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Season 1
Episode 18
Written by Author Nath
From the wooden house, Agatha and co. watched the romantic reunion of Annabel and Israel at the shore. She slightly hugged him, caressed his two cheeks and mounted a kiss on his libs. They also saw them exchanging words, but couldn’t hear them due to distant barrier. James and Agatha glanced at each other for the second time. Before they could direct their eyes back to the two love birds, they had started walking down to them like a bride and a groom walking down the aisle with their hands clutched together. The morning wind was a catalyst to the romantic atmosphere between them by blowing Annabel’s hair and gown backward thereby clearly divulging her underwear and breast. On the same hand, the wind never hesitated to fly open Israel’s shirt to expose his remaining packs uncovered by the bandage.

“I guess they love each other that much. Mehn, look at them, they are not just perfect but enviously lovely.” Henry’s voice became a fuel in already burning fire. So Agatha left the corridor to Israel whom she slightly hugged too, grinning with her whitish teeth wildly opened.

“There’s something about this dude that I can’t put a finger on.” Henry turned to James who also looked at him for him to continue. “When I see him, I see the light of the world in him. I see a special being loved by everyone except, you know, his enemies.”

James never uttered a word. Just then, Israel approached with the girls beside him. He stopped before the corridor, looked up at the two guys who also stared back at him. It was uncharacteristic for James to be quiet for the return of his friend, Israel. Therefore, the young man wondered what had gone wrong.

“James, is everything okay?” Israel asked him.

James smiled. “I’m just speechless. You’re a cat with nine lives. How the hell did you make it from the angry soldiers? Yeah, they were so mean as if we had their wives sucked our dicks.” he spread his hands happily.

“That’s a good idea. Next time we’re going after their wives to…” Israel paused as a result of Annabel’s glare and sudden disengagement of her hand from his. He retraced his footsteps immediately. “I mean going after the wives to have a picnic.”

“I heard soldiers’ wives know how to serve a picnic which, of course, is outdoor event.” James grabbed the joke, yet related the statement to the previous topic.


“Yeah, they kind of make sure it circulate your body and strengthens your muscles. You know, like a massage originated from the waist.”

Annabel walked into the house through James and Henry. Her motion showed her emotion which was very clear to everybody especially to Israel who shouted, “James, I do not know what you’re talking about. All I know is picnic.” he stretched his hand for a help to climb on a wooden stairs. James grabbed it and helped him into the house.

He was made to sit down in the living room while others stood around him like Jesus and his disciples. All waited to hear more from him after he told them his escape story. Also, Henry had made him to understand that Bili was an alien. That brought an absolute silence except the washy sound of the movement of tides that occasionally found its way into the room. Israel suddenly began to shake his chair to and fro, thinking critically. That resulted to a sudden glance among others.

“This is the picture of everything:” Israel began. “These people.. I mean these things are mostly those in power. Lizzy is now working for them. She can decode dooms words which was the reason Bili wanted to get rid of his secret before time. It has come to my notice too that they can hear the dooms brain because Kande is among them.”

“You mean she’s not of this earth?” Henry asked.

“Yes, and the dooms brain is trying to get rid of their kind and anyone that helps them to secure their deadly secrets directly or indirectly. That’s why it wanted Lizzy dead because it had foreseen that she would be helping them. But I think they used some kind of power to prevent me from killing her.” Israel stoop up and took a few steps towards the wall in a way he turned his back on them. “Our main mission now is to take down Lizzy.” he concluded.

“Leave that to me.” Annabel said.

Israel turned. He directed his eyes to her and shook his head negatively. “No, Annabel, from now on, you won’t be following us to reveal a secret.”

“But why?!” She approached angrily.

“Look at your leg, you’re wounded!”

“But I can manage!”

“And i said no!” He insisted.

Annabel got angry and walked into one of the rooms.

“Agatha, make sure Lizzy won’t be alive before the end of today as you go for the second mission.” Israel concluded.

“Well, before another dooms words pop out, let me go do some hunting.” James grabbed his gun, looked around sarcastically as Agatha monitored his movement until he left the house and eventually went out of sight. Israel used the opportunity to meet Annabel in the room. Both could be seen seated quietly on the edge of a bed.

“Annabel..” Israel began with a voice as calmed as an ice. “I want you to understand the extent the seed of love you planted in my heart has grown. I love you beyond human imagination. I can’t subject you again to what I subjected you yesterday.” He managed to place his unwounded hand on her jaw. “Look at me.” he turned her face to him in a way both eyes met. Isreal could see tears saturating her eyes. “I’ll rather take my life, than to see you hurt again. I’ll bring down the world for your sake. I’ll climb the highest mountain for your sake. Please, understand me.”

