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Season 1
Episode 9
Written by Author Nath
She compressed her bullet wound on one of her thighs to prevent more loss of blood. She gasped to nurture the pains because not even a gesture of assistance came from somebody. She was brave, strong and dedicated to protect her Lord’s life. Therefore, she pulled her shirt to be used as a tourniquet. Though the colour of her blood reflected to her eyes but her ears actively collected a sound wave from James and Israel’s cavity.

“You knew the meaning of the dooms words all this while but you were claiming James Bond. Fuck you!” James approached Israel after the soldiers shot themselves.

“Yes, fuck me!” Israel retaliated. “No way! You will never fuck me because you do not have the appropriate fucking tools. Both of us are just like negative and negative. We do not attract rather repel.”

“With you, everything is possible.”

“The possibility must go with a positivity on a Vita foam to show my capability in order to perform real activity.”

“What the fuck do you mean by that!?”

“A real fuck! That’s what I mean by that.”

“Quiet!” Lizzy became fed up by their words. That was something she initially enjoyed but she found it annoying because there was a serious matter on the ground which she needed an explanation for. So she said, “Why are both of you behaving as if nothing is happening here! For goodness sake you just raised the dead drom death, killed the soldiers and…”

“But the soldiers committed suicide.” Israel interrupted her.

She pointed angry fingers at him. “Shut your hole and listen to me!”

“But you are the one with a hole.” James interfered thereby rendering the girl hopelessly speechless. Annabel couldn’t help it but to put a smile on her face. It seemed she was the one rather enjoying the whole thing. Meanwhile, more military vehicles had emerged drom afar.

“A bigger hole will swallow us all if we don’t leave here now!” Agatha warned. She had managed to tie the bullet wound with her shirt, hence, her bra became the only thing seen covering her thoracic region. It was an irresistible attractive sight to James that suddenly disfigured his brain. So he moped at her like a lost he-goat. Others rushed into the car except him.

“Get into the car, moron!” Lizzy shouted from the back seat.

James realized himself and joined them. However, Kande had been put inside the boot of the car by Annabel and Israel. Agatha was on the driver’s seat. Beside her was Israel while the rest used the back seat. The tyres of the vehicle rotated like a potter’s wheel, speeding away from the village.

“Where are we heading now?!” Annabel asked.

“My lord will make away where there’s no way.” Agathe replied.

“Which of the lords, the one beside you or the one in heavens?”

She never replied again. Through an appian way, they escaped from the military, out of the village to a forest before she pulled over. They all came down, surveying the place with their eyes. They could see a typical guinea savannah; scanty trees with numerous shrubs. Their ears received the chirping of insects while their bodies felt the proboscis of mosquitoes.

“What are we doing in the forest? When did we become wild animals!!” Lizzy spread her hands. “Moreover, Israel, you have many explanation to do!” she added.

“My lord will explain everything to you when we get inside.” Agatha replied her once again.

“Inside where?” Annabel asked.

“Who cares!” James dramatically walked to Agatha. “I will always go inside. I mean men love going inside especially when it is a narrow hole. In conclusion, with you, young lady, I can go anywhere.” he stared into the girl’s eyes.

“Be careful, young man, you might be stocked inside.” Agatha moved away from him.

“Try me!” James insisted.

Nevertheless, Agatha located a metal gate on the ground. It made a rusty sound when she opened it to everyone’s amazement. It was an underground house. She looked at their surprising faces and said, “My lord had made a provision for this because he knew this day will come. A day when the world will declare him wanted.”

“But they have not declared him wanted.” Annabel looked at Israel.

“They will, by seven o’clock.” he glanced at his wristwatch. The time was a few minutes to seven. “Enter and see for yourself. And like Agatha said, I’ll explain everything to you.” he concluded.

They all made it into the underground house that was powered by a solar panel which converted the solar energy to electrical. There were three rooms and a control room that seemed like the living room. One could see hybrid computers and large flat screen televisions. Energy bulb illuminated everywhere that one can’t fathom how dark it is outside. However, Kande had been placed on a bed and Israel had also put on the televisions after a quick glance at his wristwatch again. Instantly, a breaking news broadcasted thus: “It has been observed and investigated by the police that Israel Linto killed some soldiers in the land of Uburu which had been in a catastrophe for the past forty-eight hours. The police also believe this same boy has a hand on whatever that has been happening in the village. Therefore he has been declared wanted to answer…..” Israel put off the television.

Silence creeped into the house. All stared at Israel as if he was some kind of wizard because the news came as he said. They waited for nothing but an explanation of who he was. Of course he understood, first, Agatha reached a mini bar found inside the room, poured a wine inside a glass cup and handed it to him like a waiter.

“I had it all planned because I knew about the coming of the dooms brain.” Israel began. “I knew I’d be playing this game with the government and other people hiding deadly secrets who must die after I reveal their secrets. It all began months ago when……”

“Wait, wait, wait, before you proceed, don’t you think one of us could have a deadly secret you might reveal?” James interrupted him.

“Then get yourself prepared, you must die after the revelation of your secret.” Israel replied him. Hearing that, Annabel and Lizzy looked at each other. Israel could see fear in their eyes.

“This simply means nobody will remain alive on this planet because almost everybody have a deadly secret.” James clarified.

Israel sipped a quantity of the wine, took a few steps away from them but turned unabashedly saying, “Even Jesus Christ said some will not taste death before the last day.”

Tension gripped them, waiting for him to continue from where he was interrupted. But does it make any sense at all to know that it ends badly for all of them, even the happiest of them, and that they all lose everything that matters in the end-and yet to know as well, despite all this, as cruelly as the game is stacked, that it’s possible to play it with a kind of joy?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.