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GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL (The Story Of A Runs Girl) – Episode 24



Roland held Omote’s hands forcefully. It was all he could do to stop her from leaving angrily. Isioma had walked passed them, she got into her car and waited patiently for Omote to join her.
“What are you doing here?” Roland asked, his eyes alive with all the feelings he had been fighting.
“Leave me alone. Go back to your girlfriend!” Omote yelled. She was weak and tired. Her body shook violently like she was catching cold.
Roland focused on her eyes. “Answer me! what are you doing here? To find another sugar daddy right? My uncle slept with you! He paid you like a prostitute!” Roland said angrily, he wanted her to say no. He wanted her to deny it the second time, but Omote gave him a hard slap on the face.
“Go to hell! I do not ever want to see you again.” She said, as she wept uncontrollably. Her heart rose to her throat.
Isioma rushed out of the car and held her.
“What is happening between you two? Isioma asked with a worried face.
But Omote pushed her off and bounced into the car.
Roland raised his head in the dim moonlight, with his left hands on his cheeks. He thought of what to do to Omote to hurt her even the more, she was making him crazy.
The lady in purple came out of the bar, looking desperate.
“Where have you been baby?” she asked shrilly, looking down on Isioma snobbishly. Roland grabbed her by the waist and kissed her gently on the forehead.
“What is happening here Roland?” Isioma asked in a loud tone
“Go ask that bitch!” Roland said. He was obviously drunk, and Isioma was not going to ask him another question.
“You came to me some months ago and said you needed a girlfriend, someone serious. And I introduced my best friend to you, now see? you’re hurting her because you think you are manly right?” Isioma yelled. She was angry and could not stand the sight of the lady in purple. She walked angrily into her car and drove off.
Roland pushed off the lady the second time when he couldn’t view Isioma’s car anymore.
“Get off me you bitch! I don’t want this.” He said angrily and walked into the bar.

Omote slept at Isioma’s house that night, drunk and sad.
She felt Roland flirted with a girl to get to her, but she wasn’t sure.
She slid out of bed to the floor and began to sob.
It was her first heartbreak in the history of her life.
She had taken several shots of vodka, and said miserable things to herself. She puked all over the toilet, feeling like a loser as she laid slowly on the toilet floor till the next morning.
Omote determined she was never going r love any man again. She had promised herself to concentrate on her new boutique business and not date anyone.
“Good morning Omor, you were terrible last night. You are not good with drinks.” Isioma said jokingly.
Omote gave an audible sigh of relief as she watched Isioma weakly.
“I messed up.” she said weakly.
“My son is here to say hi.”
“Oh let him in.” Omote said excitedly.
A young teenage boy walked into the room, he was dressed in a denim shorts and white tee. He had curly hairs like the black Americans.
“Good morning aunty.” He said shyly, not looking directly at Omote’s face.
“Good morning my cute boy, what’s your name?”
“Roland.” He said calmly. Omote’s heart trembled. Her countenance changed as Isioma gave a loud laugh. Omote felt bad that his friend’s son would bear the name of the man who broke her heart.
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