GREEN EYED DEVILS … (18+) … Part 1

Green Eyed Devils
written by Bunmi B. Gabriel

This chapter is a little bit boring but manage it.
If you don’t like the first part, scroll past it.


The crowd chanted merrily, the chanting never ended, I looked at them from the curtain I hid from. Banners of me, was held up by my fans, many waving ruby hankies, some holding ruby balloons. Almost all of them wore ruby masks, or painted their faces ruby. Number one finger was raised everywhere, some even wearing ruby outfits. Many sat on others shoulders screaming and waving different things.
I smiled, my fans really loves me.
‘Ruby, it’s time.’ My manager said softly, I looked at him over my shoulder.
‘I’ll be ready in five,’ I turned and walked past him. ‘Let the dancers be ready.’ He nodded. I walked back to my dressing room to get my gloves. I wore a mid thigh leather skirt, strap back crop top and knee high leather boots, all ruby. Well, the leather crop top was a mixture of green and ruby. I just needed my signature gloves. I had four signature looks.
My long ruby hair, ruby gloves, mask with a golden feather and my love for ruby colour.
I found and wore my gloves, now I’m ready.
‘And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for,’ I heard my manager announce. Idiot, I said five minutes. I ran out to my spot, the dancers were all there dressed in their amethyst overcoat and boots. ‘Ruby Mask!!!!!!’ The screams increased, it always gave me joy to go on stage, singing was my zeal, my life.
The whatever it was lifted me up, I tossed my mike from one hand to another, the music was playing already.
♪ Light the world….’ I sang to excite them, singing have been my thing since I was a kid.
Light the night
Get the party started….’ I blinked, the light was blinding me. I didn’t ask for white lights, I asked for green. My stupid manager always gets things wrong. ‘Swing it right
Get it off as parted
It’s not a might
We aren’t angel hearted
Lock that up
We just got to party…..’ Ugh! Where did he get this horrible dancers from!!! I glared at them. ‘Ladies in the house
Throw your hands up high
Sway your s£xy ass
Make the boys go “aye!”
It’s our turn tonight
To make all hearts feel bright
So let’s get it on
Let’s have mad fun….’ I sang skilfully reminding them how to dance with my own steps. They were smart enough to follow.
Dance to the music
Like you just don’t care
If you do feel shy
Then act like they aren’t there
It’s all about us, oh my my!
Let’s just have fun
Cause that’s all
I’m talking to you
Not the ones with beards
Just the long locks girls
Enough of the tears
It’s just us for now
Let the boys stare
Let your hips dare
Even if we don’t care
We still gotta show our flair
What are you shy about?
It’s just for a night no doubt
Let our haters gawk
This is our own way to mock….’ I sang on, dancing like the dancer I was and covering up for the backup dancers’ shortcomings. After the song, I waved at them. ‘Good evening Australia!!!’ Everyone screamed more, the screams blocking my ears. ‘Okay okay, calm down!!!!’ They shushed. ‘Thank you all so much for accepting me here, it’s been a very successful tour so far. I’m grateful for all of you coming out here to watch me, I must admit that I don’t regret coming here. For my tour, I enjoyed my stay in South Korea, Seoul, Japan, Spain….’ I covered my ears. ‘Okay okay, I’m very happy to….’ One of the dancers fell. Everyone laughed, I laughed too to cover up. ‘I guess she puts the trip in my new song, trip and fall. Have you heard that one?’
‘You can download the song from my page but for now, I’m gonna have to sleep and enjoy my last night here.’
‘Okay okay, when you think of a smile, think of…..?’

‘Put your heads up high and ignore the haters….?’
‘Rock off your beauties and steal hearts just like….?:
RUBY MASK!!!!!!!!
‘We are superstars and we’re all….?’
Ruby MASK!!!!
‘What did you say?!!!’
‘Shout it again!!!!!’
RUBY MASK!!!!!!!
‘I can’t hear you!!!!!’
RUBY MASK!!!!!!!
‘I still can’t hear you!!!’
RUBY MASK!!!!!!!!!!
‘Scream it louder!’
‘What’s my name?!!!’
RUBY MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
‘Rock it off well and remain…..’
‘Love you all and goodnight.’ I threw the mike away and walked out of the stage. I stomped to my manager.
‘You did great out t….’
‘You’re fired!!!!!’
‘But what did I do?’
‘You always get everything wrong, I almost made a bad show because of what you did back there.’
‘Please I’m sorry, I won’t make that mistake again!’
‘That’s what you say all the time! You’re fired!!!! Somebody get me another manager!!!!’ I stumped to my dressing room and slammed the door. I sighed and slumped on the chair.
My name’s Lyra Ruby Oceans, I became Ruby Mask when I turned three. My mother was the original Ruby but hers was Ruby Roe. She was a singer from ten and made me like her when she saw that I really loved music. According to dad, when I was a baby, only music could stop me from crying, put me to sleep and make me eat too. Mom was glad about that, she lost her voice when I was two so she made me the new her.
The mask was just my own signature look, one she created for me.
Her real name was Milly Roe but nobody knew that, they only knew her as the red haired popstar with blue eyes and encouraging songs. She was a legend, a generous queen. Everyone loved her and I guess that reflected on me. She was married to one of the richest man in USA but no one knew that. I was more like my dad, extremely long blonde and brown hair with bright green eyes, I didn’t have mom’s red hair and blue eyes so she dyed my hair.
At first it was just a dye but when my hair started getting too long, I settled for wigs. The only thing about her I inherited was her ruby lips and cream skin. Singing and my hair was the only thing that made me feel her around me, she died when I was eight.
She seeing me as Ruby Mask was her dream, she did a lot to make sure I stayed that way.
No one, absolutely no one knew I was the only daughter of the Oceans, neither had anyone except my dad seen my face. I barely took off the mask and even looked at myself, when I wasn’t wearing a mask, I was wearing a veil.
I struggled a little before I was able to remove the tight wig. My braided hair fell down, it was really long and stressful. I should have cut it but my twin brother and mom always warned me to never cut it because they love it a lot. I unbraided my hair and brushed it slowly, I didn’t remove my mask. It’s funny when I say for seven years, I hadn’t looked at myself in the mirror without my mask on, I know you won’t believe me but it’s true.
I don’t know how I look like.
Believe it or not.
My phone rang, I sighed, the ringtone made me know who it was.
‘Hey dad!’ I shrieked on the phone. He laughed. ‘Good evening dad.’
‘Congratulation on another successful tour, hope you’re done now?’
‘Well no, I still have seven more countries to see….’
‘Lyra, you’ve been avoiding me for three years. I haven’t seen my daughter for three years, it hurts a lot. You didn’t show up for my birthdays, your mom’s death anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgivings..
‘Dad, I’ve been busy. I’m not Ruby Mask for jokes…’
‘I let your mother turn you to her because she promised it won’t affect your teen life but it did, even your childhood too. You don’t take off that mask, you don’t know how you look like let alone me and I’ve missed my only daughter. You’re coming back to California immediately.’ He commanded sternly.
‘But dad….’
‘If you don’t return by next week, I will never call you again.’ He hung up. I sighed and dropped the phone, same threat he made since forever. Also miss him because he’s my best friend and every all. I smiled and looked at the mirror. Maybe it’s time I take the mask off and be Lyra for a while.
Hmmm, I can see my old friend, Xena.

To be continued
Who is Lyra, you’ll know soon. Please be patient with me.
Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel.


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