HEART OF A BEAST … (18+) … Part 1

(Love is the word)



Have you ever lived in a mansion, have servants do your biddings and guys flock at you.. have you ever had a life you can describe as perfect and just when everything starts to get more fantastic, it crashes right in your face??. if not then I have and trust me, the experience is pretty awful, sad and toe-curling..

A day that was supposed to be a happy, jubilant one, the day when you feel older and prettier cos you’re adding a year turns out to be my worst nightmare. . It changed my life, my family and destroyed my once perfectly shaped life.
Moving to the countryside and staying in a house that you can describe as gooey, being a nerd just to get less attention, having to bear with being the prime victim of bullies fun, an ever busy mom and an unconscious dad.. Staying in a school with no friends and lots of enemy, a place no better than prison.
My life twisted in a jiffy to an unthinkable one.. Something I still find hard to believe and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worst, I got entangled in a wave that’s way more bigger to fight.. The impossible.. Life just isn’t for me.


She stands by the roadside, panting heavily.. She had tears in her eyes, she looks sad.. She always had that face each time he came across her, he had tried to meet her.. Talk to her, make friends with her.. Share her problems and console her but she had been distant.. He had tried to approach her but she had shun him.
Perhaps it was because he was only six she looked lesser or maybe she just didn’t want to talk to him. He only wished for her to stop being sad because somehow it affected him..Probably not physically but emotionally he felt her pain..Though he didn’t know the cause of it but he felt it and it had drawn him to her..she sounded rude at first but he assumed it was because of her state. This is the fourth time he was seeing her this way in two days.. Sad, disturbed, lonely, furious and worried.. She is beautiful, undoubtedly she is and he had liked her at first sight, he wonder how she’ll look like if she smiles since her face is this stunning in tears ..
He stands transfixed in his spot, staring into her pretty face and watching as her brunette shimmered in the sun rays and as the tears pours from her eyes, filling his heart with dark grief.
He took three gentle steps toward her then stopped, he was scared. Scared of getting shunned, scared of what she might do when she finds out that he is here again after she had warned him never to show up again the last time..
She doesn’t hate him, she’s just sad and it hurt him that she didn’t want his company.
He takes few more steps toward her and she looks up, their eyes met..her wet eyelid blinked, he was expecting her to get annoyed or scream at him and order him to stop stalking her, to live her life alone and learn to mind his business like she had always done but instead she smiled at him..he felt his heart melting as his eye caught her smile..He had never seen her smile so beautifully, she always has a sad face but as she smile right now she looks like a princess..a pretty princess even more than the ones in fairytales..his heart melts at her, he love her smile, love her when she smiled and love her totality..
She is his first love.
“Hey” she sayd..
He almost fainted..did she just talk to him..her voice..
Her voice was as gently as a dove, it was as if a bird was singing..it was sweet..so melodious.
The most sweetest voice he’s ever heard apart from his mom’s.
He finds himself loving her more and his lips curving into a sincere friendly smile..
“Hi” he greets back still with a smile..
“Wanna sit?” She asked shifting and signalling with her hand to the tiled floor.
“Sure” he says as he moves closer to sit beside her..
Her scent..
Her scent were of rose..
Freshly plucked rose.
He saw her wiping her tears with her little hand and sniffing.

