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Spicy laughed as she grilled the beef. Silvio sat on the carpet grass watching her do whatever she found funny.

She took a bite from the beef and moáned sweetly.

” This is good, win-win would love this.” she muttered, walking over to Silvio.

” Ahh.. ” She gestured him to open his mouth which he did.

” A little more wider..” She smiled and he did just that. She shove the meat into his mouth and he started to chew it slowly.

” It delicious right??”

” Hmm.. it is ” He replied.

” Winter would surely love it.. can you send some to him now? He must be hungry” She said and he nodded.

He stared at the beef on the grill, then at the sky. He closed his eyes and opened it again, the meat vanished.

” Wow.. did he eat them?” She asked.

” You should ask him yourself” She said and she quickly looked at the sky.

” You love it right? It’s delicious right?” She asked, still staring at the sky and one of the stars shone brightly.

” He likes it..” Silvio smiled and that made her very happy.

” I’m glad you love it.. I’ll grill meat for you okay?” She said with a smile.

” I’m tired already.. let’s shower and get some sleep..” She yawned and Silvio nodded. She walked behind him before jumping on his back.

” Piggyback” She smiled.

He carried her as they left for the house.. Everything used outside disappeared too.



Finally it is Derrick’s birthday and The Kang’s mansion was crowded. The students came in different styles.

They brought different gifts for him too.

Food and drinks were available and it was such a joyous event.

” How do I look?” Spicy asked and Silvio smiled.

” You look… Beautiful and… charming” He said and She smiled.

” Let’s go then..” She held his hands and they left the house together. She smiled broadly when she sighted Zac, the A.I-7.

” Zac.. ” She gushed and let go of Silvio’s hands.

” Long time miss..” The A.I machine car said and She hugged it.

” I’ve miss you.. now let’s go celebrate Derrick’s birthday” She smiled, entering the car. Silvio chuckled before entering the car too and the car took off on it’s own.

Silvio and Spicy got into the mansion and Spicy tried to smile as broadly as she could. She thought all would be good but deep down, she knew the birthday party wouldn’t be fun without Winter.

” Spicy” Lilah hugged her.

” I’m pregnant for Ben..” She whispered in her ears and Spicy’s eyes dilated.

” OMG! Really??” She asked and Lilah nodded.

” Congrats babe” Spicy pulled her cheeks fondly.

” Hey Silvio..” Lilah moved her gaze to him.

” I’m…

” Congrats..” He cut her off and Spicy chuckled before going to her friends, she began hugging them one after the other.

She was done with them and went to her parents too. She smiled after seeing the genuine smile on their faces.

” I’m glad you both are fine” she muttered, hugging them.

” I’ll be with my friends..” She told them after a while and went to the sitting room but Silvio wasn’t there anymore.

” Where did he go ?” She wondered, looking around untill she bumped into someone.. she looked up to apologise but she saw Jayce.

” Jayce, I’m sorry”

” Silvio was summoned. Someone was looking for him earlier, so he asked me to tell you to enjoy the party and that he won’t stay long. But if you don’t see him, he said Zac will take you home” Jayce said.

” Could it luhnax?” She wondered, heading to her parents again.

” Dad, happy birthday and make sure you enjoy yourself okay??”

” I love you both” She pecked her dad, then her mom.

” Going somewhere?” Lyra asked.

” Yeah and I promise to come see you tomorrow, I’m sorry” She pouted and Derrick smiled.

” It’s fine.. it’s my birthday after all and not yours.. your friends will keep us company” He said and she smile. She walked out of the house afterwards.

She into the car ( Zac ) and it took her back to Silvio’s mansion.



King Athenion stood at the Northern Part of Gloara, trying to use his energy to stop the explosion. Luhnax who couldn’t stand the view decided to call Jael and tell him about the situation in Gloara.

? Are we all gonna die before the prince brings back the Guardian’s Grail?

? Will our world disappear?.

The inhabitants of Gloara were in fear as they stared at the the King who is trying to prevent the explosion but he couldn’t. It was consuming much of his energy such that fell he down and vomited blood.

Silvio’s eyes opened.. he’s just coming with luhnax.

” Your majesty..” He called and went to him.

” Gloara will disappear Soon” King Athenion said and lost consciousness. Silvio balled his fist gently, going to the center.

He closed his eyes, summoning his energy and trying to use it to suppress the explosion. To fulfill such task, he’s gonna be using half of his energy.

He didn’t mind cus he needed to save his people. Blood started leaving his mouth, nostrils and ears but he still didn’t stop.

Luhnax who couldn’t take it, left the place to Earth.

He couldn’t watch his master waste half of his energy, so he had to leave.

Silvio opened his eyes which were now pure white as his energy left his body and gathered at a particular point before vanishing.

The explosion stopped and the people sighed in relief.

He stared at the people and exhaled.

” I promise to bring back the Guardian’s Grail..” He assured them.

” We believe you prince Jael..” The people said and he walked over to his unconscious father. He looked at the guards, signalling to them to carry the King back to his palace.

” Where’s luhnax?” He wondered, looking around.



Spicy got into the mansion but couldn’t find Silvio.

” Was he called for punishment again?” She wondered, sitting down. Soon after, a portal opened and She thought it was Silvio but was disappointed to see luhnax instead.

” Luhnax??” She called and he exhaled.

” What is it? Is Silvio suffering?” She asked.. ” Is he getting punished?” She added.

” Of course he is.. I’m still wondering why he can’t just bring home the Guardian’s Grail. The King is unconscious and Jael is about killing himself because of you when he knows so well you’re not even human” Luhnax said.

” I know I’m not human but…

” You’re not a supernatural either! Jael refused to tell you this too”

” What do you mean??” Spicy asked.

” You’re not a human and you’re not a supernatural”

” I don’t understand, I have powers!”

” You’re a supernatural because the Guardian’s Grail is the one manifesting in you and you’re human because you were before the Guardian’s Grail got to you” Luhnax said.

” What are you saying??” Spicy asked, more confused.
” Here’s what I’m driving at….. you’re dead Spicy, You died 22years ago” Luhnax said and She blinked unbelievably.

” What are you talking about?”

” You’re a dead human, a walking corpse. The Guardian’s Grail is just using your dead body to hide itself” Luhnax said.

” Are you nuts? How can you say I’m dead???” Spicy asked, confused.

” I don’t care if you believe it or not but I’m taking you right now to save my world.. I’m sorry” He said and a dagger appeared on his hand.

” No..” Spicy said, moving backwards.






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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.