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(Dooms Brain)
Season 1
Episode 5
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Trapped.


But does it make any sense at all to know that it ends badly for all of us, even the happiest of us, and that we all lose everything that matters in the end-and yet to know as well, despite all this, as cruelly as the game is stacked, that it’s possible to play it with a kind of joy?

The morgue opened and the village swam with the dead, blood splashed on the living, the ground shook as a result of running feet of both the living and the dead. The heavens opened in it’s glory, sending to us a bright light to enable us see our death before it comes. Yes, we could it; multiples of it; zombies staggering towards us from a distance. The radiation reflected in their scary eyes. Many of them were covered with blood. Though I had a gun at James and Lizzy but I knew that my death and that of every other persons was coming with alacrity. Also, I thought killing Annabel’s father would bring the end of everything, I never knew it would bring the resurrection of the dead.

“Sheriff, congratulations! You just hastened our death by murdering mister… mister… mister Annabel’s father.” Israel broke the tension between us.

“Her father’s name was Kingsley, idiot!” James corrected.

“I thought killing him would bring the end of this.” I said.

“To cover your secret, right? Who did you bury, Kande?”

“It was just a little boy!” Tears began to drop from my eyes as I remembered how I pulled the trigger on the boy beside the grave. I was only following an order from the top. That’s one thing about joining the military; you must obey any order given to you like one being controlled by a remote. If the doom brain is trying to reveal subsequent secrets after this, even the least suspected person will join the dead. Therefore I began to narrate to them, knowing very well these zombies were fast approaching. “I killed that boy, carrying an order. Truth be told, little boy, the existence of the dooms brain will reveal several secrets, that, even the least person will be a victim. But do you know the facinating part of it? Anyone whose secret is revealed by decoding the dooms brain dies one way or the other.”

“Thank God you know you will die coz I’ll kill you myself!” Annabel expressed her anger towards me.

“Don’t be too sure of yourself, all of you because a decoded secret can be traced to any of you. You won’t tell me you don’t have a secret.”

Israel tried to approach me with anger but I konked the gun saying, “Not one more step Israel!” He stopped. I could see his thorax moving with heavy breathing.

“Kande, I don’t think you know the gravity of what you’ve done on the name of keeping secrets!” he began. “You just bought us a direct ticket to hell coz I know I’m not going to heaven! Is better I put my life at risk to reveal the evil secret of evil doers like you than to let innocent souls die.”

“What do you mean by that?” Annabel looked at Israel.

“I think if the last secret is revealed, these zombies will get better but if it’s not, there will be no us in the nearest future.” he replied.

“What happens now that the source of our dooms brain is gone?” Lizzy asked.

“Then let’s say the Lord’s prayer as our last prayer.” Israel replied.

Just then, the dead approached hungrily. I averted my gun from James and Lizzy and began to shoot at them. No bullet could kill them. It can only slow them down. So I aimed on the forehead of one of them, pulled the trigger and blew off part of his brain likewise five more of them. Blood splashed everywhere. They all fell down, I believed they were dead but to my amazement they roused from the dead again, more energetic and deadly.

“Israel, take them inside!” I commanded as I began to shoot again.

“No, this place isn’t save for us! Enter inside the car, I know a place!” Annabel suggested, hopping inside the driver’s seat of Israel’s car. James picked up a log of wood like a wrestler and landed it on the head of one of the zombies who fell down, yet he kept hitting his head until it shattered completely. He looked at me and said, “This wood is the right weapon.”

“James get in!” Israel shouted from the car.

The boy ran inside the car just like others. I was the only one behind, still shooting at the dead. Funny, right? How one shoot at the dead yet the dead doesn’t die.

“Kande, get inside the car!” Israel told me.

I shook my head coz i knew it was my last, my little way to make up to my ‘fuck up’. Therefore I told them, “Go, get the hell out of here!”