“Why are you crying?” He ask with his tiny masculine voice; a question that’s he has always wanted to ask her and always wanted a reply..
Not her running away and cursing him and since she was kind to him, he thought it was best he asked her now.
She face him, her blue eyes staring into his and sending shivers down his spines.
“You don’t..wanna tell me?” He stammered and she smile at him again and sniff..tucking her golden brown hair behind her ears.
“Do you wanna know?” She asked with same angelic voice.
Of course he wants to know..
Why was he asking if he didn’t want to know, why has he been pestering and following her if he didn’t wanna know..
And why was she asking him that question..
“Yes..I really do wanna know” he says. She licked her lower lips, he felt that urge to kiss her, those soft thin and pink lips..he wanted to feel it on his..to know just how her lips tasted like, how her breath scented like.
He wish he could kiss her..hold her in his arms and comfort her, to assure her that everything would be OK.
But dang it!, he couldn’t..he is just 6!.. not that he hadn’t done it before, he had kissed Shirley…a girl in his kindergarten class but he didn’t love her, he only wanted to know what it tasted like and his mom scolded him for it when he told her..she said he was too young to kiss a girl and that when he was a little bit older he could do it..
“Mom’s having a baby” she says and he narrowed his eyebrow..
is that why she was crying, what was wrong with a baby or doesn’t she want a kid brother or sister.
“I sure do wanna have little siblings” she paused as if answering his thoughts then continued..”The doctor said mom’s sick and that she might die if she have the baby” she said with a sad face and he sighed..
That was it.. she wants the baby and she is scared of losing her mom..
“What’s wrong with her?” He ask.
“No one told me but I heard it from dad when he was telling Aunt Cathy..he said they’re gonna take mom somewhere and tear her stomach open and bring out the baby..I also heard that she might not survive it, I know she won’t..I mean how’s anyone going to survive that horrible and disgusting act.. It’s impossible” she say as she hold her round face in her palm and began crying again..
He shifted closer to her and did what he had always wanted to do..comfort her.
He know her pains, he understand what she is trying to say but she had misunderstood what her dad was saying to her Aunt and that’s why she is like this.
“Who told you they’ll open your mommy’s tummy?” He asks.
“Delia, she’s my friend..she said she heard it from her mom” she answers.
“She’s wrong” he say and watched her face lit up..
“How?” She asks…her blue eyes boring into his
“They’re not going to kill your mom to save your baby sibling” he said and she looked up at him.

“Really?” She asks and he nods.
“My mom also had the same issue before she had my baby sister” he started.
“Did she die?” She asks him curiously and he smile..
She looked cute making that face and he had that urge to cup it.
“She didn’t die..” he says and her lips slightly parted.
“For real?” She asks.
“Yes..she went to the hospital and the doctor did..um what’s it called again..um, yeah my dad said it was a caesarean section.it’s like a surgical incision according to what dad said and qualified doctors handle it, mom did it and she and my baby sister are healthy” he says and she smile.
“Wow..so that’s what mom’s going to do and she’ll be fine?” She asked and he nodded..
“I guess so, since mom survived then yours definitely will” he say and she suddenly engulfed him in a tight hug..

“Thanks a lot for telling me this.. You have no idea how relieved I am ” she say and he strolled his hand on her hair..
“You’re welcome” he said and she disengaged..staring at him shyly she stands up.
“I have to go see mom now” she said tucking her hair behind her ear..she tiptoed and gave him a quick peck then face him smiling.
“I’m glad I helped” he say and she chuckled..he dipped his hand in his pocket and caught the necklace his mom had given him on his as a gift and gave it to her..she took it and looked at him..

“It’s beautiful..” she say
“I want you to have it..I wish to see you again”
She put the necklace on, running her fingers on the shiny stones that embedded it.
“Me too” she smiles back at him before taking off.
He stood on his spot with a smile that didn’t leave his face..He felt so happy talking to her, he traced his hand on his cheek, the spot where her lips touched.
He loved it and he was sure the memory would stay with him for a long time..
And jeez..he didn’t even ask for her name..
He couldn’t wait to see her again.. And he did after a very long time but it was in the most awful and unfortunate way that neither of them could envision.
An intriguing story you shouldn’t miss.. Love, hatred, comedy, tears, toe-curling, war, survival, betrayal and heartbreak, all in one piece.. Watch out!!.


