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GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL (The Story Of A Runs Girl) – Episode 26



At the time Roland got to Omote’s shop, she was almost closing the doors.
When she saw Roland’s car, she wondered if he had forgotten something in her shop. She checked around to see if she was going to find any thing that belonged to him. She clamped her lips together, then said after a few moments, “I don’t sell men’s stuffs. you can go further, by your left, you’ll see men’s boutique….” He cut her off before she could complete the rest.
“I want us to talk.” He said in a husky voice. Omote looked surprised, she walked inside the shop with piles of denim jeans on her hands, while Roland followed her behind.
“I want to know the truth, did you sleep with Uncle Akporo?” His voice became deep, as he lowered himself into a chair.
Omote became silent for a while before she spoke. She dropped the piled denim jeans on a table. “I almost did, if not that my period came on that day. That was why he stopped seeing me.” She said defiantly, then used a mop stick to clean the floor.
“I have dodged dates with Chief a lot of times because of you. I was always with you. I met chief few weeks before I met you.” She said, and then pondered.
“I used to be a bad girl. I wasn’t lucky like other women. I had to sleep my way through a lot of men before I got what I wanted.” Her eyes quickly darted upward to collide with his gaze.
“Who should I believe now, you or my uncle?” Roland asked.
“any of us. I do not force people to believe the things I say. If your uncle said he slept with me, then he should prove it.”
Roland looked at her pensively and then said “prove it first. Prove to me that he didn’t touch you.”
“How am I gonna do that?” Omote asked amazingly.
“Call him.”
“I do not have his number anymore. I got a new Sim card.”
Roland removed his phone from his pocket and handed to her. “I saved his line as Uncle A. Get it and call him with your phone.” She was amazingly weak, as she got the phone reluctantly from him.
“Why are you doing this?” She said in a quivered voice.
“Because I want you back into my life. And I want to trust you, prove it.” Tears gathered in Omote’s eyes as she dialed in Chief’s number from Roland’s phone to her phone.
Chief’s phone rang twice, but he didn’t pick. Omote frowned and shook her head.
Few minutes later, Chief Akporo called back.
“Answer the call.” Roland said authoritatively. Omote placed the phone slowly on her ears, as her heart skipped at the sound of chief’s voice. She gently pressed the speaker button.
“Hello, who is this? Chief Akporo speaking.” He said in a loud baritone voice.
“Hello Chief, this is Omote.”
“Which Omote?”
“Your nephew’s….” She paused.
“Ohhhh….You deceived me and ran away to marry my small nephew who was born just yesterday. If you had allowed me to touch you at least once, I wouldn’t have told him we had anything doing. But you ate my money and ran away.” He said. She lowered her head for a moment and sighed.
“So why did you tell him that I slept with you when I didn’t?” She asked.
“Because it hurt me to see that he was enjoying what I couldn’t have.” chief said in a proud tone.
Omote hung the call.
Roland smiled down at Omote and walked slowly towards her. She held her hands. Omote pushed him away, She took her shop keys and carried her handbag.
“I want to close.” She said boldly.
Roland’s face broke into a grin.
“I love you.” He whispered.
Her chest rose and fell with anger. “I am not flattered! Go to your numerous girlfriends, go to your whores and leave my shop! I don’t wanna date anybody! I just wanted to prove to you that I didn’t sleep with your uncle.” She said boldly.
He watched her turn away with tears swimming in her eyes.
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