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HEART DOCTOR … (18+) … Part 1


Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah


“Dad, when is the new Nanny coming?” Odeya asked her dad as he swiftly dressed her up for school.

“I think next tomorrow. Don’t try to blame me Deya. Only two weeks and you complained of not liking the fourth nanny that I’ve employed in only two months. Aren’t you stressing dad?” Desmond said as he combed her hair and packed it in ponytail.

“She look too old and scary and her voice isn’t nice either.” Deya said.

“You are good in finding the ugly sides of your nannies than the good side.” he said.

“I hope this new nanny is beautiful and can speak English fluently. Is she old. I don’t want an old nanny dad.” Deya said.

“I have no idea sweetie, grandma is the one that found her. We will find out next tomorrow.” Desmond said and wore her school bag and grabbed her lunch box.

“Come on. It’s getting late.” He said.
“Aren’t you taking me to school dad?”
“I’m sorry, I have to be at work in the next thirty minutes, Peter will take you.”

“Argh..Dad! But today is Friday. You don’t always be in a hurry to the office.” Deya said.

“I’m sorry baby, today I have to be. I have a meeting by 8 o’clock.”

They walked downstairs and Peter was waiting at the sitting room.

“Good morning Oga.” Peter greeted as Desmond handed him Deya’s lunch box.

“I will drive. Just take her to school and drive very carefully.” Desmond said.

“Alright sir.” Peter said and tried taking Deya’s hand.

“Don’t touch my hand please!” she snapped rudely.

“Deya..Talk respectively to your elders.” Desmond said.

“He’s hand look dirty. He can’t hold me with such hand.” Deya said.

“Haa. My hand is not dirty oh.” Peter said.

“It’s okay Peter. Go on before she’s late for school.” Desmond said then kissed Deya’s cheek. “Go on to school dear. Listen to every word your teacher says OK.”

“They aren’t good at teaching. It’s so hard to learn with the way they teach. They don’t have the techniques of teaching.” Deya said.

Desmond smiled and touched her cheek.

“Valentina School is one of the best schools in this city Deya. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to this place in no time OK.” Desmond said. “Come on, get going now. I’ll see you in the evening OK. I love you ” he added.

“See you too dad. Love you.” Deya said as she left with Peter.

Desmond rushed upstairs to take his briefcase.

Peter opened the backseat door and Deya walked in. He closed it and got in the driver’s seat, started the car and drove to the gate.

“Where this idiot dey sef. I.k!! I.k!! Come open this gate!”

“Don’t say foul words around me.” Deya said.

“Haaa! What is foul in what I just said you this onye ocha nna ya di oji (African American halfcaste)?”

“Pardon?” Deya said.

“I said you are very beautiful.” Peter said.

I.K walked out from his gateman house and walked to the gate. He pushed the gate open.

“Time don reach when I go tell Oga make e fire you, you lazy gateman!” Peter hurled at I.K.

“Who talk? I no see anybody.” I.K mocked.
“Your father there.” Peter said and drove out.

“Gosh. I hate this country.” Odeya said.


“Have a seat,” The maid said to Amanda, offering her a seat.

“Thank you.” she thanked and sat down on the sofa.

“Lady Monica will be with you shortly.” The maid said and walked away.

Amanda marvelled at the beauty of this house.
The Okoye’s are really wealthy.
Soon, she saw the woman coming down the staircase, she stood up.

“Please have a seat.” Lady Monica said.
Amanda sat back down.

Lady Monica sat down on a chaise lounge.

“I called you to tell you some details about the home you are going over to work as a nanny.” Lady Monica said.

“Alright ma.”

“First is my son, Desmond. You are a very beautiful young lady and I like you.”

“Thanks ma.” Amanda said, wondering why this wealthy woman is complimenting a poor girl like her.

“You see, about Desmond, he needs a companion.” she said.

“What do you mean ma? I’m going there to be his daughter’s nanny.” Amanda said, confused.

Lady Monica smiled.

“Never mind dear. About my granddaughter. She’s quite rude. You both might not like each other from the start but try not to get devastated. Desmond had employed four nannies over two months that she came to Nigeria. You are going to be the fifth nanny. Try to tolerate her and speak good English to her all the time. She might like you tho.”

“Okay ma. I will try my best. Thank you for giving me this job. I really need it.” Amanda said.

“That’s all. You can leave. You should start tomorrow or next.” Lady Monica said.


“It’s here, it’s here.. Stop me here.” Amanda said to the driver as she saw the house number.

“Ómó! Shey na house be this abi na President Villa?-is this a house or president villa?” The driver asked, amazed at the building before him.

Amanda hissed. “Abeg give me my change abi you no dey tire to talk.. Since way I enter your motor, you never close mouth” she said.

“Take am easy jareh. I no say na maid you dey go be. You no resemble person wey him family fit get this kinda house. Abeg take your change.” he sneered. Amanda got out of the car, snatched her 200 naira change from the man she could have murdered with her eyes if they was something like that.

The driver’s hands went to the driving wheel and Amanda flared up.
“What is wrong with this driver sef. You don forget say my luggage dey for your boot eh?”

He laughed. “I just say make I tease you. If na wife you dey go be, no even dream say you go last one week.”

‘What?’ Amanda breathed angrily but she decided to ignore the man. She wouldn’t want her new boss to catch her exchanging words with a driver and again, she isn’t good at exchanging unnecessary words.