He arrived at the town, Melville town.. One of the five places that his instinct had offered him.
He had chosen here, not because of anything but he just went for it or maybe the name brought him here, he didn’t know how it was related to him but it sounded familiar even though he could do nothing as much as think of where the familiarity came from, his brain grabbed nothing of course and the fact that he felt familiar with the name, scares him. His time is running up, that is the only thing that it could mean and it was more than enough to let his flurry hairs rise.. He felt the ordinary weakness from trying to remember.
He had lost hope of being the person he had always wanted to be..
It had been approximately eight years, at least that was as much his memory could uncover ;since he’s been choosing one town over four and on each occasion he had been wrong but he couldn’t leave until the time elasp and his instinct gives him new options.. He has gotten the options yesterday and had made the choice today and he was on the journey to find a home.
He would have given up or just simply surrendered to his predators but a strong part of him wouldn’t let him the next minute he had decided.. So he’ll just have to keep choosing, guessing and hoping it would land him to his helper. The only person that can understand and save him and turn the pages of his life’s book back to the right chapter even though he remembers nothing important from it. He sigh as people passed through him, none of them acting like a beast was passing right beside them. They, no doubt would flee if they do and it made him wish he had started the journey during the day, at least he’d feel more comfortable than now ..
He sighs again.
For the past eight years all he has done is hope, hope and hope that he makes the right choice and in the end it had turned out to be the wrong one. But just like writing a promotional exam, he couldn’t quit or stop trying until he picks the right option so has settled to do the only thing that he can, keep picking and hoping until he picks the right one or until…
He dies.
Kayla’s POV
News Headline: UNIDENTIFIED BEAST attacks Melville Town again and–
I turned off the TV with the remote before my mind could finish reading the headline..
It has been the same for the past nine months and getting to see it everyday reminds me of just how much I hate this town.. And this life.
I left the operator on the coffee table and adjust my glasses, looking back I stare at the opened widelife book I had shoved my face into last night and unfortunately slept on it all night.. I stretch my neck and walk to the door before pinning it lock. Mom wasn’t home yesterday, that can be the only explanation as to why I met the TV on and myself sleeping on the dinning with a book as a pillow.. The beast attack must’ve been what kept her away. I had been waiting up for her and trying not to fall asleep before she comes and if she had then I’d have met myself sleeping in my bed’s comfort and wouldn’t have my eyes laid first on the annoying news.
Mom wasn’t home last night as she had promised on phone and the night before..
What pushed me to believe her in the first place? She hardly fulfills any of her homecoming promises. Maybe I just miss her too much.
Though she’s been away many days than this.. Work got her and it’s even more frustrating that it had to be about this same voracious beast.. I wonder why out of all the detectives in the city, mother has to be the one assigned to handle the beast’s case.
I’ve seen pictures of it once or twice on TV and even I can’t identify what specie of animal beasts that it belonged to. It just kept attacking of recent, claiming lives and properties but one sad thing is that it hadn’t been caught even after all the terror it caused.. Including my sister’s death, at least it’s what mom thinks, you can say that is one thing that left mom pretty interested in the case but I knew that the beast isn’t what killed Tracy. I know what did but I can’t just tell mom about it.. It’s better she thinks that it’s the beast and work harder on this case so we can get out of this goddamned hellhole of a town.
I pushed my glasses up so they were perched perfectly on my nose bridge. Just in case you’re wondering why I sleep with my glasses on, I have an eye defect. Long sightedness. It’s something I was born with and grew up with. I’d have gone for lenses as usual, it was what I used when my life was still perky but after mom and I kept moving and moving and eventually landed here, I decided to go for the big nerdy glasses instead and I don’t know why. I don’t also know where the highly fashioned daddy’s girl went to.. I just woke up one day to be this person.. A nerd.
I walk to my room and stripped, grabbing a towel I walk into the bathroom, left my glasses on the sink handle and after having a brush and bath. I put my glasses back on as I walk out of the bathroom, I walked to my dressing table after and applied my lotion before running a brush through my short hair that only contributed to my nerdy self.. But I liked my hair short, I don’t know when I started to but literally everything about me changed when my life did, including my emotions, fashion sense and dislikes well except my breathing of course.
I settled for a pair of black pant that stopped a little below my knees, a pink long sleeved shirt and black combat boots.. I grabbed my backpack and journeyed to the kitchen..I open the fridge and grab two apples for my breakfast and lunch, I took a bottle of water and left it in bag before walking out.. I took my phone on the dinning, closed the book on it and walk out of the house, locking the door and leaving the keys in the nearby grass on our porch in case mom returns before I do..
I take a bite out of the apple and glance at the time. I hailed a cab and joined the passengers in it, after giving the address the cabbie started the cab. I got to school, paid and hopped down.
I walk down the passageway to my locker which happens to be among the few red colors.. You can say that’s the only unique thing this school has offered me..cos truly, it is.
I sight it among the other very few red lockers and head to it, I stand beside it and stretch my hand to pull it open..
“Out of my way four eyes!” A forceful wave in form of a person, pulled my hand down and I staggered back, landing on my butt painfully to the floor. The student didn’t stop to apologize neither did she act like she had just run into someone and pushed her down, not that I expected her to anyways. I stood up, adjusted my glasses that had fallen sideways to my upper lip, I wiped my butt that was in pains and looked left and right before walking back to my locker, this time moving more closer to it.
I took my books for the first three periods before lunch time, left my backpack in it and walk to class, moving very close to the wall like a newbie so I don’t get to be the victim of transferred aggression or bully’s fun.
I got to my class and walk to an empty seat at the back of the class. I shift my glasses well and left the note on the table. Glad that I got no attention to myself before the English teacher walked in..
After our greeting, he commenced the days work which I paid quality attention to.
Mr Dennis, our English teacher happens to be my favorite teacher or maybe it’s because he teaches my best subject.. Don’t get me wrong, I love all subject.. I’m a nerd and a bookish person but I just have this extraordinary likeness for English.. It’s also one of the things that didn’t change about me.
Mr Dennis also have a likeness for me, a teacher student kind.. I’ll say he’s the only one in the whole of Melville high that I am a teeny weeny close to.. Maybe it is because I am the only one that was fond of him among all the students in my class or because I was one of the very few students that answers most of his questions right and ask questions..

