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GAME OF THRONE – Episode 23






(Who will be the king) 👑 👑

GENRE:- Romance

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three stars)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 23


“What are you guys waiting for, I said you should arrest him, he is a criminal” the king said. “Don’t touch me!” prince ikenna said to the police.

“Arrest him, he can’t do anything to you” the king said. “My prince with due respect, you have to stand up now and follow us to the station” One of the police said.

” Wait, what’s my offence, you can’t just come into my room to arrest me” prince ikenna said. “We are here to arrest for you for attempted murder” one of the police said. “I didn’t attempt any murder” prince ikenna said. ” you people should drag him out” the king said.

“we are very sorry my prince, we are going to do it in the hard way since you doesn’t wanna go with us” the police said and order his boys to drag prince ikenna out. “Father, don’t let them to arrest me, I don’t know anything about it” prince ikenna said.

“My king, that’s too harsh, how did know that he was the one that send hire assassin to go shot chibuzor?” The queen ask. “Woman, I know what am doing” the king said.

“It’s unfair, you shouldn’t have allow the police to disrespect him like that, he is a prince” the queen said. “Did you know the gravity of his offense, Uchenna is also missing, so ikenna is a suspect the king said.

“but my king …..” the queen said and the king cut her off. “I don’t want to hear anything from you” the king said and Walk to his room Angrily. “God, help my family” the queen said and sat on the floor.

“So sad, dad is truely an hero, so does that mean I am the needle the prince are looking for?” Chidera said.

“What needle are you talking about?” mama Chidera asked and Chidera explain everything to her my mother.

“prince chibuzor his in the hospital battling for his life” Chidera said. “Oh, what are you going to do now?” mama Chidera asked.
“I don’t know for now, but I have to go back to the palace today, mama ijeoma is waiting for me” Chidera said. “Alright, my daughter, be very careful my daughter, because I can feel the heat in the palace” mama Chidera said.

“Alright mama” Chidera said and hug her mother. “safe journey my daughter” mama Chidera said and disengaged from the hug and Chidera wave her hand at her.

“Chidera where are you coming from, I have searched everywhere for you, but I didn’t see you, are you planning to kill me?” chioma asked.

“Am very sorry, chioma” Chidera replied. “sorry for yourself, where are you coming from?” chioma asked with an eyeroll. “Am very sorry, I went to the house” Chidera replied.

” Ahh, who let you out? ” chioma asked. ” I will explain to you later, I have to see mama ijeoma right now” Chidera said.

” Chidera, you’re acting strange, you can tell me if something is bothering you” chioma said. “Chioma am fine, there’s nothing bothering me” Chidera replied.

“Are you sure?” chioma asked and Chidera nod her head. “Alright, if you’re say, I will be in my room” chioma said and Chidera rushed to mama ijeoma room.

She placed a knock at her door and mama ijeoma asked her to enter and she pushed the door open. “Am back ma” Chidera said.

“you’re welcome my daughter, so will you be kind enough to tell me what your mother told you?” mama ijeoma asked. “yes mama” Chidera replied and explained everything to her.

” Am sure you won’t be surprise if I told you that, you’re the needle they’re looking for” mama ijeoma said and Chidera nod her head. “You and prince chibuzor are met to be only if he survive the gun shot” mama ijeoma said.

“really?” Chidera asked and mama ijeoma nod her head. ” You’re the only one that can heal prince chibuzor fast” mama ijeoma said. ” how?” Chidera asked.

“You will have to be with him, everywhere seconds, he will be okay once he feel your presence, am sure you can do that for the village, because many people are looking up to prince chibuzor.

if prince chibuzor die, many children will have to leave school and many people will die because of hunger, became prince chibuzor is a very kind prince” mama ijeoma said. “So you mean, only my presence can heal the prince?” Chidera asked.

“yes, you have to make him know you’re with him, make him feel your presence and I will be happy if you can do that for I and the villagers” mama ijeoma said.

“But, the king and queen won’t allow me to visit prince chibuzor in the hospital” Chidera said.

” They will, the only thing that is remaining is for you to agree to go stay with him” mama ijeoma said. ” Alright, I have agree!” Chidera replied. ” Thank you very much my daughter” mama ijeoma said happily.


“I need you guys to help me go kill prince ikenna in his cell” unknown said. ” Ahh master what did prince ikenna did to you? ” his boys ask. ” Ikenna, offended me and I vow to make him pay, so killing him will be the best option” unknown said. ” Alright boss, consider it done” his boy said.


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