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GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL (The Story Of A Runs Girl) – Episode 27



For a moment, Omote was angry. She was angry that Roland flirted with a girl at the club, just few months after their breakup.
She was angry that he coincidentally walked into her shop with a lady.
Roland wanted to appease his guilt. He wanted to ask Omote to marry him. But he was afraid she was going to say no. Her thoughts were still in chaos.
He held Omote’s hands tight. She struggled to get her hands off his, but couldn’t.
“I will be leaving Nigeria soon, and I don’t wanna leave without you baby.” He whispered into her ears.
A slight breeze stirred the scented paper on the wall, wafting its delicate scent through the air.
He moved closer to her, forcing her to look up to see him.
“I loved you, even when you saw me with the lady at the club, I still did. I did that to hurt you. It was on purpose. It’s you I love, it’s you I will always love.” He placed his hands on either side of her face and bent toward her.
“I want to marry you. I don’t care about your past anymore. All I care about is the future, what it holds for you, I and the kids.”
Omote became soft hearted and speechless as he laid his cheek against hers.

“Please Marry me, let’s rock this world together. My life will be meaningless without you.” He whispered in her ears.
Omote’s heart was beating so fast, she could hardly speak. She only stared at Roland straight in the eye, as he poured out his heart on her.
It began to get dark, and all Omote could see was the sparkling eyes of Roland, and the shape of his lip.
The mood was interrupted by Omote’s phone. It was chief calling her back. She stared at the screen of her phone, looking confused. Roland took the phone from her hands and answered the call eloquently.
“Uncle, please I think it’s high time you stopped calling my girlfriend.” He said huskily and kept the phone slowly on the table. Slowly he drew her to himself and began to kiss her neck. Before she could protest, he brushed his mouth against hers, and a flickering flame fanned to life within her.
She wanted to give Roland a tough time to get to her, but she didn’t want to suffer her heart and emotions. She was tired of waiting for his kisses and touches.
Roland wasn’t gentle and his mouth ravished Hers, moulding and shaping it to fit his. He put all his frustrations in the kiss, and then gentled it when he felt the rise and fall of her rapid breathing.
When she raised her head, she stared into his passion filled eyes. Without guilt, he was using all his male prowess to his advantage.
“I love you very much.” He said in a low whisper.
He held her hands and helped her walk through the dark paths without hitting herself on something.
As he drove her home that night, Omote knew that her love life was about to be renewed, but in a more different way. She had wished her sister was around, so that she could describe the things Roland did to her at the shop. But she called Isioma, and they both talked that night over the phone till the next morning.

Morning came, and Roland couldn’t wait to go pick Omote so that they could discuss their wedding.
There was joy in his husky tone when he called out her name in mere whispers. Her name suddenly sounded like a beautiful magic to his ears.
®Vicky Bon


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