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Game of Secrets
(Dooms Brain)
Season 1
Final Episode (Episode 20)
Written by Author Nath
Heading: End of the Human Race

The worst thing that can happen to humanity is extinction, an irriversible apocalypse that can reduce humans to dust for God to begin creating his kind again thereby starting another creation. The world was getting to the brim of this catastrophe and only one man could wind up the situation. He arrived to the white house on a black Camry. At the gate, he saw protesters seeming furious about the existence of unknown creatures that had been governing them for years. When he stepped into the compound, he also saw soldiers in a stationary posture. Slowly, he began walking into the main building with his wounded arm and stomach. Getting to the entrance, the commander of the soldiers stretched his hand for him.

“Welcome, Mr Israel Linto. We are sorry for your lost” he said

“My lost?” Israel hesitated to take the handshake. “What lost?” he asked.

“The news has it that the president paid your father a visit. You know the rest of the story.” Agatha interfered, approaching from a distant. “Your mother was said to be disappeared before the incident.” She concluded after she finally approached.

Israel remained mute. He speechlessly looked from Agatha to the commander severally. It was getting heavier for him day by day. He wished he could grab Nini Joe on the neck to watch him kick the bucket.

“You need to address the public, sir.” The commander reminded him.

They began to proceed to the press hall through a narrow passage where energy bulbs shone at an interval of five steps. Their feet uniformly matched forward on the tiled floor like heroes and, of course, a heroin. It was a match of a new development, a new hope and the prevention of a new catastrophic world.

“So what system of government are we running now?” Israel asked on their way.

“Military…” the commander replied while Agatha and Israel suspiciously looked at him. “I mean for now until we make sure that everything goes back to normal.” he elaborated. None said a word, though not until they arrived at the press hall. Israel climbed the stage like a pastor climbing pulpit where different light from different camera shone on his face thereby generating a click sound all over the room. He looked unkempt judging from his loosened shirt and a short knicker. When he began to speak, the sound of the camera died down.

“My name is Israel Linto. My life had not been totally good, but I’m grateful for making an effort to save the world for the good of my generation to come because the world you see will start collapsing from the next seven days if all protocols aren’t observed. It all began on the murder of a little girl who happened to be on a mission to prevent her kind from destroying the world which were mostly those in the government. She was mudered, so her mission was passed down to me through what is called dooms brain. I need to figure out her kind and their Secrets through the dooms brain in the next seven days otherwise the world will face it’s doom. You’ve seen an evidence; many of these scrupulous elements in our planets has been killed remaining one, president Nini Joe. We assure you that he will be captured, he will explain who they are, their planet and the reason for their secret agenda. Then he will be executed likewise anyone found guilty by the dooms brain. Only that can we be saved. Thank you.” he stepped away from the stage while the sound of the camera continued as the commander took over.

Agatha and Israel began to head out of the building. They could hear the commander’s voice saying, “The military will govern the country for now untill all this is over ”

Israel looked at Agatha. “How about Lizzy? Did you do it?” he whispered.

“No, the commander needed an evidence to prove that she must die.” she replied.

“Oh dear!” He stopped, turned to see the commander coming out from the press hall. “Thank God you’re out. Lizzy has to be killed! Why are you keeping her?”

“What offense has she committed?” The commander asked.

“In as much as her name reflected on the dooms brain, she must die otherwise all our efforts will be in vain. Think about it.” He surged forward.

The commander followed him. “You can kill her if it’s so necessary. But give her the privilege to see her family for the last time. Also, get the source of the dooms brain here. You shall now be working from the white house.” He concluded.

Agatha and Israel looked at each other in agreement before leaving to the secret island. Already, James and Henry had arrived. They had joined Annabel in watching Israel on the news. Usually, the helicopter landed, Agatha and Israel entered into the wooden house with a smile. All chuckled and hugged one another.

“This is a great step to the last day.” Henry announced.

“I think we should celebrate.” Annabel suggested.

“With what? No wine. Unless we can celebrate with your honeypot, you know what I mean.” James also hilariously suggested.

“No, no way!” Israel objected. “First, I’m not strong for honey. Secondly, honey is too sugary, and too much of sugary things kill.”

“I think Coconut will be okay for the celebration.” Annabel finally hit the point. They had to cut down a full grown coconut tree, plugged out all from the bunches, cut them open and all began drink from it’s juicy liquid. They could be found seated round at the shores of the sea, joking, laughing and drinking. It was one of their best moments they had ever had. Suddenly, the helicopter returned, Kande was placed inside it by James and Henry.

“We are going to the white house. We are now the government!!” Annabel excitedly entered into the chopper.

Agatha staggered up. “I think I’m drunk by the juicy liquid of this coconut.” She hilariously staggered back to the house instead of entering the chopper.

“Where is she going?” Israel murmured.

James smiled beside him. “You all can go, bro, we shall come later.” he whispered to him. Israel also smiled when he caught the joke. They all left to the white house except James and Agatha.

