Episode One

By: Alfred Wysdom (Mr. Suspense)

“It’s been five years after graduation Sonia, and I’m glad we are both gainfully employed. I brought you here to profess my undying love for you and how I want us to be together forever. Even in death and in the world to come, I will always love you. Please Sonia, be my wife”.

Steve brought out an engagement ring 💍 and held Sonia’s left hand kneeling down. There was this beautiful smile on her face as she held unto Steve’s hand.

“You know Steve, there can’t be a no for an answer. It will always be yes, I have waited for this day to come. You are my dream come true, I will be a complete woman spending the rest of my life with you. Yes I will be your wife Stephen, in life or in death, I will marry you”.

Sonia responded to Steve’s proposal as he placed the ring in her index finger and they both kissed.

Sonia got home, more excited than usual. Her mother noticed the excitement and decided to ask.

“My queen Sonia, this smiles in your face today is much. I know you and I know there’s something to it. Has Stephen proposed to you?”.

“Mummy, you know most times I wonder why you weren’t a prophetess”.

Sonia got up from where she sat, walked to her mom and showed her the ring in her left index finger.

“Yes mummy, Steve proposed to me this evening and with all joy in accepted”. Sonia said in a very exciting way.

“Come here baby, I’m so happy for you”.

Sonia moved to her mother as she gave her a good hug and gave her some words of encouragement, advise and prayers. Then Sonia went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Steve lives with his mother, younger brother and sister. His father is late. His mother was in the sitting room watching a movie when he walked in, also excited. He went straight to the couch the mom was sitting and sat very close to her.

“You look very excited son, what has Sonia given to you today?”.

“She gave me more than I could ever imagine mom, Sonia is the best thing to have happened to me on planet earth. She accepted my proposal to marry her”.

“Oh! So happy for you my king, I had prayed for this day earnestly. Your father is not alive to witness this, but I know wherever he is, he will be happy for you. Congratulations son”. Said Steve’s excited mother with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you mummy, stop crying. I understand the feelings, you have been the best mother ever. I will always love and cherish you”.

She held Steve by the hand, gave him a hug and blessed him. Then Steve went to his room.

Two days after the proposal, Sonia and Steve met at their usual joint for an evening hang out.

“Baby, you need to see how excited my mum was when I told her about your proposal. She couldn’t hold back her joy, she gave me blessings upon blessings”. Sonia said.

“Same with my mum, she was even shedding tears of joy giving me words of encouragement and blessings. I’m glad we will finally be together as one forever”. Steve said holding Sonia close to him. And then continued his conversation.

“Baby, I want us to just travel out of town for some days. Let’s just go somewhere and have a different view of life. I don’t want us to fly this time, let’s go by road. Experience nature and it’s beauty”. Steve suggested.

“Wherever you go, I will go. Whatever you do, I will do. Your people shall be my people, where you die, I will die and there I will be buried. Your wish is my command”. Sonia responded.

“Thank you baby, this union will have no end. It started like a joke when we were kids, here we are trying to solidify it and make it permanent. I will love you till the end of time”.

Sonia, with tears in her eyes. “Same here honey, I will love you as long as I live. Nothing will ever change my love for you”.

It was a good time with the love birds, after they were done. Steve drove Sonia home and then went home.

Sonia got home, told her mother about their proposed journey. Her siblings were there as well when she told her mum about it. But her brother Henry had a different feeling towards the journey.

“Do you guys have to travel? Why not stay in town and catch all your fun. There are many beautiful places here to see nature if that’s what you guys want”. Said Henry Sonia’s elder brother.

“Big brother, there’s nothing wrong in us experiencing something new na. It’s going to be for just few days”. Replied Sonia.

“I know, just that I’m indifferent about this, I wish you guys will listen to me”.

“Henry, just allow your sister and her man to do what they want. I understand the feelings both of them have at moment, allow them to express it. I will tell your father when he returns.”. Sonia’s mother advised.

“Thank you mummy, you are just the best”. An excited Sonia said.

In Steve’s house, the younger sister also had same indifferent feeling about the proposed journey, but Steve was adamant and insisted they must travel.



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