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(Dooms Brain)
Season 1
Episode 4
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Resurrection

Even at the point of death, something must not be ignored, when death flees, that same thing kills a man. My bedroom suddenly became my grave where I wished that this same thing that kills a man kills me. I twisted my black strong naked butt on Lizzy, making sure that the walls of her slippery road get in touch with my black dick. Oh, I could hear her melodious moaning voice, so arousing and wanting me to crave for more. My pelvis contracted, more blood rushed through my veins just like my scrotum was about to empty a million sperm. Not even the trumpet could come between me and the pleasure at that time. The sweetness wired into my brain, therefore, instead of accumulating an inspiration to decode the doom words, the small one I had erased completely. I didn’t even remember my name.

“Oh, baby.. aaah, hhmm..ooh.. fuck me, don’t stop.” Lizzy clutched me with her legs and hands. I could tell she was at the same level of climax with me. Aaah, her voice became a catalyst that sped up the rate of the velocity in which the sperm passed through my uritra. At this point, nothing matters to me again. I totally forgot that I was in existence until I sprinkled the sperm on her body like a holy water on the faces of a congratulation. She smiled and suddenly began giggle. However, I had collapsed on her to feel my breath corresponding with hers. Only then i realized there was a little sense left in my brain. James words came, ringing in it: A WOMAN WILL KILL YOU.

Notwithstanding, a knock on the door added more sense into my brain to know that I was actually in a doomed land. “Israel!!” Kande’s voice vibrated my ear drums.

“I’m coming!” I used the last strength in me to respond. My phone rang at that moment. It was no other person but my dad. How did I know? I had a special ringing tune for him.

I jumped from the bed, dangling my dick like a town bell. I could hear the door of the bathroom where Lizzy entered when I picked the call. Unexpectedly, I heard my mum on the phone.

“What nonsense did I hear you do when they were sent to evacuate you?! Your father is disappointed in you..!”

I put the phone on loud speaker to enable me dress up because my mum doesn’t seem to stop talking when she’s angry. She had to be the one to speak to me because my father and I had a problem to settle which I think is related to everything happening in the very land of Uburu. Though I wasn’t sure that’s why I couldn’t tell Annabel how I came to know a little about Dooms Brain neither was I surprise when the village sheriff admitted to know what it is. I mellowed down, trying to observe the outcome of the dooms Brain.

“…. Israel, you’re getting out of there. The military will be back for you.” My mum finally concluded.

“Mum” I called her calmly. “Ask Dad why the government placed an order to restrict people from moving out of this village. The grasses always suffers when two elephants combat.” I left her dumbfounded while I hung up the call. At the same time, Lizzy had dressed up and we went into the living room to see Annabel seated close to James while Kande spoke through her walkie-talkie at a window. Annabel’s eyes to me was something I couldn’t put a finger on; very questioning. I could tell there were some hidden words behind the look. I never wanted to believe she had a spot for me. For my life, I hadn’t experienced love, hence, I couldn’t detect one if I see it.

“What’s keeping us waiting? Annabel’s father is here.” Kande turned from the window.

“Really?” Lizzy widened her eyes. “I thought she said her father wouldn’t move an inch.” She added.

To avoid Annabel’s retaliation, I interfered saying like rugged clever dude, “Inspiration properly received. Let me have the doom words.” I located a cardboard paper, placed it on the centre table and began to write the words as Annabel repeated thus, “The brain shuts down and the soul watches from a distance as the body tumbles at every increasing speed towards doom. This is because, though instinct is good at many things, it’s stupid about death.”

“This sounds like the end of the world.” James said.

“It is the end of the world, but I don’t know how.” I concured.

“Like seriously?”

“Yes, but let’s focus on the hidden secret on this words.” I thought for a while. Having all waiting for me to speak was like giving me a heavy burden I needed to get off my shoulders. Luckily, the silent pressure facilitated my thought, therefore I said, “The secret is hidden on the last sentence.”

“Which one?” Kande asked.

“..this is because, though instinct is good at many things, it’s stupid about death.” I repeated then looked up to see everybody staring at me curiously. “This place is talking about a cemetery.” I said.

“Cemetery?” Kande asked promptly and also suspicious like she had a skeleton which should be in her cardboard but was resting in the cemetery.

“Yes, cemetery.” I assured.

“How?” Annabel asked.

“The cemetery is a quiet place. One’s instinct doubles, that a fallen pin can even be heard. But all that is stupid about the dead on the cemetery because they do not have intinct neither can they hear a fallen pin.” I explained. A sudden silence creeped amond us after the explanation.

“What type of secrets are we looking at there?” Kande threw the question to me like a volleyball.

“The type we found at the apocalypse tree. This one is near Mimosa pudica.”

“Memo what?” James asked.

“Instinct’ as used on the doom sentence means sensitivity and Mimosa pudica is a creeping annual or perennial flowering plant of the pea/legume family Fabaceae which is very sensitive. So we need to go now.”

“Hell no, I’m going nowhere.” James objected.

“Me too.” Lizzy supported.

“I regret to say that I’ll join you but not as soon as possible.” Kande also slid aside too.

My eyes caught with Annabel’s. “I guess we’re the one going there.” I said.

“Let’s hit the road.” She led the way to my amazement.

I had a car. I carried Annabel to the cemetery. It was a lonely place, quiet and void as I described. There was an old rusty metal gate before us when we came out from the car. We wore the same colour of Jean trouser, standing at the entrance of the cemetery with shovels in our hands.

“So here we go, Annabel. Ladies first.” I broke the silence.

“Why ladies first?” She asked without looking at me.

“It’s a sign of respect”

“Respect?” she looked at me. “What do you know about respect, Israel? Respect is when you keep only one woman and stop letting her know how much you crave for other’s pussy.” She led the way to the cemetery and began to open the gate.

I was pinned down by her words. I couldn’t speak for some moments, trying to assimilate her statement. It was wise and true. Actually, I was beginning to know what love is from her.

“Israel!” She called from the gate.

Quickly, I met her. We located the flower and began to dig. I saw both the strength of a woman and a man in Annabel. I continuously glanced at her beauty as we dug non-stop. Suddenly, she caught me staring at her and said, “What?”

“Nothing” I replied.

“Or do you need more food and woman for inspiration?” she began to dig again.

I could detect some jealousy from her voice which I didn’t want to believe, and that stirred up some likeness in me for her. I couldn’t explain my emotion at the moment. Suddenly, she dug out a metal from the grave.

“What’s that?” I asked her.

“It looks like a police badge” She handed it to me. I dusted it to see the name ‘Eddie Kande’. I believed Annabel saw it too, so we stared at each other having the same thing run through our minds. We could recall Kande’s reaction when we decoded the dooms words. That was an evidence!

“Israel, Lizzy and James could be in trouble.” Annabel jumped out from the grave. I followed her as we ran to the car. Like a drug addict, I sped off to my apartment, surprisingly, just in front of the compound, we saw Kande holding James and Lizzy captive with a gun behind them. Both were on tears.

“Sheriff, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Israel, she has killed Annabel’s father!” Lizzy shouted.

“What?!” Annabel exclaimed.

Just then, we heard a pandemonium from a distance. We saw those who died the previous day as a result of the insane night resurrected like zombies attacking people. Though they were truly contagious thereby increasing their population. Only then did we understand the meaning of the doom words, “The brain shuts down and the soul watches from a distance as the body tumbles at every increasing speed towards doom.”

“This is the beginning of the end.” I said seeing how increasing those zombies were….


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