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GAME OF THRONE – Episode 22






GENRE:- Romance

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 22



” Chibuzor cheated on me, with his maid, so I am done with the relationship” Vera said and her friend burst into laughter.

” The chibuzor I knew truly loves you, so she can never cheated on you” her friend said. ” what did you mean, so you mean that I am lieing?” Vera asked angrily.

“Vera you need to be calming down, and I never said you’re lieing, I was just surprised that prince Chibuzor can lie on you” her friend said. ” Chibuzor is a man and all men are scum” Vera said.

” All men aren’t Scum, because you also have a father and brothers” her friend said. ” Did I look like I care, they’re all scum” Vera said. ” All men aren’t Scum, because my brother and father aren’t a scum” her friend replied.

“But, you need to go check prince chibuzor in the hospital” Her friend said. ” I can’t” vera replied and walked into her room Angrily.

” Am here ma” Chidera said. She was praying silently to God that mama ijeoma shouldn’t scold her, because she and Ada were talking about prince chibuzor some hours ago.

Mama ijeoma clear her throat and move closer to Chidera. ” My daughter!” Mama ijeoma called. “Ma’ Chidera replied with her head bow.

“Am sure, you knew prince chibuzor is in the hospital battling for his life” Mama Chidera said and Chidera nod her head.

she realized mama ijeoma won’t see her nod her head and she quickly replied with “yes ma” “Good, you’re the only one that can help him heal fast” mama ijeoma said. “Me, how’s that possible?” Chidera asked and raised her head up.

“That’s because you’re the one that caused the problem, I want to ask you a question, and I will be glad if you answer truthfully” Mama ijeoma said and Chidera nod her head. “Among the three princes, which one did you like?” mama ijeoma asked.

“I don’t like prince ikenna, he is a monster and I don’t know much about prince Uchenna, but prince chibuzor fight for me, so he’s my favorite, but why did you say I am the cause?” Chidera asked.

“I love you because you’re smart and brave like your father” mama ijeoma said. “Did you know my father?” Chidera asked.

” Yes, I do, I want you to go back to the house, go and ask your mother the nature of your father’s death, I will like you to come back and tell me whatever she told you” mama ijeoma said. ” How am I connected with the problem the prince is facing?” Chidera asked.

“Do what I said first my daughter, you can go now” mama ijeoma said. ” But I don’t have transport mama” Chidera said.

” I will give you transport” mama ijeoma said and walked to her wardrobe. She came back with two thousand naira note and gave it to Chidera. ” Mama, one thousand is okay” Chidera said.

” I know, but something on your way with the remaining one thousand and please make sure you come back today, because you have Alot of work to do to for the prince” mama ijeoma said.

Chidera walked to their compound and placed a knock on the door.

Mama Chidera open the door and was surprised and happy to see Chidera. “My daughter!” mama Chidera said and hugged Chidera happily.

“Welcome nne” mama Chidera said happily. “How are you mama?” Chidera asked. “I am fine my daughter, what are you doing here, don’t tell me they have sack you from the palace” Mama Chidera said. “I told you to be careful in the palace, but you didn’t listen, what did you do this time around?” mama Chidera asked.

“Mama I didn’t do anything, am here to ask you a question” Chidera said. “Really, am listening!” mama Chidera replied. “Mama, I want to know the nature of papa death” Chidera said. “Chidera, what sort of question is this?” mama Chidera asked.

“Mama, I am not longer a kid, I will like if you tell me the truth” Chidera said. ” Chidera, I knew you will never ask this type of question without a reason, why did you asked?” mama Chidera asked.

“Mama, answer my question before I answer yours” Chidera said. “Your father die for this land and king, no one knows about this apart from I the king and a woman” Mama Chidera said.

” Mama, I don’t understand you, can toy explain everything to me?” Chidera asked and mama Chidera nod her head.

“Some years ago, the king fall sick and the only solution is for hunters, or some villagers should go to the forest to search for a needle, no one volunteer to go, but your father volunteer to go because he love the king, The king that doesn’t even know whether he exist or not, your father said he loves the king reign.

” Your father keep is identity away from the king because he said he doesn’t want anything in return and he also warned me to tell anyone. I visit the palace everyday when your father left, though I was always hiding in a corner just to know if your father come back safe. He came back some days later, but he wasn’t sound.

He gave up the ghost immediately the king promised him that his daughter will marry the crown prince as a reward, I run back home in tears when I saw my husband dead body in the floor.

There’s nothing I can do about it, I heard that the king gave him a befitting burial when I left” mama Chidera said.

” My king!” prince Uchenna said and burst into tears. ” Speak am listening!” the king said.

“Prince Uchenna haven’t come back to the house since he left yesterday night, I have been calling his number since yesterday but he didn’t pick up his call” prince uchenna girlfriend said.

” What!” the king said and stood up immediately.

” Here’s he, arrest him” the king said to the police and point to the drink prince ikenna on the floor. “old man, what are you doing here?” prince ikenna asked.

“What are you guys waiting for, I said you should arrest him, he is a criminal” the king said. “Don’t touch me” prince ikenna said to the police.


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