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Season 1
Episode 16
Written by Author Nath.
The yellow sun rose from the east and brightened the coast of the secret island. The ray refracted into the sea to enhance the growth of photoplanktons thereby increasing the energy flow through a food chain in the aquatic habitat. Not only are coconut trees found at the shores of the sea, four humans could also be seen, erected at the shore. They line up like soldiers under training, their black attire throughout their bodies made them to appear like hardened assassins. In their hands were black M2 rifles that can send a vibrant young man to his early grave. On their faces were sunglasses which dimed and suppressed the ray of the rising sun. Those were Agatha, James, Israel and Annabel respectively.

Though the world were yet to understand that they were for the good of the humans, at the same time, any minor mistake they make can still bring the end of the world. Just as they gazed into the ocean, an helicopter flew through the ocean and landed a few meters before them. The sudden wind generated by the swinging blades of the helicopter wavered the females’ hair distractingly on their faces until it stopped rotating. They sighted a young man with a black bag, walking towards them. He wore many colour designed shirt and a brown knicker. He was fair and had some beards with coilly hair.

“Hey, morning!” he approached with a smile.

None of the men said a word or smiled back at him, so he retraced his footsteps and cautioned himself. “Sorry, my name is Hen…” he cleared his throat. “…Henry. James called me.” he pointed at James.

Israel stepped forward with his gun. “Your camera detects aliens, doesn’t it?” he asked unabashedly.

“Yes, the camera consists of sensors made from superconducting nanowires which can detect single photons. They are among the best photon counters in terms of speed, efficiency, and range of color sensitivity. A NIST team used these detectors to demonstrate Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance. For example; the nanowire detectors also have the lowest dark count rates of any type of photon sensor, meaning they don’t count false signals caused by noise rather than photons. This feature is especially useful for dark-matter searches and space-based astronomy; a.k.a aliens.”

“Fine, I need you to understand that this is a serious mission; you gonna follow us, in the process, you capture Bili Poss pose on the camera to know if he’s one.”

“Like… are you… you know.. are you serious that we have aliens among us?” Henry asked.

James stepped forward too. “Not just aliens, destructive aliens who gonna get rid of us and this beautiful planet you call home will be a strange land to you. Think of the beautiful girls you’ve quashed and the one you hope to spend the rest of your life with, they will be no more. Even if your dick functions, you won’t be able to reproduce your kind.” he explained

“Holy shit! What then will be the use of my dick?!” Henry glanced at Agatha.

“Nothing!” James answered.

“Not entirely nothing.” Henry bypassed them to Agatha whom he romantically smiles at, grinning with his whitish teeth exposed like a roasting herbivore. “I think my dick gonna be useful here.” he added.

James widened his eyes. “Seriously, Henry? You will have no dick soon thoughtless of useful one coz I will cut them off.” he pulled him back from the girls who never smiled nor said a word, rather began to walk towards the helicopter, leaving the boys behind.

“What is the sweetness of this world without a functioning dick?” Henry hung his bag of camera.

“Bingo!” Israel exclaimed. “That’s what the aliens want to reduce us to. They want us to have a malfunctioning dick. I’ll rather die than to wake up every morning to know that my bell will not ring for dogs to salivate.”

“What’s the need of the salivation without fertilization for reproduction?” James retorted.

“At least…” three bullets that splashed sand from the ground near their feet interrupted all of them. Annabel fired them from the chopper as a reminder for them to quit joking around. They looked at her before James and Henry headed out, leaving only Israel who brought out a pack of cigarettes, took a stick of it, lit it and blew off the smoke. All waited for him to join them, but he kept smoking as if he was thinking.

Truly, he was thinking because a game needs a clever initiative to be won. Though Israel might be jovial, playful but he strives to use his ‘number six’ for it was a game of secrets. The Reverend father’s statement before he died kept hunting him day by day. He was striving to save the world but why the Reverend father said he will actually bring the world to destruction? The young boy kept smoking the thought out from his mind. Nevertheless, he burnt the last part of the cigarette with a deep inhalation, threw it on the sandy soil where he matched it with his boot. One could see him gradually blowing off the smoke on his way to the chopper. He entered and they flew across the sea.
Conilas is a terrific comforting place in town where people come to observe some quietness and think due to its conducive nature. It was a building located far away from noisy places like main roads. It has a led-wire fence, a gate and street light luminates the place from the gate. The exterior has a pool, and a bar where a broadcasting television hung on the wall. Suddenly, a black SUV car arrived at the gate. The four doors opened and military black boots hit the ground from each door. Those were Israel and co. They walked into the arena, surprisingly to see it empty from humans. Only the volume of the television filled their ears. They dispersed into hiding except Israel and Henry.

“How sure are you that Bili Poss is here because nobody is here!” Henry broke the silence beside the pool.

“He will come.” Israel began. “This is a game. A game is the complete exploration of freedom within a restrictive environment. Normally, people should be here but they have been restricted from coming today. What does that tell you? It has become a gaming environment.”

“What game are you talking about?”

“Game of secrets!”

Henry obviously didn’t know what he was into. As he contemplated, another car stopped at the gate, Bili Poss arrived in his milky suit and bodyguard. Henry ran into the building to roll his camera secretly. However, Bili stopped at one end of the pool while Israel could be found at the other end in a way the pool demarcated them. Bili guards aimed their guns at him. Surprisingly, more military men arrived and circulated the environment. Israel looked around. He sighted Lizzy inside Bili’s car then nodded his head for a reason best known to him.

“Today is your last day, Israel Linto.” Bili placed a hand in his pocket.

“A man doesn’t tell a clever man his last day, rather a clever man watches the man walk into his last day. You made a mistake walking inside here, Mr. Bili Poss.” He raised his voice for the soldiers to here him. “This man here has a secret which he kept at a secret place here. He harboured a human which he put between life and death, tortured beyond human recognition. For what? for rituals which we must know.”

Bili smiled. “You’re bluffing! What evidence do you have. But you have been declared wanted for causing havoc and killing of innocent people.” he grinned.

Israel also smiled. Instantly, a breaking news displayed on the television. The volume was high enough to be heard by Bili and his guards. It displayed a deadly tortured woman followed by a voice that said, “Last night, Mr Bili sent some men to kill and dispose this helpless woman, but we intercepted and took her to a safety. Bili is evil!” Continuously, more video capturing Bili and his boys at the Conilas where they brought out the woman from an underground kept displaying on the television. After Bili left the arena thinking that his boys will do as he directed, gunshots escalated. That was when Israel’s boys arrived to rescue the woman..

Bili looked around. “How did it happen?” he asked.

“”Gamers both demand and deserve novelty. They need something new. As a game developer, one of my rules is there will be at least one thing in every game that I worked on that no one on the planet has seen before.” Israel began. “I was made to understand some people can hear the dooms brain then I took caution, called my men to intercept your evil plan. Now I know who decoded the dooms words for you.” he glanced at Lizzy who the car carried away immediately. “Everything is falling in place, now I know why I couldn’t kill her, but she must die likewise your kind.”

“What are you waiting for? Shoot him! Kill him!” Bili commanded his men. Instead of shooting Israel, all the men aimed their guns at him. “Are you insane? I said you should shoot this terrorist not me!”

“Behind every screen there is someone controlling you. And he is not your father. You’ve loss the game, Mr Bili.” Israel smiled, but the smile suddenly changed to a frown when the men turned back to him by aiming their guns at him again with all seriousness. “Fuck!” he exclaimed with a surrendering hands up, while Bili laughed last.

“Who lose the game now, Israel?” he chuckled. “Kill him!” he ordered the men for the second time and began to walk out of the place….


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.