You should know that not everyone in Melville high likes Mr Dennis like I do, it’s probably because he’s fat and strict; but it’s only when he feel he has to be or because English just isn’t their thing but secretly I once overhead them calling him Mr pumpkin. So I assume that it’s because he’s fat and can be super strict too when seriously offended..

As we go deeper into the topic that Mr Dennis was taking us. He stood facing the whiteboard, writing some things on it when I saw Andrew, the class notorious bully throw a piece of paper ball at his butt that stuck out of the trouser he wore. I wonder why he chose to wear that today, cos it only made his butt pop out more and I don’t know why my gaze had to move from the board to Andrew.. The whole class burst into chuckles and Mr Dennis turned, his eyes bore a glare, he picked up the paper and gave everyone of us an angry look..
“Who threw this?” He asks, raising the squeezed ball up. The whole class went dead silent at the face he made at us. We all knew he’s angry.
“I said who threw this!?” He bellowed but got no response.
I mean who isn’t afraid of being bullied by Andrew and his mischievous crew?
They’ll torture you for the rest of the school week or even more. And it’s even more worse that he never changes after being punished.

“If you don’t tell me who threw this paper ball then I’ll have you all punished” he said, meaning every word of it.
I felt the urge to talk but I couldn’t.. Punishment on an empty stomach isn’t good.
“Okay. Since you’ve all chosen to be punished for one person’s crime them I’ll gladly do it. All of you march out of the class n-
“Andrew did it sir!” I said, shutting my eyes and standing up. I heard gasps fly from different corner of the class.
I needed no one to tell me that I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. I didn’t even know what pushed me to do it.
“Yes sir, she’s right” someone else say but I didn’t bother to check whoever it was. My eyes were shut tight.

The teacher didn’t ask any question, I guess he himself knew Andrew as the culprit but just wanted someone bold enough to say it.. He didn’t also have any reason to doubt me, I’m a nerd and one thing about us is honesty. Personally, he knows that I wasn’t telling a lie.
Seeing no objection on Andrew’s side the teacher ushered us back to our seats and I slowly sit back down on my chair, I open my eyes but left it on my desk, refusing to look back at the desperate gawk plastered on me.

“On your feet Mr Gavin. You’ll be spending the whole school week in detention, that’s your punishment” Mr Dennis lashed out. “Go to the disciplinarian and get your tag” he said and Andrew walked down to the back, he reached my table and stopped there. I managed to tilt my head up a little and when my gaze caught his he gave me a smirk.. A smirk that made my blood cold.

“Now!” Mr Dennis called out and he walk out of the class. A sigh pass through my lips.. Looks like my school week has been planned out too..
Well at least, I have Jake to comfort me when everything’s over.
After Andrew left, Mr Dennis continued with his teaching and I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.. Earlier I had it set to vibration mode so it doesn’t cause distraction or earn me punishment. I reached for it in my pocket, assured that Mr Dennis was still engrossed on the board.. I slowly took the phone out and peered.. It was a message. Seeing the sender, a smile cross to my lips and I quickly clicked on it..
Hi Kay, it’s Jake and I’m texting this to tell you that I need a break from you or better still a breakup. We’re not really working out and I can’t endure dating you anymore..there’s no benefit in it and it’s even worse that you’re weird and boring, not my kind of girl at all. I’m sick and tired of you. Don’t even try coming to talk to me, my new girlfriend won’t take it lightly with you, she’s a cheerleader and since you’re a book person I guess it will be very easy to understand that IT’S OVER!
I read the text, a frown replacing the smile on my face. Well, there goes my third boyfriend in less than two weeks, looks like I’ve been the one dating them while they have been ‘enduring me’
I put the phone down with a long silent sigh.
None even find me worthy enough to have a face to face breakup interaction. This town never stops amazing me..
Well, way to go Melville high.


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