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Season 1
Episode 7
Written by Author Nath

But does it make any sense at all to know that it ends badly for all of us, even the happiest of us, and that we all lose everything that matters in the end-and yet to know as well, despite all this, as cruelly as the game is stacked, that it’s possible to play it with a kind of joy?

A siren paved into my very ears. It’s sound seemed to be approaching to my residence. I wondered if actually my colleagues in the government had sent the police to arrest me for the tension my son had created in the whole country. The string he just pulled was an assurance to me that he was very well prepared to play the game of secrets as he called it. I could see him checking his time for me to return him back to Uburu. Just like I anticipated, the siren stopped in front of my compound but to my greatest dismay, my son smiled at me as he surged towards the exit. Could it be that the siren was for him? I didn’t understand anymore. When did my son started moving with siren? I could also hear shout of people from my gate. Obviously, those were my son’s men with my men.

“Israel!” I called him. The young man turned with a hand in his pocket. “When did you start moving with siren?” I asked him.

“The siren is not for me. It’s for you, Dad” he replied.

There was another stretch of silence in the living room. When he clutched the doorknob to leave, I saw some military men walking towards me.

“Sir, some men are here for you!” They reported.

Hearing that, Israel looked at me to remind me of his statement like Jesus reminded Peter after the cock crowed which got me more amazed how he knew there were coming for me. It was as if I didn’t know who my son was anymore. He surged towards my gate, passing the very men who came for me. None tried to stop him rather they were looking at him with their eyes just like I was doing. I gave my men sign to let him pass the gate, to my very eyes, I saw my son entering into a tinted glass Camry. I closed the door while the men sat down. Their faces looked woozy and inquisitive…
The sun began to set in the west. The dead roamed about the village like sheeps without shepherds. I could see them through the window. We were really trapped inside the sanctuary with Kande relentlessly repeating the doom words. However, James and the Reverend father had slept off on the floor after much complain of hunger by James. Sadly, we had no one to worry about because we had all lost our parents and we were the only children except Lizzy whom I’ve heard calling her parents who stays outside the country. Obviously, she wasn’t a peasant child like me and James. She was born with a silver spoon. Probably that sealed the perfect match between her and Israel.

Nevertheless, as I fed my eyes through the window, Lizzy also joined me. We had the same height. I never wanted to compare our beauty but she had an attractive voluptuous butt than me. I had always seen how men stared at her while she’s walking in a lecture hall. Apparently, we were hoping for the same thing at the window; the return of Israel. Without looking at me, she said, “I’m sorry Annabel for earlier and about your father too.”

I kept mute.

“What do you think about Israel?” She asked me. This time around, she directed her eyes to me. I returned the glance as an afterthought.

“I don’t know what you mean, Lizzy” I replied sarcastically, averting my eyes from her.

“Like he’s smart, intelligent and sweet.”

Even if I wasn’t looking at her, I could feel her grinning teeth as she was mentioning the terrific qualities of his boyfriend. I smiled too, turned to her and said in reply, “You don’t use someone’s intelligence to justify another’s foolishness. Sometimes, one’s cleverness could be another’s foolishness too, so one should trust and rely on his or her capacity, capability or ability than hiding his or her foolishness under another’s intelligence.” I looked away from her.

Lizzy suddenly became speechless thereby enabling us to hear a distant coming vehicle. I wondered if the military were returning because only their vehicles were occasionally seen in the village ever since the tragedy manifested. Lizzy’s ringing phone diviated my attention to her. I saw her picked the call and placed it on her ears saying, “Israel!” By mentioning of the name, James woke up. “We’re inside a sanctuary behind a Catholic Church.” she added on the phone.

“Is Israel coming back?” James asked curiously.