Annabel sniffed in tears. She placed her head on his shoulder without saying a word. Already, she had seen in his eyes and heard from his mouth why he won’t allow her fight again. Though she wasn’t happy to hear that but she was excited to know that Israel loves her so much. “I love you too.” Her voice came from his shoulder.

Israel began to slide her hair gently.
Grasses rattled as an indication of the presence of rudent. James aimed his gun at the exact place, hoping to gun down anything that pops out of it. It was a rainforest filled with tall trees, broad and evergreen leaves that formed canopies. Birds of the air chirped and lilly of the valley crawled. Yet, James was never distracted from his unseen target.

“Come on, show your fucking face let me have you as a meat.” he whispered.

The grasses greatly rattled again. Lo and behold Agatha, coming out of it.

“Holy crap!” James lowered his gun. “What were you thinking! I would have killed you!” he added.

Agatha smiled. She was mostly on jean trouser, a canvas and a polo. “I was actually thinking about you and how you’ve been behaving lately.” she approached.

“You shouldn’t be worked up about that.” James replied sarcastically, leaving the place instantly. His feet made a rosty sound on the grasses as he flee from the young girl.

Agatha followed him. “James wait! James!” she hurried up, grabbed him by the hand like an officer grabbing a suspect. James did nothing but to stare at her as she continued. “You never asked me how the story ended.”

“There’s no need.” he lowered his voice. “Israel is actually every woman’s choice, so I’m not surprise if you have something for him.”

“Had!” Agatha correct. “I had something for him after the dance. I hopelessly fell in love with him that I had to join his secret group back then in campus. It was then I noticed he plays with girls’ feelings and doesn’t understand the word, ‘love’. So I ended it.” she gradually released his arm to allow the silence do it’s work by aiding in the assimilation of her explanation. “I think he has finally found love.” she added.

“You mean Israel?” James asked.

“Yes, he loves Annabel. I’ve never seen him respect a woman the way he respects her.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Another tranquility creeped in between them. Arboreal animals on top of sometrees could see them smiling sheepishly at a close range without knowing the cause of the smile.

“You know, when this will be over, I’ll buy you a cop of coffee.” James broke the silence.

“No, I want you to get me a bush meat now.” Agatha grinned.

“Okay, here I go!” James handled his gun properly and began to whistle, cautiously taking a step at a time while Agatha held his butt mimicking his hilariously movement. “Yes, grab my butt, grab it very tight! That’s one hell of a way to hunt a bush meat.” he kept whistling. Agatha began to chuckle.
Annabel perplexed on her knees crying and begging for her life. She was at the seashore, still wearing her night gown. If one could cry out blood, her blood would have changed the colour of the ocean as she looked up at Israel who aimed a agun at her. However, the young man was also in tears, but he needed to kill her.

“Israel, please, don’t take my life!” Annabel cried. “Remember you said you’d rather take your own life than to have anything happen to again. Please! I am the woman you love!”

Already, Israel’s tears had started dripping on the sandy soil thereby creating a hole. “I’m sorry, Annabel.” he pulled the trigger and the birds of the sky flew away. Annabel dropped dead instantly. “Nooooooo!” He shouted in pains, knelt beside her dead body and carried her like a mother to her baby. He looked up in the sky and shouted again, “God!!!!!” By the time he brought down his head to look at Annabel, he saw the spherical shape of the earth in his armed…..

“Israel?” He head a voice that called him. He opened his eyes on the bed to see Annabel beside him, calling his name. Only then did he realize he had been dreaming. “Baby, are you okay?” She asked him.

Before Israel could answer, James entered. “Kande has made another strange statement.” he announced.

Israel rushed down from the bed with Annabel. All went to the room where Kande laid unconscious. They waited for her to repeat the dooms words.

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth; Dawn of the Dead.” Kande repeated the dooms words. All began to look at one another.

Within a shot period of time, Israel decoded the words. An helicopter arrived, James, Agatha and Henry entered. Inside the chopper were two more men hired for the second game of secret because Annabel and Israel weren’t following them.

Isarel was at the shore where the helicopter wanted to take off while Annabel watched them from the corridor of the house.

“Make sure you take Lizzy down, Agatha!” Israel shouted before the chopper flew away. He turned to see Annabel standing at the corridor in her charming beauty. Both stared for a while before Israel located a log of wood and sat on it. He refused to go back to the house. He brought out a cigarette, lit it and began to smoke. The dream really broke his heart, so he began to think what could be the meaning. As he wallowed in that thought, Annabel crossed her hands on his shoulders from behind and eventually sat beside him.

“Something is bothering you. What’s it?” She asked calmly.

Israel looked at her. He couldn’t bring himself to tell her the dream…


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