He came out, went over to the car boot, opened it and carried Amanda’s luggage out.

“Na the luggage be this? I think say na something wet person fit look.” he said, laughed and entered his car.

This man was good at getting on people’s nerve.

“Get lost!” Amanda cursed and dragged her luggage towards the house gate. A huge black gate. She knocked on the gate but she had to knock for five minutes before the gate finally opened and a blue and black uniformed man appeared in front with a radio close to his ear.

He looked at her from toe to face, from face to toes and from toes to face again.
Amanda felt irritated by that but she ignored it.

“I dey wait for you to talk who you be- I’m waiting for you to say who you are.” I.K said.
He wondered, ‘If this is the new nanny, then there is trouble. She is very endowed and beautiful.’

Amanda concluded that this gateman is rude. She have to be welcomed first before keeping him in his place.

“I’m Chimamanda, the new nanny to the Okoye’s home.” She said.

“I talk am- I said it.” I.K said.

“Excuse me?” Amanda asked.

“No, nothing. You are welcomed. Come in.” he said. Amanda tried carrying her luggage but he stepped out and collected it from her. “No.. na my duty to carry your luggage.” he grinned.

Amanda shrugged and walked in. She followed behind the gateman then she looked back and saw that the gate wasn’t locked.

“Excuse me, you didn’t lock the gate.” Amanda called out.

“No worry, just dey come.” I.K said, intoxicated by the beauty of the new nanny.

Amanda shrugged but still felt, he should go back and lock the gate.

“They no dey.” he said as he entered the house and Amanda entered.

The interior of the house look more astonishingly beautiful than the outside.

“I no know where your room fit dey but you go stay here and wait for my ova and that his albino daughter.” then he quickly got himself and clutched his hands to his mouth.

“I don forget say CCTV camera full this house. Na so I wan take put myself for wahala wey I no go fit comot from – I have forgotten that there are CCTV cameras around this house. Is this how I could have gotten myself into a problem I won’t be able to get out from.” he muttered.

Amanda raised her brows and looked up, “Really? Where are they?” she asked.
“They hide am well well,” he said then grinned. “Anyways, my name na Ikechuckwu but you can call me, I.K the number 1 specialized gateman in this whole estate. I sabi my work well well and I strong wella ” he raised his arms to display his muscles.

“Okay,” Amanda said, “but I think you go to the gate now, it’s still unlocked.” she added.

He smiled. “Ah, na true. But eh, you dey beautiful oh.” he said.

“Go now before oga comes back and finds his gate open. Do you wish to loose your job?” she said.

“No, I can’t, especially not now when something great don enter” he said and ran off.

Amanda looked around the specious and perfectly furnished sitting room.

“This is amazing. Money is good.” she said. She walked over to the picture frames on the wall and admired the little halfcaste girl on the pictures and the man.
‘He’s handsome’ she thought.

Just then she heard the gate pushed open.
She walked over to the window and drew the curtains open.

A black range rover drove in.

“They are back” she said, closed the curtains and walked to a couch for a sit.

“Dad, didn’t you say two days ago that my new nanny is gonna be here today?” Odeya asked Desmond as he pulled into the garage and turned off the car engine.

“Yes I did. I’m sure she’ll be here before it get dark.” Desmond said. He unfastened her seatbelt. “A minute, I’m coming to get you down.” he added and came down, came over to get Odeya down from the car.

“Oga welcome oh.” I.K hurried over.
“Thank you I.K.” Desmond said and carried Deya down from the car.

“The nanny don come,” I.K said.

“She is here?” Desmond asked.

“Yes oga.”

“Really, how does she look?” Odeya asked.

“Ehn?” I.K said.

“Never mind, I don’t want answers from you anyways, you’ll end up speaking ill english that I can’t grab. I will go check out myself. You should go back to high school and study your English language well.” Deya said and turned to her dad. “Dad let’s go.”

She hung her purse over her shoulder and walked in front. Desmond followed at the back.

‘Hia! See this small girl oh. Which country oga say he bring am come from sef. Shey na Canada abi where sef. This albino no know wetin be respect. Which one be high school.’

He headed back to his quarter. “This small girl go just dey spoil person mood – This little girl always spoil someone’s mood.”

Then he grinned. “But that Amanda.. She come fine and everything come dey well. I go tell her make she be my girlfriend.” he laughed.

Odeya and her dad walked into the sitting room to meet a brown skinned lady sitting on one of the couch.

Amanda stood up immediately she saw them.

“Welcome sir.” She greeted with a little bending of her right knee.

Desmond felt the beauty of the lady standing in front of him but he has no business with ladies anytime soon.
Women are only pain on the neck and has no real feeling for her man.
A sincere woman is rare to find.

Vanessa was the only lady he gave his wholw heart to but she broke it into tiny pieces.
Their divorce left him shattered for years. Considering how much Females are important and are noted in the united states, he had to sweat, go to so many courts before he was able to get Odeya from her.

“You are-” Desmond was about to welcome her but Odeya interfered.
“You are a little too dark.” she said.

Amanda raised her brows with astonishment.

“And your hair isn’t braided. Don’t make my meals without covering you hair.”

She walked closer to Amanda who stood, amazed at this little halfcaste.

“But you are ain’t old looking like the previous nanny. Tell me how much you know about the duties of a nanny, I wanna know if you could speak English fluently.”

“What?” Amanda was baffled.


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