HEARTACHES AND TEARS … (18+) … Episode 1


A story by Kennedy C Katongo

Episode 1


The officer walked up to me, her black suit and white top made it hard to miss as she stood in front of me. “Hi, My name is Thelma.” She said politely as she took a seat opposite me.

“Hey.” I said, my voice was no better than a whisper. That bloody man, he had stomped on my throat a couple of times with his brown boot.

“Before I can be of help to you… I would like to know how this happened. How did you find yourself in this situation.” Thelma asked me.

“Well, it all started 2 years ago…”






It was around July, I had just finished writing my last paper in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I was excited, I couldn’t believe everything I had studied came.

“How was it?” Amanda asked me.

“It was good. I wish all my papers came like this.” I giggled happily.

Amanda was my room mate, we had been staying together since second year and now just a couple of months remained and I would be done with college. I was thrilled, there were many reasons for my happiness, after all, I was going to be the first person in my family to graduate from college.

“What are you going to be doing? You should come with us.” Amanda told me as we walked back to the hostels.

“Nah. I don’t want to go out. I will just be in my room.” I said.

“You need to loosen up Mwaka. Its just one night. Besides, you are not going to be drinking alcohol or anything like that.” She said as she begged me.

Amanda was right. If I wasn’t at class studying, then I was in my room watching movies. Grey’s Anatomy, that was my favourite TV show. I recall, after I finished high school, I wanted to be a Doctor… But that dream never came true. When the names came out at the University Of Zambia, my name wasn’t on the list. From then onwards I had a breakdown, I felt like my dreams had sank to the bottom of the sea.

However, that all changed. A former class mate of mine told me about an opening that was at Evelyn Hone College and asked if I would be interested to apply there in one of the science programs they offered. Before I knew it, here I was.

“Mr Saturday wants to take me to the Misty.” Amanda said with a smile. We were now in the room.

“What! Didn’t you say you were done with him?” I asked her, I had a strong look which was accompanied by a frown.

“I was. I mean, he was all sweet and nice to me. He apologized. I couldn’t just let him off.” Amanda said as she covered her face.

Mr Saturday, that was a name I had given to Amanda’s sugar daddy. Unlike what the term ‘sugar daddy’ implies, this one was the opposite when it came to his physical appearance. Mr Saturday was in his late thirties, he worked out a lot, this meant his body was in great shape. In short, he was the type that would arouse a lady just by talking to her… I know, the damn fool was sexy.

From what Amanda had told me, Mr Saturday had a wife with two kids. But for some reason, he met Amanda in a club one day and couldn’t take his eyes off her. The man provided everything for her, from food to clothes, money and just every little thing she would ask him. In exchange, she was to be loyal to him and only him – that meant my friend couldn’t have a boyfriend and couldn’t sleep with anyone but him.

“The Misty? Wow. Since when did you two start going to public places?” I asked Amanda.

“Things Change. I told him I wasn’t comfortable seeing him in private places and if he loved me as much as he said he did… Then he would have to treat me like a lady and not some sex machine.” Amanda explained to me.

“Mmh, and he agreed just like that?” I asked sounding a bit surprised.

“That’s my worry as well. He didn’t even try to object. He keeps telling me of how he wants to make me his second wife. Can you believe the nerves… Me! A second wife… God forbid.” She said as she crossed her hand over her head.

“So if you guys are going to the Misty. Where do you want me to go?”

“Oh Mwaka. You are smart with books and very much behind with life. I want you to accompany me. He’s going to be with his friend.” She told me.

It was a Friday, I sat in my room wondering what kind of friend Mr Saturday was going to come with. I mean, even though he was cheating on his wife, he was a really good man. I lost myself in thoughts as I imagined a young dashing man, very fashionable and full of charisma. A bright smile and the scent of heaven. I knew I was dreamy, but trust me, I always told Amanda that if I ever dated, I was going to date a man of class. I was like sleeping Beauty, waiting for my prince charming to give me the kiss of life.

After day dreaming for some time, I decided to cook supper in advance incase we returned late and hungry. We had a small fridge in the room that Mr Saturday had bought, it was always full with food. Our room was like Egypt during the 7 years of draught.


“Babe!” Mable called out to me.

“What! I’ve told you I can’t be home tonight. The boys are having a get together party and I can’t miss it.” I told my wife.

“But that’s what you said even last week ah! Don’t your boys know you have a wife?” Mable exclaimed. She was now upset. She had been pestering me for almost an hour.

“Mable… Mind the way you talk about my friends. You’ve never heard me talk about your friends like that. I’ve told you I will be home before 22hrs.” I said as I got my car keys and left.

Before I could even reach the living room, I could hear her screaming – she had fallen into another rampage. It was a good thing the boys were not around to see their mummy act crazy.

The moment I got into the car, Emmanuel called.

“Hey bro, am done. Where are you?” He asked me.

“Am home. About to start off right now. I will find you at the usual spot.” I told him.

It had been a while since Emmanuel and I spent time together… I couldn’t wait for him to meet Amanda. Without wasting time, I called her to check if her friend had accepted to join us for the evening.

“I’ve told her. I don’t think she wants to come but she seems willing.” Amanda said.

“Willing! That’s not enough. It’s not like he is going to have sex with her. Emmanuel is a good guy. I just want him to have some company. Please talk to your girl.” I pleaded with her.

“Mr Saturday! Can’t I just bring someone else? What if Mwaka refuses… What happens next?” Amanda questioned me.

“I’ve told you not to call me that.” I lashed out.

“Okay. Nathan.” She corrected.

“I will pick you up around 20hrs. Love you.”

“Okay baby.” Amanda said as she cut the line.

That Mwaka just had to give me a nickname, ati Mr Saturday, vaupuba che. I drove off, since I had a few things to do before picking up Emmanuel, I decided to go back to my work place. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help myself but think about Mable, it was unlike her to get so pissed. She never use to be so violent.

I met Mable when she was working for Toyota Zambia, I was a regular customer there… One date led to the next and before I knew it, we were dating. Everything was okay until we got married and had our first child. I just didn’t feel attracted to her anymore. And with time, I began to question my decision to marry her. We began fighting, she was usually moody and didn’t want to provide the basic need for a man, sex.

Instead of being with the lovely wife I married, Mable changed, she became more focused on her work and paid little attention to our marriage. God knows I was never the man I am today… I loved her. I was ready to take a bullet for her, but that wasn’t the case anymore. She became a big shot and grew big headed. It was like she forgot who was the head of the house now that she was making more money than I was making.

“Afternoon sir. Did you forget something?”

“Not at all. I just want to look at a few papers. I will be out in a second.” I told the guard.

“How are the boys doing?” He asked.

“They’re doing fine. They went to see their grandparents for the weekend. Do you mind? Yeah, just a quick wash – thanks.”

To be continued…


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