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GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL (The Story Of A Runs Girl) – Episode 25



Omote woke up with a new thought.
She was going to change her life, and make her business her best companion. She had opened her boutique, and customers had started trooping in and out. She deleted Roland’s number from her cell phone and changed her lines. She wanted to start up a new life and probably find a boyfriend sometimes in future.
She had started traveling to Dubai and Turkey to buy dresses, shoes and bags for sell.

One morning, Omote had just finished attending to a customer when a lady walked in, accompanied by Roland. Omote comported herself, and acted like Roland was a stranger to her.
Roland was shocked to see her. He turned suddenly to look at her, his gaze was daring.
“Good morning, please do you have a pink gladiator sandals?” The lady asked pleasantly. Omote nodded.
“No ma’am. But we will have them on Monday.” She said nicely.
The lady turned to Roland, “Honey, she doesn’t have. maybe we should check somewhere else.” She said gruffly.
Omote met Roland’s steady gaze on her. She quickly took away her eyes and stared at the mannequins that were lined in the shop.
But Roland had lost control over himself, his eyes had a rather endearing expression of confusion.
He didn’t want to leave Omote’s shop, he wanted to just stare at her natural afro hair, at her oval face and pink lips. He wanted to kiss her, and tell her how much he still loved her despite her flaws.
He wanted to hold her in his arms again, and tell her how much she has changed in his eyes.
He wanted to tell her how he had tried her like countless times, and how he is so excited to see her again.
“Baby, let’s go.” The lady said.
Omote looked at the lady from her head to her feet and took off her eyes when she saw that Roland was still staring at her.
Roland knew that the lady wasn’t whom he truly loved. Omote was more beautiful, elegant and Attractive. Above all, Omote was the woman he was in love with.
His voice became husky, when he answered the lady.
Omote caught his stare, she couldn’t look away. She looked directly into his eyes as he winked her and walked out of the shop.
She had wondered why Roland would even think of dating a girl with tiny legs. She expected more from her competitors.

Roland removed his jacket, unfastened his tie, and rolled up his sleeves before delving into the stack of papers on his desk at the office. He could not concentrate on his work. His mind was on more complicated matters. He was more sure than ever that he had made a blunder were Omote was concerned.
He swiveled his chair around, propped his foot on a stool and closed his eyes. He was thinking about how he would summon the courage to date a girl his uncle had slept with. He got up immediately from his chair, took his car keys and drove to Omote’s shop.
He had suddenly become bold enough to listen to her talk about Chief Akporo.
®Vicky Bon


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