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🔞 {Love is real} 🔞

written by Eunice Nwodu 💌

Silver’s point of view
I woke up when I felt a hard squeeze on my b**bs. I looked at my boyfriend, Kelly who was beside me doing the squeezing.

I shut my eyes.

“Babe, is this what you wanna start the day off with? “I murmured.

“Go back to sleep babe, am not done here. “He muttered.

He’s never done, always longs to touch my body.
I took his hands away from my breasts and stood to my feet.

I walked to the big standing mirror in Kelly’s room and stood before it posing.

I had only my bra and p*nties on.

I dropped my hands on my waist puffing my cheeks.

A light flashed at me and I heard the sound of a camera. I turned to Kelly.

He took a photo of me.

“Stop it Kelly. You’re gonna get my nudes exposed. Delete that right now. “I said.

He smirked and took another one.

Ugh, he loves pulling my legs.

I rushed to him and tried to collect his phone but he the took advantage and got me pinned down on the bed.

“I knew you’ll come get it. Now miss Silver … Do you have any suprise for me? “He asked looking at my chest.

“Get off me Kelly, you know how My mom nags whenever am late for a family meeting. ” I said.

Kelly scoffed and fell on the bed.

“Do you really have to go? “He asked.

“If I don’t go, I loose my car. “I said sitting up on the bed and tying my hair.

“I’ll buy you another one. “Je said
He smiled a bit.

“You’re the meanest and over serious person ever Silver. I’ve been giving you puppy eyes but you didn’t notice at all. “He said pouting his lips.

“Awwn, am sorry babe. I can’t give you what you want right now. I really gotta go. “I said and kissed him on the lips.

I stood up and walked into the bathroom. I used the toilet to flush off the urine.

I was about to close the door when Kelly stopped me, he walked in.

I smiled and helped him take off his pants. I turned on the shower and pulled him close… We had a bath together.

Unknown’s pov
“Kelly have been avoiding my calls lately maddie! “My daughter, Mia whined like a baby.

“He’s not your boyfriend anymore so why does it really matter if he answers your calls or not? . “My elder daughter, Maddie said.

“When we broke up, we agreed we would still be friends and still have each other’s contact. “Mia said.

Maddie threw a book at Mia.

I was hiding behind a wall listening to their conversation.

“You dumb head. Your first relationship didn’t even last three months. You’re so dumb. “Maddie emphasized.

I walked to them slowly with the help of my walking stick.

“You broke up with Kelly? How come you never told me this mia? “I asked quietly.

“Sorry mom… “She muttered.

“Mom, Mia is such a dumb head, do you know she lost her virginity to that guy. She was mislead by his sexy figure. “Maddie said.

“What? Mia, how could you huh? How could you be so careless. “I half yelled at her and she flinched.

“Am sorry mom, I’ll do everything to get him back… ”

“You better do. Its wise you marry the person that disvirgins you Mia. Hold onto him tight and when he’s sure as yours, you wed him. “I said.

Mia nodded as tears slid down her cheek.

Kelly’s pov
Silver dropped me off at my work place where I worked as a waiter.

The job sounds sucked up right?

I’M rich and doesn’t even need to stress myself working. I just get bored so I decided Work as a waiter and at the end of the month, I donate my salary to orphanages.

Pretty choosy right there but its better than sitting at home doing nothing at all.

I didn’t expose my real financial status to Silver not to test her, it skipped my mind to tell her When we began dating and she’d kill me if I tell her now so am just keeping a low profile.
I walked into the Restaurant.

Am the cutest, even cuter than my boss so kind of every female flirts with me.

I bumped into an unfamiliar lady.

“Oh my gosh! Pardon me. “She said.

I smiled
“Its cool. “I said and walked past her quickly.

Candice’s pov

“My name is Candice. “I was saying but realized he was already gone.
Who’s that cute guy?
I need to know him…

Silver’s pov
I arrived at the family house and left my car for the guards and security men to take care of. I threw them my car keys.

I stepped into the house to see everyone. mom and dad sitted on a couch. My two elder brothers and elder sister sat there too.

Don’t refer to me as last born or the youngest. I don’t get treated like one. In my family, every position seems quite equal.

I greeted everyone and took my seat.

Mom began talking but I was interrupted with the beep on my phone. I cautiously checked and it was a text from Kelly.

I tapped on it.

Kelly💌: Is your mom wearing that ugly green lipstick again?

I giggled as I looked at mom.

Me💌: Yes, but today’s green is lighter.

Kelly 💌: Tell her I said a super big ‘hi’. And also tell her, am making plans for our wedding. We’ll have it on the isleful tower 🗼in Paris so if anyone says they’re against our wedding, we’ll throw the person off the isle. 😏😏

I covered my lips with my palm and laughed cunningly. Kelly is not pitying me with his jokes.

Silver💌: lemme Kelly, am in a family meeting..

Kelly 💌: I should have taking my time last night s*cking the hell outta your b**bs. Suck you dry like you never thought off and then your mom’s gonna know I mean business 😜

I laughed looking down at my phone. Giggling.

“Silver!!! … “I heard my dad call.

I quickly looked up hiding my phone. Everyone was staring at me including mom.

“What are you laughing at especially now am saying something very serious. “Mom asked

“Bring the phone here, let’s see what’s so funny “she added.

I bit my lip and looked down at my phone. Kelly has put me in trouble with his jokes and naughty talks.


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