Written by peacy Kay

This story is about a girl called Stella. She is about 15 years of age.

Who don’t know she got mysterious powers.

She was a special child and evil ghost were sent to kill her but they never succeed.

Her parents were aware about her powers and ghost attacking but they told her nothing.

Stella is a calm girl who stay on her own and very quiet.

This made people bullied her. She was too quiet, shy, fragile, gentle, frightened to defend herself.

People always mocked her.
Stella was know in all over the school as a dummy. If fact every one in the high school knows her.
There was a day she ran into the house crying and bumped into
her mum. She told her mother everything.

Her mother told her to have courage and go back defend her self and there is a power inside her.

She wiped up her tears and went aside, on getting there she didn’t have the courage to face the person.

She ran back inside, went to her room and locked up herself for 2 days meditating on her mother word.

The next day she was going to school when she bumped on the same person her mother told to go and confront.

She decided to ignore him a and walked pass when the boy drew her back and started insulting her and her parents.

She lost control and became very angry. She stated at the boy with a dreadful eyes..

Her eye started turning black
On seeing this the boy became afraid and he fell unconscious.
Stella immediately come to her right senses.

She remember what happened just now and she was scared. She ran back home and locked herself into the room that morning.
She came aside of her room when it was evening.

Her mother was worried and ask her what the matter was and age explained everything that occur that morning.

Her mother told her that she was waiting for that day and she explained everything to her daughter.

Stella was excited having mysterious power.

She started using her power to bully everyone in the school.
She used her power to bully the poor and the weak.
Her mission on earth was to destroy the king of ghost.
Will she succeed

Watch out as I bring to you this amazing story.

I Woke Up Early On A Friday Morning.
I Went To My Parent Room But They Where Asleep.
I Didn’t Want To Disturb Them So I Went Back To My Room.
I Was Scared To Be Alone So I Brought Out My Phone.
I Was going through My Mails When the Power Went Out.
“is This Another Attack”i Said And Sprung Up.
I Went To My Parents Room But I Couldn’t Find Them.
“mum,dad”i Called Searching For Them.
I Search Every Corner But I Couldn’t Find Them.
I Ran To The Garden But Every Where Was Dark.
I Kept On Running. I Was Running When I Bump Into A Tree.
“ouch” I Screamed.
I Turned Around When I Saw A Man Entered The House.
“dad”i Called I Ran After Him.
The Man Finally Stopped At The Kitchen.
“dad Is That You”i Inquired.
“hi”the Man Said In A Creepy Voice.
“who…..Are You…And What Do You Need”i Inquired.
“i What You”he Replied And Face Me.
“Aaaah”i Screamed.

I ran outside immediately. I saw the same ghost that has been hunting me a long time ago.
This time he look more scaring and weird.
His teeth were dripping blood. His face was cover with stitches.
I ran aside when I bump into my parents.
“Please don’t kill me”I plead with fright.
My dad cuddle me into his arms and pet me.
“Dad that…. Man is back again”I said with fright.
“Come on honey. There is nothing like ghost. It is just your imagination and you need to get over it.”my dad explained.
“No dad it’s not my imagination, I promise “I replied.
“Come darling your dad is right. You need to fight it”mum explained.
“Its already 5:00pm, go and freshen up for school”mum instructed.
“Mum can’t I skip school today”I asked and mum frowned.
“Yes you can you need to relax”dad stated.
“But honey”mum said to dad.
“Darling let her just rest for today”that interfered.
“OK you can skip school”mum water and I jump.
“Thanks mum”I said and ran to my room.
In their bed room
Mum was sitting beside dad at the bed.
“Darling ken is not going leave our daughter alone until he kills her”I said to my husband in tears.
“I know but Stella will have to realize that she have power first”he replied
” she will have to conquer are fears and face ken. I can’t wait for that day”I said and my husband hug me.
“Stella is a very lucky child and I wish she knew she as powers”he said.
“Then let us tell her”I said but he frowned.
“No I want her to know it by herself”he respond.
“Mum”Stella said with a frowned face


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