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Season 1
Episode 3
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Hard Feelings


But does it make any sense at all to know that it ends badly for all of us, even the happiest of us, and that we all lose everything that matters in the end-and yet to know as well, despite all this, as cruelly as the game is stacked, that it’s possible to play it with a kind of joy?

An eagle exercised its wings above the sky, waving to the glory of God for another bright morning in the land of Uburu. It chirped above our heads at the fringes of the village where we stood silently in a roll. Kande, the village sheriff was standing beside me, james beside Annabel and Israel a few meters in front of all of us with a gun well aimed on his head by himself. The soldiers, very sophisticated with their M2 rifles could also be seen another meters away from us, glaring like angry dogs. Our postures was like we were about to be executed by the military. Hence, a sudden silent tension creeped within the arena.

Notwithstanding, the first three soldiers raised their heavy feet, walking closer to us, but Israel’s voice became seriously intensed which got my heart pounding like the reaction of a drumstick on a big bass drum.

“Anymore step, you’ll take my corpse to my father!” His statement put the soldiers to a stop while we watched to see their reactions. It was a brave move from Israel that got us all amazed. I looked across James to see Annabel smiling happily. When she noticed my eyes were on her, she aborted the smile immediately. I began to wonder if I should prepare to compete with her over Israel because on that smile, I could see likeness and excitement which many could term love. No, I shook the feelings off. Before I could straighten my eyes, the soldiers were already driving away. Kande grasped the gun from Israel rudely.

“Next time try not to play a hero with a gun. It’s not children’s toy.” She said, shuffling the gun on her waist. Quickly, I hugged Israel warmly and kissed him in the presence of all. Others might have seen it as an act of love, yes, i was driven by the love I had for him but I purposely did that to make Annabel jealous. She’s a woman so I know she was the only one that saw the real meaning of my actions.

“I know you want us to continue from where we stopped last night.” Israel said while reciprocating the kiss. I did nothing but to smile at his words. He was always a naughty boy. Just then, I heard Annabel’s voice from behind saying, “Why did you choose to stay back, Israel?” I stepped away from my man for him to answer her question.

Israel stepped closer to her and said, “I know you need me likewise others, or don’t you need me, Annabel?”

“You can go to hell for all I care.” Annabel replied

“I’ll gladly go if only a woman will follow me ” he replied hilariously. “God knows that if I hadn’t seen a woman the time I was coming out from my mother’s womb, or noticed that the hand that was pulling me out from my mother’s vagina was a man’s, I would have returned back to the womb.” he added.

“Silly, how did you know it wasn’t a male doctor that pulled you out?” James encountered him.

“Hell no, I felt the hands of my puller. It was so soft and romantic. That’s why I came out without stress. If it was a man, nothing on Earth would have made me come out through the slippery road.”

“Now, you see? You came out without stress because there was no friction on the road.”

Israel widened his eyes. “How can there be a friction on such a road!? The water and oil on the road is always accurate!” He exclaimed while I kept smiling.

James always encounter him, always arguing with him which I find rather amusing, listing to both of them. I know Annabel and Kande were also enjoying the sarcastic joke. I could see it on Annabel’s smiling face.

“Enough, both of you!” Sheriff’s voice reminded us that we had an incomplete discussion and there was something strange going on in the village. So, apparently, we all became serious, looking at her. “Either you tell me what’s going on or you do that in a police cell.” She added.

There was another tension among us which generated another silence. None of us had to speak. As a matter of fact, James, the talkative, held his lips with his hands because he doesn’t know how to keep secrets or lie. With his hands on the lips, he looked up at Israel in a way to say: TALK BEFORE MY MOUTH SLIPS.

“Fine,” Annabel began. “It seems like what’s happening in the village is as a result of what’s happening to my father.”

“What’s happening to your father?” Kande promptly asked.

“Dooms Brain.” Israel interfered thereby getting the load off Annabel’s shoulder. “It is a spiritual…”

“I know what it is.” Kande interrupted to our amazement. “If it is what I think is it then we all are doomed because no one can decode a dooms brain.” She turned to Annabel. “Your father is aware of so many evil that are swept under the carpet. If the evil secrets are not decoded and discovered, innocent people die. This is a serious issue which must not be mentioned anyhow because if those whom the discovery of their evil secret will be affected notice, they will fight back. And you know many of these secret are kept by top people especially from the government. So they will do their damnedest to see we do not succeed. This is a game of secret.”

