student, what did you do this time?” He asked

Lisa didn’t reply, she was just frowning and scoffing

“This girl needs serious punishment, her behavior keeps getting out of hand day by day, she just enrolled here last week, first she shaved the captain swimmer’s hair off and now she almost killed the head of the cheerleaders” Mr Dickson, the teacher explained

“Lisa is that true?” Principal Morris asked

Lisa just scoffed and looked elsewhere

“She deserves it” she muttered


“I said she deserves it, if she have two lives then I’ll just take the both of them cause she don’t deserve to live” Lisa spoke up

“What exactly did you do to her?” Principal Morris asked with crossed arms

“I smatched her head with a bottle” she replied with a smirk

“You what!?” He asked

“You heard me right, I smatched her head with a bottle, she has been getting on my nerves lately so I did what I had to do, yes I smatched her head with a bottle, now she’s in the hospital, suffering from I don’t care what” she replied

“Just look at this psycho” Mr Dickson pointed his fingers at her

Lisa grabbed his fingers and twisted it backwards immediately

“Ouch put it back… Put it back” Mr Dickson jumped

“Yeah, next I’ll be aiming for your d**k, Mr Dick” she spatted and released his finger then faced the principal who was looking at her with widened mouth

“So what do you have to say?” She asked, like she was expecting his words

He immediately tore out a card and wrote something

“You’re expelled” he said

“As if I know” Lisa rolled her eyes and walked out of the school

Samantha High**

“Hey!!” Maya yelled at a guy who’s putting on glasses

“M…Maya” he called

“Where’s my chemistry homework?” She asked and he gulped

“Where. Is. My. Chemistry. Homework?” She asked again, moving closer to him

“I… I…I forget it at home” he replied, sweating profusely

“You forgot it at home?” She asked with a chuckle and he nodded fearfully

“Good, very good, come with me then” she said, going inside an empty classroom

The boy began following her with shaky legs, the got to the classroom and he faced her

“What’s your name?” She asked

“Evan” he replied

“Cool” she smiled and took a chalk, then handed it to him

“I want you to write Evan is so stupid, a hundred times in that board without stopping” she ordered

He collected it and began writing immediately while Maya sat on the desk with crossed legs, she took out her gum balls and began chewing as she watched him

“Faster” she yelled and increased his pace in writing

“Fool” she smiled

Audrey and Kinsley could be seen sitting at the cafeteria, Audrey was with a telescope, she placed it on her eyes, watching a guy who’s busy eating with his friends

“You’re still into Norman?” Kinsley asked, she’s a girl that has cute freckles on her cheeks

“Damn yes, he’s so everything” Audrey gushed

“Wow, heard he was into that new girl that last week” Kinsley replied

“A new girl joined last week, what’s her name?, How come I don’t know about this?” Audrey asked

“I think her name is Dora or something… We’ve spotted Norman with her a lot of times” Kinsley shurgged

“Who’s Dora, how dare she!!”Audrey fumed

“Look, there she is” Kinsley pointed at a girl who just entered, the cafeteria, she’s putting on glasses and her hair is packed to a pig tail

“That?” Audrey pointed at her just to be sure

“Hmm” Kinsley nodded

“How can Norman be attracted to that, she’s so ugly” Audrey spoilt her face

“Really ugly” Kinsley added

“I’ll add her to my hate list, I’ll make sure I’ll teach her a lesson after school” Audrey scoffed and siped from her smoothie

Kinsley just smiled

Lisa’s Place**

“Expelled again!!” Her mother yelled

Lisa was just sitting on the couch and pressing her phone

“This is the forth time Lisa!!, Expelled again!!” Her mother stood akimbo

Lisa just scoffed

“You’re turning to something else, you can’t even look me in the eyes while I’m talking!!” Her mother fumed

Lisa looked at her mom

“What do you want from me mom?” She asked

“Did you just talk to me that way” her mother moved closer to her and grabbed her ears

“Ouch mom easy, just bought a new earring” Lisa pushed her mom’s hands off

“You.. I know what to do to you!! I know” her mother stormed to her room to take her phone

While waiting for the person she’s calling to pick she glared at Lisa

“If your father and your sister were still alive, I’m sure they’ll have been very disappointed” her mother said

Lisa gasped, she dropped her phone and was about to reply when the person picked her mom’s call

Lisa clenched her fist, listening to what her mother was saying on the phone, after a while her mother hanged up and faced her

“Pack your things Lisa cause tommorow you’ll be going to stay with your uncle Myles” she said

“Mother” Lisa stumped her feet on the floor in annoyance

“Don’t mother me, since you won’t behave then, you’ll behave over there, pack your things now, you’ll stay with him from tommorow go to a new school and this is your last chanced, if you get expelled again then just know that it’s the end” her mother crossed her arms

“But you know I’ll always get expelled” Lisa replied

“I’ve told you what you need to know, if you can’t control yourself, forget about your future, also you’re grounded from eating today” her mother added and walked out

Lisa scoffed and kicked the chair angrily

“Stupid!! Stupid!! Everything!! Stupid!!” She kicked the chair again and stormed to her room in anger



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