Annabel didn’t hesitate to pull the gear of the car and drove off. I saw more of the dead staggering towards me. Even the one James thought he had killed stood up with shattered head without eyes. I was doomed. “Fuck!” I exclaimed.
Like a flowing river, Uburu village was flowing with the dead. We could see many of them from the car. We saw a few of them, devouring a fat woman like lions on their prey, antelope. It was an irritating sight. Even as I drove with a speed, I could see many of them through the side mirror, staggering towards the car. Israel occupied the front seat while James and Lizzy the back seat. I hit some of them down who tried to get on my way. Surprisingly, we saw a military Hilux from the opposite end. They blocked us.

“I think this is your father again, trying to evacuate you from this village.” I glanced at Israel. The boy didn’t talk back to me, so I began to have the feelings again that I will lose and miss him. I pulled the brake. Meanwhile, we had been circulated by the dead but due to locked glasses, they couldn’t get to us until the soldiers began to shoot at them. One of them broke our glasses and began to drag Israel out by force.

“Get your hands off me!” Israel struggled.

“Leave him alone!” I heard Lizzy’s voice from behind, yet battling with the dead. As far as we were concerned, those zombies were regarded dead to us. Just that they were living dead connected to the dooms brain.

Nevertheless, Israel was taken away by the military forcefully, leaving us behind to die or better still become living dead. We had been clustered like bees on its nest, hence, I couldn’t move the car anymore. James utilized the log of wood in his hand perfectly, making sure none of them touched him likewise me and Lizzy.

“We need to run!!” I came out of the car. Lizzy and James did so too and we took on our heels. In the process, I kept glancing at the Hilux that carried Israel. I just wondered if Lizzy felt what I was feeling. Nevertheless, multitude of the dead was in pursuit of us. Unfortunately, Lizzy fell down on the way.

“James!” She shouted. We stopped to help her but there was no time. I glanced at James, our eyes speak more than what our mouth would have spoken.

“No, we cannot leave her, James.” I told him.

Bravery, he ran back to help her while I located the nearest secured place, it was situated behind a Catholic church. In the process of running, I saw James pulling Lizzy up, and the same time utilizing the wood. “Hurry!!” I led the way to the small sanctuary. Unlucky for us, it was closed. I hit the door hardly with my hands. “Help! Somebody help us!” I kept banging on the door until James and Lizzy joined me. However, the dead were approaching very fast, staggering and groaning like a snuring fat man.

“Somebody, please, open up!” Lizzy shouted. Just then, the door cracked opened. Quickly, we rushed inside and closed the door to see a Catholic priest. He was black in complexion, wearing a milk colour suitan. He didn’t talk to us neither did he move an inch from the door after letting us in. He seemed to get an inspiration from the horrible noise from the dead outside.

“Thank you, sir” I appreciated.

He didn’t respond neither did he look at us. James was totally stained with blood as if he just attorned for his sins with the blood of a bull. Trying to catch our breath, we heard the voice of the Reverend father saying, “I saw the weight of the world on the shoulder of a young boy. I saw the end of the world on his shoulder. If the secrets aren’t revealed, it shall end badly for all of us, even the happiest of us, and we shall all lose everything that matters in the end.”

We glanced at one another after hearing the statement. It was the same thing Israel predicted which made me wondered how he gets such accurate analysis. No doubt the little boy he talked about was Israel. It was becoming clear to us gradually. Just before we uttered a word, another bang came from the door.

“Help!” A female voice came with it, followed by a struggling sound. It was actually familiar to my ear drums. Quickly, I walked to the door, hoping the priest would prevent me but he never did. I opened it to see Kande, hitting off a dead before she entered.

“You made it!” James shouted happily.

The next thing Kande did was to smile and fell down. We circulated her to feel her burning up like a fever patient. Strangely, she said, “Naughty John, Naughty John, Does His Work with His Apron On. Cuts Your Throat and Take Your Bones. Sells them off for a Coupla Stones.”

Three of us looked at one another. James stood up disappointed. “Another Dooms words?!” He shouted.

“Kande is now a host.” I said reluctantly. I left Kande to the window, thinking about everything she said about we all being a victim of a revealed secret who must eventually die to free the innocent dead souls. Though I missed Israel because only him can decode the dooms words, but I was also scared because I had a secret which might be revealed……..


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