“Let’s kill Annabel’s father. Maybe it the solution to all this.” James suggested.

“Are you insane?!” Annabel rebuked him. “Nothing, I repeat, nothing must happen to father.”

“But you just heard that your father might be evil that’s why the spirit possessed him. If killing him will bring the end to this, then I’ll do that myself.” I supported James. Furiously, Annabel approached me like a fowl about to initiate a fight. She glared at me saying, “Lizzy, let it be the last time you talk about touching a hair on my father’s body or…”

“Or what?!” I interrupted boldly ready to retaliate if she does anything stupid. I know Annabel as a hot tempered girl which was why I never too associated with her. Unfortunately, we are now together because of the capability of Israel to decode the dooms words, so I must be ready to give her whatever she wants. Therefore I added as both of us glared at each other, “What do you think people will do if they discover that your father is literally the cause of the dead bodies on the street?!”

“That’s why nobody must know, and we still don’t know if killing him will bring more destruction because we don’t know much about this sudden phenomenon. Now both of you should step back!” I heard Kande’s voice. So we reluctantly carried out the instruction. “Annabel, your father needs to be secured. You have to bring him to the police station.” she added.

“No way, I’m not taking my father out of our house.” she objected.

“Fine, has he said anymore strange thing?”


We waited for her to continue because the words of the dooms brain are sometimes scary and can disfigure any brain that tried to decode it. Just as we patiently waited, Annabel brought out a paper and said, “The brain shuts down and the soul watches from a distance as the body tumbles at every increasing speed towards doom. This is because, though instinct is good at many things, it’s stupid about death.” she looked at us.

“God, this is scary and crazy!” James lamented.

“We are doomed’ Kande said. “Nobody can decode the words of the dooms brain.” she added.

“But Israel decoded the first one.” Annabel assured her. I could hear boldness from her voice like she trusted Israel to decode the statement. However, mentioning Israel’s name attracted our attentions to him. I could see him quiet for the first time, gazing into the sky like one receiving a revelation from God. He suddenly brought down his head.

“Annabel, how long did the first doom words last before actually causing an insane night?” Israel asked.

“Something like twelve hours.” She replied.

“Israel, you’re a genius!” James shouted thereby taking our attention from Israel to him as he continued. “Israel actually wants to know how long we have to decode and find a secret behind the doom words.”

We all rolled our eyes in disgust because we thought he wanted to make more sense. Of course it was clear to everyone that Israel wanted to know the time limit, but we were amazed when he said, “Is true I want to know the time we have, though not for the doom words and the secret behind it, but for breakfast and another breakfast.” He held my hand. Everybody started looking at him “What? I just have to eat before eating.” He concluded, taking me along with him.

“Two breakfast in one?” James shook his head.

“Israel, what are you saying!” Annabel shouted.

“I need inspiration which comes from the brain, and the brain needs energy which comes from food or women.” He replied. I knew how Annabel was feeling at the moment, and I was happy she was feeling that way.


I felt disappointed, I was sure of the feeling, and I had another feeling which I wasn’t sure of, or I told myself it wasn’t real. You already know what I’m talking about. I’ve heard that the feeling of jealousy signifies love, that’s why I didn’t want to believe what I was feeling as I stared at Israel leaving with Lizzy.

“Are you sure this boy knows the gravity of what we’re into?” Kande asked me.

“He knows exactly what he’s doing. He can decode the doom words. I trust him.” I replied. I didn’t know how my last words popped out from my mouth because I barely knew Israel thoughtless of trusting him.

“Well, let’s go take your father to his place. We need to be operating from there. We have more dooms day ahead of us.” The sheriff led the way to her car. I needed to object from taking my father to Israel’s residence, but since I was dying to know what Lizzy and Israel might be doing, I had to accept the suggested. So I followed her
Within an hour, Kande and I arrived to Israel’s flat with my father in her car. James opened the door for us and ordered that we take my father to his room. However, I looked around the apartment, so beautiful and furnished, making me believe the rumour about Israel’s parents. Just as I fed my eyes with the classy furniture in the living room, I began to hear sexual moan from another room. I couldn’t shake the feelings that it was Israel and Lizzy. I looked at James who also looked at me with a smile. I felt like breaking into two. How I wished someone looked into my heart to know that I was dying of Jealousy!

“Annabel!” Kande called my attention. I startled and looked at her. “What are you thinking? Come, let’s take your father into James room.” She said.

“Sure” I swallowed hard, I wished I could swallow my feelings the way I just swallowed my saliva…..


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