GAME OF THE LEGEND … (18+) … Part 1

I have the priviledge to be in a family of four of AbdulKareems my dad is a God fearing man and also my mum. I also have one junior brother named AbdulRasheed but in our family we are lucky to have one special gift from Almighty God which is ME.

Am Abdulsalam by name and most of my friends call me Vizkid but it happens that my nick name is well known more than my real name even it got to some extent that some of friends don’t know my real name. Am the gift to the family because am (beautiful) I mean am far from being call handsome(if you av watch iljimae the fanthom thief u would know what am talking about) some people even said God use a century to create me buh I feel dats just ordinary sweet talk (sorry guys I don’t know how to describe very well). In short am ladies man because of how beautiful I am (am not sure of that but there is no day that people wouldn’t tell me that) and my cool nd quite behaviour. With those features am ladies man, Maybe there is a magic that attract girls to me that I don’t know but unfortunately for them I dnt have any feelings for any of them at all because I do hear some of my neighbour who says that love is wicked or may be it is because am still small then. There is nothing I want that I don’t get, there are many things I am good at like football, cycling, Running let me jst say sports in general and both me and my younger brother are very very activated in terms of education nd social activites but the only challenges we are facing in our family is (money) though we are not rich or poor (you know those stuffs). My dad is a cab man nd my mum do all dis petty trade. We live happily with peace we don’t have any challenges after money.

Our real story begin on the 15th of December (I don’t need to tell you guys the year nah) The day my parent leave the earth for heaven it happend 12 mid night of this particular day when gang of fully armed robbers broke into our apartment they stole all we have and kill them in front of us. This incident really affect me and my younger brother badly dat I even forget how to smile since then I always put on straight face we dnt know any of our family member stay with but luckily for us we are already in 3rd term of the session and my parent has already pay our school bill am in primary six while my younger brother is in primary four we jst grow up more than our age and our education is very fast am 8years den nd my younger borther is 7years, God also use our landlord as a helper to us he is the one that take good care of us and provide us food even when we have parent and teachers meeting in school he is the one that represent my parent. After the rent expires we leave the house with only the cloth we put on because that is what we are left with and when the landlord told us to leave d house that the rent has expire I don’t blame him or feel like what he did is not okay because he also have 20 children and two wifes and there only source of income is the house. After we left the house thank God we are already on vacation then like a month we kept wondering around begging for cloth and shelter at the end of the second day we left d house we ended up in a ghetto where the chairman is ready to help us he even give us a room and also provide us job (picking metals around the town from the waste bin) when we come back he might give us 500 each (at least that something) buh it happens that all other brothers that are older than us who are also in the ghetto would keep on cheating us asking for the the money or they beat us up sometimes I might ended up bleeding seriously but would make sure nothing happen to my AR(AbdulRasheed in short) because I felt he is all I got even if our parent don’t live to cater for us I made up my mind to cater for and be like a father, mother and a good brother to him so I do take all the beatings which lead me to getting stronger after recovering from every session of beating after a week of the routing.
Something happened the following week.


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