James slowly stepped into the living room without hearing a sound except that of the helicopter that faded away into the thin air. His footsteps on the woods made a cracky noise when he approached to Agatha’s room. He knocked on it and opened to see the young lady standing in the middle of the room half naked; just a blue pant and a bra.

“Whoa!” He swallowed hard with a sharp breath. “Agatha?” His voice suddenly went down.

“Let’s celebrate with my honeypot” her voice also pitched very low.

“Seriously, you are the most amazing creature…” Agatha interrupted him by placing a kiss on his lips. At the same time, she unbuttoned his shirt while James’ hands worked magic on her butt. Intensively, the kiss lingered which triggered their sexual hormones. Gradually, James placed her on the bed, pulled her pant while his dick erected which came in contact with her body when the kiss resumed…
On handcuffs, Lizzy was taken out from a room. Stood outside the house where she would be executed. One could see tears running from her eyes as she looked at Israel, James, Annabel, Henry and Agatha. They all stood a few meters away from her. Also the commander of the soldiers were present. Only Agatha was with a gun because she was the one instructed to pull the trigger on the young girl, so she aimed it on her like a hunter on a target.

“I know I’ve done you wrong, Israel.” Lizzy began in tears. “They forced me to decode the dooms words for them. I never knew who they were. You need to forgive me. I beg you in the name of God!” she cried.

“Better be sure of this.” The commander whispered into Israel’s ear.

“It’s the will of the dooms brain.” Israel straightened up to Lizzy. “I’m sorry, Lizzy.” He concluded and began to walk a way.

“Please, Israel! I beg…” Three bullets from Agatha’s gun did not only shut her mouth but also her life. She fell down and died instantly. Silence and sadness creeped among them even Agatha who shot her dead.
*********** FAST FORWARD***********
DAY 10
The world had its surface burning up by the sun itself. Its intensity was above 37 degree Celsius. Therefore every organism in it was practically subjected to a humorless discomfort especially the homosapiens. Already, the lilies of the valley had all met their dooms regarding their non-tolerance to the unexpected high radiation. It was like hell raining down on Earth. Hence, it painted the world red and set it in a colossal catastrophe.

However, Isarel and other had successfully decoded the secret of the dead aliens. Now, at the white house, the last doom words were yet to be stated and everyone was already losing their minds due to the pressure from humans who demanded to know the reason of the high temperature that had started causing pandamonuim in the city.

“Israel, the sun is hitting up the earth. What’s going on!?” The commander of the soldiers asked as all clustered Kande.

“We are still waiting for the last doom words!” Israel replied.

“How long is that gonna take?!”

“I don’t know!”

Just then, a young soldier walked in and said, “Sir, calls have been coming from the seven continent of the world. Their asking what’s going on.”

The commander looked at the young soldier but didn’t know what to reply him. Immediately, Kande stated the doom words thus, “Then he siezed his leftfoot with both hands in such a fury that he split into two.”

“Thank God! She has spoken!” The commander said.

“Don’t thank your God yet, it might be difficult to decode.” James warned him.
All stared at Israel who had straightened up, rubbing his forehead with his eyes closed. He stepped away from all of them like one looking for fresh air. Meanwhile, Humans in the city of Los Angeles started running helter skelter believing that the world had come to an end. Many parked their cars while some took on their heels to their homes, some even ran into a nearby church for quick salvation. Many could be seen with sunshed and a bottle of water in their hands seeming less concern about the situation.

“Baby, any thing?” Annabel calmly asked Israel who swiftly turned to the hearing of the angelic voice. He stared at her emotionally in everybody’s amazement. Just before he said anything, a call came in to the commander’s phone. He put in on loud speaker.

“We’ve caught the president and we’re afraid he couldn’t make it.” A voice came from the phone.

“Bring his body here!” The commander commanded. He put off the phone then turned to Israel. “It’s a good thing Nini Joe is dead. It’s only remaining his secret and whoever the dooms brain might have attached to the words.”

“Yes, that’s a good thing.” Israel replied. “Can I talk to James privately?” He dragged his friend out of sight to another room while others wondered why.

Inside the mini toilet, Israel hurriedly said to James. “Guy, there’s fire on the mountain.” Just then, a young soldier who came to use the rest room stayed at the door listening to them.

“Dude, why are you tensed up!” James whispered.

“The doom words has Lizzy’s name on it. That means she has to die for the world to be free from the on going pandemonium.” Israel replied.

“What?! How come?!”

“Maybe she had indirectly helped the president secure his secret without her knowing? James, I want you to take her out from here. You can go to Africa with her.”

“Humans will be destroyed because of this decision! Oh my God! Now I understand the Reverend father’s statement. But what’s the secret and it’s location?”

“It’s..” a footstep interrupted Israel. They opened the door to see the young soldier whispering to his commander. They didn’t need a prophet to tell them that he was telling the commander what he heard. So they came out. Everyone stared at one another. Only Agatha and Annabel didn’t know what was going on.

