GAY HIGH SCHOOL … (18+) … Part 1

I walked into the school with my bags in my hand. The school is indeed a heaven. An earthly heaven.
The few students who were outside looked lustfully at me.
“Can you show me the principal’s office.” I asked a boy of my age who was alone.
“Over there.” He said pointing at the building.
“Thanks, Am Oliver.” I said.
“Jimmy.” He said and took my outstretched arm.
I headed to the office.
“Come in.” Came a deep baritone voice, just at the first knock.
I walked into the office and met the man sitting on an armchair, he was so engrossed in his laptop that he didn’t peer me a glance.
“Am Oliver….”
“Welcome Oliver, fill the form.” He said and passed a form over to me without actually looking at me.
I took the form and fill.
“Am done sir.” I stated and passed it to him.
You’ll be staying in Hostel B, room 5.” He said and I nodded.
“You’ll be the fifth person in the room, but there are only four beds, so you’ll share with one of the FAME. Goodluck.” He said and I stood up and muttered a thanks.
I walked to the hostel, with the odirection of the school map.
I got to the room door and it was beautifully designed and a bold inscription was on the door.
“F.A.M.E.” What’s this FAME all about?
I pushed the door opened and walked in. No one was in, but clothes were shattered on the four beds in the room.
Each bed, had a name on the bed post.
Fred, Alex, Mason and Eric.
Wow, hot names. I just hope they are friendly.
Beside each bed, was a wardrobe.
I wish I had mine, now I’ll have to share with one of them. Which of them would be more friKimiendlier?
Eric, people bearing that name are always friendly.
I dropped my luggages on his bed and walked out of the room, heading to my class.
I got to the class with the help of the school map.
Immediately I walked into the class, 42 pairs of eyes were darted at me.
Some looked lustfully at me.
Some looked enviously at me.
Some, with blank expression.
Well, Am Oliver Wealth, fifteen year old.
Am the kind of guy who possess what you might call “feminine beauty.”, but am a boy. Gays are always being attracted to me.
What would really happen, now I’ve found myself in a Gay Paradise.

Back to reality.
A boy hissed loudly as he saw me. I looked at him, but he mused and chewed his chewing gum loudly.
“Oliver, come over!” Jimmy waved and I smiled and walked to his seat, which is front. The “Frontest”, not like such word exist.
I sat beside him and he smiled. He’s quite handsome though.
“Have you gotten a school father.” He asked, and I considered it quite unrueful to ask me that.
“Well, every youngster in this school has a school dad. Just be lucky one of the FAME picked you.” He said.
Wait…FAME, like my roommates.
“They are lovely, except one” he added.
“Who?” I found myself engrossed in the discussion.
“Eric” he blurted and my heart skipped.
“Who amongst is the nicest?” I asked.
“My dad, Alex.” He said and blushed.
“And he’s coming here!” Jimmy exclaimed and I looked out of the class, to see a prefect walking into the class, dazzling like a star.
So handsome.
Jimmy feigned a frown as the prefect walk into the class.
“Senior Alex!” The class squealed happily. It seems they love him.
He waved at them and paused for a while as he looked at Me.
“Good morning.” I mumbled shyly.
“New student?” He asked and I nodded.
“Well, welcome to GAY high school.” He said, putting much emphasis on the ‘Gay’
“Thanks.” I said lowly.
He smirked and looked at Jimmy who was fuming.
“Jim!” He called but Jimmy fumed and folded his hands.
“What’s wrong Jim?, why the fuss?”
“Cause you no longer care, you barely check on me and…”
“Am sorry Jimmy but you know I barely had chance. The laboratory work is giving me a lot of stress. And you shouldn’t be pissed” Alex explained and took Jimmy’s hand.
“I’ve something for you, follow me.” With that, they left the class and another senior walked in.
My eyes spotted his crest,
Mason, Sport Prefect.”
Wow…He’s Damn cute. And he’s also among the FAME.
“Mason!!!!” The class squeal again and I smiled inwardly. It seems my roommates are nice.
Remaining Fred and Eric. “Hey boy, New student, I guessed, what’s your name.” He asked.
“Mason…” I said absentmindedly and he arched his brow.
“Sorry, Oliver Wealth.” I corrected and he chortled.
“Well am Mason, the ….
“Sport prefect of this great institution.” Alex cut in as he walked back into the class with Jimmy who was blushing.
His lips was now moist, it seems, they kissed.
Yack !
“Great Orator, I never told you I was dumb.” Mason said to Eric and they laughed.
Too cute…”
Oliver stop it!’ I nudged myself.
“Have you seen him” Mason asked Alex, referring to me.
“Yeah, cute, I guess boys like Jeffrey won’t give a chance.” Alex said and the latter nodded.
“Well the basketball competition would be today, during lunch hour , it’s….” Mason stopped talking when another prefect walked vehemently into the class.
This one looks like a god. Pink lush lips, dark brows.
“What’s wrong Eric?” Alex asked the intruding prefect who gave him a glare.
“I told you, he’s the only one who isn’t friendly.” Jimmy whispered to me.
“Who amongst you drop this on my bed?” Eric asked lifting my worn out luggages in front of the class.
His face was the prefect description for “Deadly.”. He’s cuter than Alex and Mason but he’s just so ….
“I repeat, who amongst you, came into my room to drop this filthy things here?” It seems he was directing the questions to Mason and Eric.
But he was actually asking the class. Everyone shook in fear. It’s obvious, they are afraid of him.
“I…I’m The one.” I muttered.
And ….


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