Hurriedly, I turned to the window to see tinted Camry approaching with a speed. I limped for joy because my body and soul testified to me that Israel was the one coming, but when I saw the dead after their car, I became scared and my heart suddenly turned into a prayer warrior especially when the car pulled over for Israel to come out. My joy increased when he came out, hence I turned away from the window and shouted with the joy, “Israel is back!”. Only did I notice that Lizzy had been staring at me and ascertaining my emotions. She never moved or said anything after my joyful exclamation which reminded me that I had fucked up. I never should have showed my happiness to her over the return of her boyfriend, but I was carried away by my feelings. Therefore, I mellowed, watching the Reverend father wake up as James opened the door for Israel to come inside. Meanwhile, Lizzy had not averted her eyes from me neither did I fail to reciprocate the gaze. Surprisingly, Israel entered safely. We both turned to him to see another girl beside him.

She had our height but darker than us. In her hands were a rusty old book. Notwithstanding, Lizzy hugged Israel after a handshake with James. I wished I could do any of those but I couldn’t because I had already displayed an attitude I shouldn’t have, but Israel left Lizzy, walked up to me like a husband to his bride and said, “How are you, Annabel?”

“I’m fine. Welcome.” I swallowed hard.

He never replied or said anything anymore rather stared at me. Both of us could feel the chemistry between us at that moment. Yes, I wished he kissed me, I wished I could hold his hands and asked him if he was hurt by the soldiers but I couldn’t do any of that because of the first boundary I set between us and, of course, Lizzy being in the picture.

“I saw the world on your shoulder” the Reverend interrupted us. Everybody turned to him as he continued. “You are the one, I saw the world on your shoulder.”

“”He said he saw you as a savior in his dream.” James whispered to Israel.

“No,” the Reverend father objected. “Now the dream is clear. He’s not the savior of the world, he is the devil, the man in the dark who will bring total destruction to the world.” The Reverend father perplexed.

“Dude, what are you saying? This is the only savior we have. You said it yourself. Why turning your tongue to the dirty part?” James expressed his anger with his hands.

“I never told you the end of the dream; he carried the world on his shoulder into the darkness! What is to come through his actions is worse than what is happening now. I rather be dead now than be alive later! Lord Jesus Christ, receive my soul.” he ran out of the sanctuary where the dead prey on him. However, everywhere had become as quiet as a grave yard after the Reverend father’s statement except the devouring sound of the dead outside. For all the time I spent with Israel I had never seen him quiet and moody the way he was. He walked to the window with his hands inside his pockets while we all watched him in the silence for almost three minutes. We didn’t know whether to believe and follow him or to run from him. In the disturbing silence, Kande broke it saying, “Naughty John, Naughty John, Does His Work with His Apron On. Cuts Your Throat and Take Your Bones. Sells them off for a Coupla Stones.”

The statement was like a stimulation to Israel, so he turned from the window instantly. We thought he was about decoding the doom words, yet he never said anything. He looked from me to his girlfriend, brought out a hand from his pocket as he started speaking comprehensively like a lecturer, “I spent weeks studying about the dooms brain and other possible outcome before coming to Uburu. That’s why I am able to come back here unharmed. I can detect the actions of our enemies even before they take it. Which is to say that I came here because of this; to save everybody in this village from the evil mind of the government! If I hadn’t pulled the string I pulled, every living thing in this land would have become dust by now. So if decoding people’s secrets and saving humanity will bring the end of the world, I’ll do it and wait for God’s judgment!”

He paused, breathing heavily as we all watched him. Only then did we know that Israel knew more than he told us earlier. We could see his eyes so mean as he continued, “Like I said before, this is a game, a deadly one, if you don’t play it, not only will you die, everybody in this planet will face the wrath of the spirit behind dooms brain!” He concluded, waiting for us to speak, but none of us did. Our mouths had been shut by the fear in our minds. Obviously, we didn’t know who to believe anymore. To complicate issues, Kande repeated, “Naughty John, Naughty John, Does His Work with His Apron On. Cuts Your Throat and Take Your Bones. Sells them off for a Coupla Stones.”

This time around, i saw Israel paying no attention to the doom words. Therefore, I, Annabel became as confused as anything you can think of…….


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