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(Dooms Brain)
Season 1
Episode 2
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Buried Alive 2


But does it make any sense at all to know that it ends badly for all of us, even the happiest of us, and that we all lose everything that matters in the end-and yet to know as well, despite all this, as cruelly as the game is stacked, that it’s possible to play it with a kind of joy?

The sun began to rise from the east. It’s ray reflected on my window where I was getting ready to go out, in search of Israel precisely because my father just uttered another strange statement. I tried to decode it but the more I tried, the more confuse I got. Though it weakened me that I was the one trying to get Israel’s help because I hated him. Why? He used girls, he likes everything under the skirt and brags about it as if it was nothing. Yes, he’s handsome, but hell no! Such people irritates me, but unfortunately so many of my gender fall for them. Nevertheless, the connection between my father’s Illness and the pandemonium in the village was the only thing I needed to find out. Obviously, Israel was the one I could consult for the fact that he knows about Dooms Brain and, of course, intelligent.

Briskly, i left the window of my room well dressed in a jean trouser, white canvas and white crop-top. Getting to the living room, i heard the news saying, “Uburu village experienced a weird night where humans suddenly turned against one another. The federal government has ordered the military to guide the territory of the village, to make sure nobody gets out from it with the fear of the unknown that must have brought about the tragedy that happened last night..”

“You must be kidding me.” I murmured, clutched the doorknob. Stepping out of the house, i began to see dead bodies on the street of my village and many were being evacuated by ambulances. I could also see people crying and yelling at the government for the new order imposed on us. My beautiful village became rousey. Uburu has the features of a town, tall buildings, industries, good higher institutions like my Saint Michael’s owned by a reverend father. We also have good roads and most importantly, Uburu was one of the oil producing community that generates revenue for the country. Yet, i couldn’t fathom why it was still regarded as a village.

Nonetheless, I stretched my heàd like a giraffe to see people clustered at a distance, agitating to leave the village while the military prevents them. “Is my father the cause of all this?” I asked myself.

“Even the cause of the explosion remains unknown.” A woman’s voice startled me from behind.

I turned to see Mrs Kende, the village sheriff in her police uniforn. She sounded suspicious of me because she caught me last night after the explosion. I had to lie to her that I was going to get medicine for my sick father. Though she released me but I know she’s still suspecting me. I swallowed hard. “What happened last night was strange?” I found my voice.

“Yes. It was just a coincident that you were found outside by that time of the night before everything escalated.” She exposed one sided and deadly smile.

I didn’t say anything.

“My men reported that they saw two more people that night but lost track of them.” She added, yet I never said a thing. “Well, whatever syringe someone is pulling it’s just a matter of time for him to lose his little game otherwise it will end badly for all of us, even the happiest of us and we shall all lose everything that matters to us” she concluded scarily.

“But don’t you think the federal government is complicating issues by caging us inside here. It is a human instinct to run away from danger.”

“We follow orders, little girl.”

“What if the government knows what’s happening to us?”

“Like I said…” she became interrupted by the shout of people at the village territory. We began to hurry to the place. I could hear and see people getting out of patience and struggling to pass the military. A soldier pulled a trigger on a civilian and the man gave up the ghost instantly. The gunshot calmed everyone down. Only then did I know that caging us in this village by the federal government was serious.

“Go back to your homes and nobody will be hurt!” The soldier shouted in a military voice. Kende rushed to the scene while I made a U-turn, running to Israel’s lodge. He stayed in a good flat with James. I had had a rumour that he was the only one paying the bills and his parents were rich. On getting to the three storey building, I located his flat to see it locked. Bemused, I looked around to see the compound void as if rapture took place there.

“Israel!” I shouted his name. In return, I heard the echo of my own voice. Suddenly, two men with guns came down from a car. It got down on me that Israel was in some kind of trouble as he said the previous night after the discovery of the secret. No doubt.

“Just get in” one of them gestured at the door of the car.

I didn’t know whether to shout, run away or obey them. Before I could come out from that illusion, the sound of a konked gun made a decision for me. I simply entered into the car with blindfold. After a long drive, i felt myself being tied down on a chair. Gently, someone unfolded my blinds. I looked around the arena. It was an empty hall. Beside me were Israel, Lizzy and James, looking tortured. They were also tied down.

