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GAME OF THRONE – Episode 21






GENRE:- Romance

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 22


“Yes, fast so we can leave here before we they catch us” the other person said and he shot the gun. “Yeah!” prince chibuzor shouted and hold his chest.

His personal guard rushed to his side and opened the car door. he dropped him at the back seat and rushed to the driver seat. He start the car and drove to the nearest hospital.

The queen rushed to the hospital and run straight to the doctor office. “What happened to my son, where’s my son?” the queen shouted.

“My queen you have to take it easy my queen” The doctor Said. “Don’t tell me to take it easy” the queen shouted. “Who brought him here, where’s his guard?” the queen ask.

“Am here your majesty” the guard said. “What did you do to my son?” the queen ask. “I didn’t do anything to the prince my queen” The body guard said.

“Your majesty, we need to talk, prince chibuzor is in a very critical condition” The doctor Said. “Critical condition, nothing must happen to my son” The queen said. “His chance of survival is fifty fifty my queen” The doctor Said.

“Chineke” The queen shouted and her her tie remove from her head. “I know who did this, ikenna how could you do this to your own brother, because of throne” the queen shouted. “Doctor, what’s the solution?” The queen ask.

“Ikenna! Ikenna!! Ikenna!!!” the king shouted and went inside prince ikenna room.

he met him sniffing cocaine on his bed. “Old man, what are you doing in my room?” prince ikenna asked.

“ikenna, what did you do to your brother?” the king ask. ” which of my brother?” prince ikenna asked.

“You’re asking me that stupid question right?” the king ask. ” Father, get out of my room if you don’t have something reasonable to say, because you’re the cause of all this” prince ikenna said.

“Ikenna, you will hear from me” the king said and went out and prince ikenna burst into laughter.

” What can an old man like him do to me, you can’t do anything to me, old man” prince ikenna said.

“Chidera, where are you going to?” Ada asked. ” I want to go and serve prince chibuzor is dinner” Chidera replied.

“Didn’t you hear that prince Chibuzor is in the hospital battling for his life?” Ada ask and the food fall from Chidera asked. “Chineke, what happened to him, why is he In the hospital?” Chidera asked.

“I hear prince ikenna sent some assassin to kill him” Ada said.

“Chaii, that guy is very heartless, I pray prince chibuzor survive it, because I heard he’s a nice guy” Chidera said. “Chidera!” mama ijeoma called. “Ma” Chidera replied. “Meet me in my room now” mama ijeoma said and walked to her room.

“Vera, did you heard the news?” Vera friend ask. “What news?” vera asked. “That prince Chibuzor is in the hospital battling with his life” her friend said.

“How’s that my business?” Vera asked. “Have you forgotten prince chibuzor is your boyfriend?” her Friend asked.

“That was then, not anymore” vera replied. ” Vera, you haven’t even tell me why you come back early, what did prince chibuzor did to you?” her friend asked. ” Chibuzor cheated on me, with his maid, so I am done with the relationship” Vera said.


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