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GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL (The Story Of A Runs Girl) – Episode 19



Trying to suppress her anger, Omote gulped a full glass of ice water down her throat. Her sister was going insane and she didn’t like it.
She had attempted to discourage her from marrying Cheta, but it was obvious that she was wasting her time.
Chetachukwu and OgheneTega had a registry marriage.
Tega had finally taken Cheta to go see her mother in Warri.
Omote was disappointed, but she didn’t have any other option but to love her brother inlaw. She had wished her sister had chosen someone better, but there was nothing she could do about her choice of spouse.
Isioma’s husband was buried at old Carlton burial ground in Scotland. Isioma never wanted to see his remains anymore, after the autopsy confirmed he died of sodomy.
She was ashamed.
Few weeks after her husband’s burial, the lawyer came home with his will. Isioma’s late husband had handed everything to her; Including his houses In Scotland and Nigeria.
His companies in Ghana and Tokyo, and all his life savings were given to Isioma.
She had wondered why her husband would give her all his life earnings, she felt undeserving of all that were in the will.
Isioma had planned to go carry his son Freddy in south Africa, it was time to sit up and face the only family she had.

Omote’s mother loved her son inlaw. He was loving, caring and very supportive.
“I like him o.” Their mother said, laughing excitedly. She squeezed the five hundred note Cheta handed to her into her breast.
Omote’s smile varnished, she had wondered what her mother loved too about Cheta.
“Mama, remove the money from your breast doh. Breast cancer is real.” Omote said aloud. But her mother didn’t respond, she was busy dancing and removing her legs forward and backward delightedly.
They all went back to Lagos in good minds. Omote left Warri by flight, while Tega and Cheta had left the same day by night bus.
They had started planning for a small Wedding. Tega never wanted to inconvenience her fiancé at all. She preferred a simple parlour traditional marriage to a big church wedding.
“Cheta said we should cut Cost. He has only hundred thousand naira. We have to budget everything well.” Tega said calmly. She was writing list of things they had planned to buy in the market. “Thank God we are in Lagos, things are cheaper here.”

Omote laughed and clapped her hands.
“Please, you people should go and beg your pastor to join you for free without reception. must you even wed in church? buy drink and go and meet uncle Akpors now o. Do a small parlour TM.” Omote said amusingly.
Tega kept writing. She thought her sister was ignorant.
“I will support him.” She said softly.
Futile anger banded Omote’s chest. She became silent and didn’t talk about her sister’s love life anymore.
Moments later, the door bell rang. Omote clicked the door open immediately, her eyes beamed with delight as she saw Roland.
“Mom and Dad wants to see you.” He said, his lips curved with a smile.
Omote was excited, she knew what meeting Roland’s parents meant. It was going to be the beginning of a deeper relationship with her lover.
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