GHOST – Episode 2


After reading the note, they sat on the floor frightened to their bone marrow and weak. They became so afraid that none of them could utter a word. They were just like rats caught in a trap. The fact that whatever that was tormenting them knew their names made them more confused. As they sat there with no sense of direction, John burst into tears. As he cried, he made some heart wrenching comments. “Is this how I’m going to die? What will I tell my poor father who put his life on hold just to train me? Mommy your son is in danger, please turn in your grave and come to my rescue. Oh God please……… “, he cried. The others who were equally disoriented tried to console him.

Throughout that day, they didn’t leave the house. They didn’t know whether they were permitted to go anywhere or not. While they were deliberating on whether to go outside or not, the door of the sitting room which leads into the compound opened by itself. Their fear heightened. Reluctantly they left the apartment into the compound and eventually outside the gate. When nothing happened to them, they believed and concluded that the instruction was not to vacate the apartment but they can go about their normal activities. This instruction they decided to keep if they wanted to continue living.

From then henceforth, the activities of their unknown captivator around the house increased. Tampering with the foods and leaving unwashed dishes became frequent. Scattering the house and damaging some utensils were also hobbies to to their captors. Sleeping at nights became difficult because of fear and soiling their pants out of fear happened often. Practically these three friends became ghosts of themselves. They had no peace of mind as they didn’t know what to expect at any point. They lived in fear and shock. All these happened but they couldn’t tell anyone of their plights, they feared that the ghosts would notice and harm them.

At one time, they were all in the sitting room doing nothing. They were just afraid of how they’d survive the night. Then they heard a voice faintly calling out from inside the house. “Help me, help me, help me”, the voice called repeatedly. They were too scared to move but the voice kept growing louder. They managed to go and check. As they got closer the voice grew louder. The moment they opened the door to that room, the voice vanished and the curtains were moved by a heavy breeze. On the floor they saw a picture of a man they didn’t know. Out of fear, they quickly locked up the door and the windows and spent the night there. Cool stories

At another time, specifically on a Sunday morning. Arinze had led a prayer session the previous night and in the prayers he called against the spirits operating in the house. Early that Sunday morning while he was sleeping, a pair of hands suddenly grabbed him by the throat and started strangling him. He kicked his legs and grabbed the air frantically but his strangler held unto him still. He was about giving up when the hands left him grasping for air. That same morning, in the kitchen, they found the word “WARNING” written on the floor with some grains of beans. With this their fear amplified and they felt more powerless.

At that point, John decided to take his chances. He decided he couldn’t take the torments and suffering anymore. The others tried dissuading him from doing anything to upset their captors but he wasn’t taking any of it. He was determined to break away from that evil apartment. In his resolve, he met with a man of God and told him of their ordeal. After hearing his story, the man of God prayed for him intensively and gave him other prayers to do at home (in the apartment). He further instructed him to vacate the apartment at the end of the prayers. He felt relieved and went home a bit happy.

Few days, later after completing the prayers as instructed, he decided it was time to leave the evil apartment. That night there were no strange activities in the house, everything was good and natural. He (John) packed his belongings and kept them ready to leave the next morning. The next morning, Arinze and Chiedu had woken up to prepare for school. John didn’t wake up, he had died in his sleep. Nobody knew what killed him, whether a natural cause or supernatural manifestations.
What will happen to Arinze and Chiedu?

By Tochukwu Anozie


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