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GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL (The Story Of A Runs Girl) – Episode 16



Cheta was not the same man Omote had imagined. Even though she was aware that he was just a cab guy who had never seen the four walls of a university, she didn’t know he was going to be such an handsome illiterate, whose English accent could cause goose pimples on her body.
She left them at home, while she rushed to go see Chief at Lagos Oriental.
She had thought that even if their mother was not educated, she would never approve of Tega’s marriage to Cheta.
She had wondered if it was ordinary, that a graduate would fall in love with someone who was not rich and educated. She had no idea what her sister loved about Cheta, apart from the fact that he had a fine face.
They were both in love with each other, and Omote was aware, she saw it in their eyes.
As she alighted from the cab, she gave the cab guy some money and walked into the hotel premises elegantly.
By the time she got to the receptionist, she felt a hot thrush rush into her panties.
After she passed through the receptionist, she walked as fast as she could towards chief’s hotel room.
She knocked the door twice, and chief didn’t allow her to wait an extra seconds, he opened the door.
“My baby love.” he said and laughed out so loud, causing an echo in the large hotel room.
He hugged her tight and carried her to the bed.
“My chief.” Omote called him softly.
It was going to be her first time of making love to chief. She had wore her favorite Victoria’s secret pink lace panty, and her brazier had a purple and turquoise blue flower print on it; she had wanted to show all of this to chief.
Chief’s eyes was steady on Omote’s cleavage, she had started kissing him on the forehead, when another hot thrush rushed into her panties, she was feeling wet and quite uncomfortable.
“My chief, chief, please let me ease myself, I will be back soon.” she said softly. Chief excitedly removed his clothes and threw them carelessly on the floor.
He finally removed his boxers and singlet, and went under the duvet, anxiously waiting for Omote to come out of the bathroom.

Omote’s heart skipped as she saw red blood stains on her panty liner. Her menstruation had started, and she didn’t remember what date it was.
She became sad. She knew Chief was not going to take such news, but she was going to tell him.
“Baby, come out o,I have a meeting with some clients this morning at the office.” Chief said aloud from the bedroom.
Omote walked into the room with a sad countenance.
“Chief, there is problem o.” She said in a panic whisper.
“Whatever the problem is baby love, I will give you money to sort it out.” he boasted.
“My period just came.”
” What is that?” Chief asked.
“It’s menstruation. women’s menstruation.”
“Before nkor? do men have menstruation? ” Chief said. He glanced at the ceiling, anger sweeping through him.
“Do you know how much I paid for this hotel? you are now telling that you are seeing blood? How many times have you disappointed me?”
He flew out of the duvet, wearing his clothes angrily. He counted some money from his wallet and threw it on the bed.
Chief gave her an angry look and walked out of the hotel room, a frown ceased his face.
®Vicky Bon


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