“Annabel, I hope you brought water while coming because I’m very thirsty.” Israel managed to say. I could hear pains from his voice but it baffled me that he had to still joke around. “Don’t tell me you have no water because the one in your watermelon is enough for me.” he added.

“Watermelon kill you there, Israel!” Lizzy shouted angrily. I could also hear pains and jealousy from her own voice.

“Then I’ll gladly rest in pussy where there is more water.” He replied.

“Is there water in the pussy?” James asked.

“It’s called vagina fluid, idiot!” Israel smiled painfully.

“Why are we here!?” I shouted. Again, my voice echoed in the empty hall.

“You’re here to tell me how you discovered the grave.” A deep male voice answered me. I narrowed my vision to see him. Plumpy and short.

“You mean how we found your secret?” Israel asked.

The man answered as he kept approaching closer. “Yes, agreed, my secret. The skeleton of the man you found was buried alive. I’ve elaborated my secret, so tell me how you found my secret otherswise you all will die with the secret.”

“It takes a secret to know a secret.” Israel smartly replied.

“Hey, short man, my name is Annabel!” I shouted. “With all the problems in this village, knowing how we discovered your secret is your concern? Listen, federal government has made an order that nobody must leave the village! Strange thing happened last night and people died! Doesn’t that bother you!? If you don’t know, discovering your secret stopped what happened last night. Now, you left us with no choice but to believe that you or your kind is the cause of last insane night.” I blasted.

“Are you telling me what I want to hear or not?” The man pulled out a gun and aimed it at Israel.

“You had your secret and I have mine. I used my secret to know your secret. Use yours to know mine as well.” Israel replied.

“So it’s a game of secrets.”


Within a twinkle of an eye, a gunshot echoed the whole hall. I heard Lizzy’s shouting voice that seemed like Israel was dead. Though the gunshot sent someone to early grave. We looked up to see sheriff’s smoking pistol and the man lying dead on the floor. That woman shot him rather. I concluded within me that she must have followed me.

“Sheriff, you’re a savior!” James shouted. “This man buried someone alive! We discovered the grave and…”

“Shup up, James!” Three of us shouted at once.

The Sheriff quickly untied us then began to look at us suspiciously. We all, like robots matched towards the exit, leaving the sheriff surprised and speechless. I whispered to Israel on our way out. “My father just said another strange words.”

“Does that mean this village is going to experience another…” James couldn’t bring down his voice.

“Shut your holes!” Lizzy interrupted him.

The sheriff ran after us. Just in front of the hall, she said, “You kids have some explanations to do, especially you.” She pointed at me.

“My name is Annabel, sheriff.” I began.. “We were kidnapped. Thank you for rescuing us. We really appreciate.”

“I heard things about secrets and games. You all will be detained for the mean time.”

Nobody replied her again. All our attention were drawn to three military Hilux that was fast approaching us. They were coming with alacrity like they were heading to war. I swallowed hard, wondering what the military wants from us. I knew others wondered the same thing until they stopped before us. One of them approached us.

“How can we help you, soldier?” Sheriff asked like an officer in charge of us.

“We came for him.” The soldier pointed at Israel. “His father wants him to be evacuated from this village with immediate effect. Please, Israel, this way, now!” he made way for the boy to follow.

A sudden sadness creeped into my heart when Israel obeyed like the love of my life was leaving me behind. Was I now falling in love with the person I dispersed the most? I, Annabel didn’t believe it! I looked at Lizzy, hoping she does something that will prevent them from taking Israel away, but she stood helplessly. My mouth started quivering because if Israel should go, who will decode the dooms brain? I suddenly began to see him as the savior of Uburu. So I shouted, “The government instructed that nobody should leave the village territory!”

The soldier didn’t reply me. I swallowed hard as an afterthought.

“His father is from the government.” James replied me sadly.

We stood there watching Israel enter into the Hilux that began to drive away. I couldn’t just believe myself, feeling sad to see Israel leave. Was it love? I couldn’t get it! Just as I anticipated, the Hilux stopped. We all saw Israel running back to us with the soldiers pursuing him. When he got back to us, he pulled out sheriff’s gun and aimed it on his head. We all were amazed.

“Israel, what the hell are you doing!?” The soldier asked.

“Go back and tell my father that I’m not leaving or I’ll kill myself” Israel replied unabashedly.

I didn’t know when I found myself smiling and feeling a kind of joy flowing like a river inside me……


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