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FINAL:GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL (The Story Of A Runs Girl) – Episode 28



As September unfurled, all the plans in their lives seemed to be happening the way they wanted it.
Plans were made for Omote’s mother to join Tega in Canada, as she and Cheta were expecting their first child.
Omote and Roland had gotten a Visa for their honeymoon trip to Laplaya Beach and Golf resort, Naples, Florida.
Their traditional wedding was three days away. Omote had started becoming nervous.
“Is everything ready for the big day?” Isioma asked delightedly.
“Yes.” Omote replied softly.
They were in Roland’s large sitting room. Isioma had left her house early that morning with her son to go help Omote pack for the village.
“I have something for you.” Isioma said.
Her son handed over a small portable box, while she gave it to Omote.
“This is from us to you.” she said in soft whispers. Omote gently got the box and tried to open it hastily. Little Roland helped her in clicking the box open.
Omote’s eyes widened as the sight of the gold colour Indian wrapper caught her eyes. She was amazed.
“Aweeeeee…..Isioma, you gave me a husband and then this?” she said in a quiet and tremulous voice.
Isioma stared at her with a beamed smile.
Omote took a breath and squeezed her hands, then held the wrapper. “This must have cost you a lot.” she said, as she placed the wrapper on her body.
“Thank you.” she said in broken whispers, and then stood to hug her friend tightly.
“My son and I will be leaving for Florida after your wedding. I will sell out the shop. I am tired of this country. I really want to spend special time with him in a brand new place.” Isioma said boldly.
“What a coincidence!” Omote exclaimed. ” That’s our honeymoon location! Roland has a house in Florida and we will be staying there after we leave Naples.” Omote said excitedly.
“You see? We were meant to be friends forever.” Isioma said excitedly. The two women laughed out loud in unison and started packing for the Village.

The most memorable day of Omote and Roland’s life came, and even the birds of the air sang tremendously, until the canopies were set and the DJ began to roll some traditional music into the air.
Invitees began to troop in with their cars.
It was one of the biggest traditional wedding ever held in Omote’s village, and even the villagers were marveled.
Isioma was right beside Omote all the while, while Roland was with his friends, father, mother and uncle Akporo drinking palm wine and eating roasted goat meat. Boisterous laughter was heard from were they were seated.
There was joy and excitement in the air as a black jeep drove into the compound.
Tega stepped out with her protruded belly. Omote screamed and ran towards her, hugging her so passionately.
“I thought you wouldn’t make it?”

“I wanted to surprise you.” Tega said softly. Her mother ran passed everyone and hugged Tega so firmly.
“Maama, I will be taking you along with me after the traditional marriage.” She said delightedly.
“Who will take care of the goats and my market?”
“Ah mama, we can pay someone to do that.” Omote said, as he hugged her sister firmly again. She placed her face playfully on Tega’s stomach. “It’s your Aunty’s big day!”
Everyone laughed as Tega began to hug Isioma, Roland and then hailed the village women in their native dialect.
The Marriage ceremony started at about 6pm, and Omote could not wait to make her first bridal dance to her husband.
Marriage rites were conducted and Omote was finally allowed to see the face of her Roland. She danced out elegantly, accompanied by Isioma and some young maidens.
Just then the fireworks began to rain brilliantly from the sky. The arbor reflected the colors, red, blue and gold, bright as day one moment and dark again the next. Omote had jumped when the first volley went off, but Roland wrapped her in his arms. They whole village were marvelled, as they’ve not seen something like that before.
Roland suddenly swept her into his arms, as they kissed so passionately. It was a kiss that sealed their love forever.


Story Written By Vicky Bon Uzuazor

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