“What’s going on?” Agatha asked.

Instantly, James grabbed Agatha and Annabel’s hands, heading out of the door.

“You all should stop right there!” The commander aimed a pistol at Annabel. “She has to die and Israel must reveal the secret.” he added.

“No!” Israel shouted. “If you kill her, I won’t tell you the secret.”

“Yes, you will.” The commander pulled the trigger. Fortunately, Agatha dived in between and took the bullet for her while James finally ran out with Annabel.

“You never gonna find her again.” Israel told the commander. He also brought out his pistol, aimed it on his head and pulled the trigger. He dropped dead instantly.

“Nooo!!” The commander exclaimed painfully.
On the other hand, a man called Andre, an average man pulled over in front of his house, briskly walked into his living room to see his wife and six year old daughter burning up regardless the functioning air conditioner found in the room. Swiftly, Mary, the wife, turned to him with the daughter in her hands. “Honey, what’s going on?” She asked terrifyingly, staring at the husband like the solution to the situation lies on his face.

“I’m a medical doctor not a meteorologist, so I don’t know what’s going on. Increase the air conditioner.” The man flung his car keys on the centre table, grabbed his necktie like the claws of a bird on a tree.

“I’ve done that already” the wife replied.

“What?!” Andre couldn’t believe it because the temperature was still unfavorable even inside the house. He began to pull his shirt. However, there was a television on the wall of the room opposite the family which automatically displayed a man in a suit with a paper in his hands. No doubt it was a breaking news. Mary enthusiastically raised the volume as the man broadcasted thus: “There are plenty of ways Earth could go. It could smash into another planet, be swallowed by a black hole, or get pummeled to death by asteroids. There’s really no way to tell which doomsday scenario will be the cause of our planet’s demise. But one thing is for sure – even if Earth spends the rest of its eons escaping alien attacks, dodging space rocks, and avoiding a nuclear apocalypse, there will come a day when our own Sun will eventually destroy us. I think the day has come…”

The couple looked at each other, instinctively feeling a droplet of heat on their faces. Though the breaking news kept breaking but the voice of the man through the sound of the television speaker distantly faded away from their eardrums, thus, generating an obnoxious silence that rather brought the beat of their heart to their ears.

“Mummy, are we gonna die?” Serah, the little girl in her mother’s arms broke not only the silence but also the overwhelming tension.
However, one could see James and Annabel soaring a forest. They ran with their hands clutched together, knowing very well the military were after them. Notwithstanding, the sun had gone hotter than expected in the next few hours, people began to drop dead on the street and homes especially children who couldn’t withstand the unbearable temperature. Forest got lit, soaring with the fire to every coast. The ocean was at the verge of boiling, hence triggering a massive death of the aquatic organisms. Even so many terrestrial animals died. Could this be the end of the human race? No, it was just the beginning of the end. Humans became not just hopeless but helpless too. Annabel collapsed on the ground.

“James, I’m burning up.” She said from the hot ground and grasses.

“Please, Annabel, you need to be strong!” James encouraged her.

“No, I’m thirsty and burning up.”

James looked around. He saw nothing but smoking dry leaves about to get lit by the radiation. “Try, let’s go to the hospital.” He pulled her up.

“No doctor will attend to you.” Annabel murmured.

“Who said something about a doctor?” He placed her on his shoulder like a soldier carrying his wounded partner. “I am the doctor. Remember the trance I had? I saw what my uncle injected into her daughter’s body to keep her cold. I’m gonna find the mother fucking drug for you.” He said as he was running. His eyes filled with tears on his way when he remembered Agatha.

The hospital was also in a great catastrophe when James ran inside with Annabel. Patients were running Helter skelter even doctors where no where to be found. He placed Annabel on the hot floor and began to search for the hospital pharmacy. An old woman stopped him on the way and said, “Please, help me, I’m burning up.”

“Get behind me old woman! I’m the one freezing?” He barged into the Pharmacy and began to look for the drug. “antipyretics” he kept murmuring, looking for it. Luckily, he found it, got a syringe and drew out a dose. He ran back to Annabel and injected it into her arm. “This will reduce your temperature.” he said. In the process the sun gradually began to go down thereby reducing the radiation. Someone saw it through a window. She pointed her hand to it and said, “Look, the sun is actually going down.”

James quickly stood up, he peeked through the window with only an eye to finally see the sun gone, leaving a terrible damage to the world. Slowly, he walked out to the street, observing abandoned cars and corpses lying on the ground. A few others that survived the disaster also began to come out from their hiding places. James bent down, placed his two fingers on the neck of a lady lying dead on the ground. Disappointed, he didn’t feel a pulse, so he straightened up with his two hands placed on his waist. “I guess this is the beginning of the end of human race.” He murmured.
The season two will be titled END OF THE HUMAN RACE.

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