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Season 1
Episode 13
Written by Author Nath
At a seashore, tides of the ocean flushed wet sandy soil on the legs of Agatha and James. Only both could be found at a secret island by the horrible hour of the night. They laid face up at the shore, staring at the stars as if being told to count them like God told Abraham. Behind them were bushes and a wooden house. One could see energy bulb through a window, illuminating the house, powered by a solar panel. They could hear chirping of cricket and wave of the ocean. Both waited for the return of Israel and Annabel who had gone to execute Lizzy and Nohj.

James wore a singlet and a short while Agatha had a crop-top and a jean trouser. They laid side by side like lovers taking a romantic vacation.

“Is unbelievable what the dooms brain revealed about Lizzy.” James broke the silence as his eyes never averted from the sky. “Incest is a sacrilege punishable by death. How could she indulge in such an abominable act?! It’s really a pity that she will die in the hand of her lover.” he concluded.

“Israel loves no woman.” Agatha’s voice sadly pitched, yet never averted her eyes from the stars too. “Israel know no love, so he will kill Lizzy at all cost. Moreover, incest is common in our society nowadays; father to daughter, mother to son and sisters to brothers. Let me ask you a question, James.” she glanced at him. “Will you prefer taking your sister’s life or sleeping with her.”

“What?!” James fully turned to her. “First, my hand wouldn’t get to pull the trigger if I want to. Secondary, my dick wouldn’t get hard if I try to, so it’s an impossible mission.”

“No, getting your dick hard is the role of your mind. The reaction of your body is as a result of what goes through your mind.”

“Where are you driving at?” James seemed confused.

Agatha fully turned to him also. “Will you get hard if I kiss you?” she asked.

He smiled, “I’ll fuck you hard if you kiss me.”

“What if you discover that I’m your sister in the middle of penetration and ejaculation?”

James hesitated to answer the tricky question. So he swallowed hard and said, “If a train begins to move, no stopping until it gets to its destination. In other words, I’ll choose not to believe you.”

“Likewise some people who do not believe the sacrilege or abomination attached with incest. Even twins, most times fall in love. It all depends on what they allow their mind to believe. But all the same, what is bad is bad.” Agatha concluded.

They stared at each other’s eyes when silence became the next wave around them. Obviously, it generated a lovely atmosphere that increased their heartbeats. James made up his mind to shoot his shot at the moment. Therefore he began, “Israel knows no love. I know my love, I’m staring into her eyes to fall more in love. My subsequent action will be as a result of what goes through my mind and it’s what I believe.”

“What’s that?” Agatha grinned.

“I love you.” he replied.

Agatha smiled finally. James used the opportunity to gently juxtapose his lips with hers. The young girl did nothing but to remain static, watching as he wanted to kiss her. Unfortunately, the sound of an helicopter interrupted them. It landed at a distance by the seashore until it totally went off. They sat up to see Annabel running inside the wooden house while Israel slowly came down from the chopper, also walking towards the house.

“Annabel!” he yelled her name, but the girl never stopped.

“I think there is a problem.” Agatha stood up, likewise James. They met Annabel, seated in the living room on black attire with arms folded. On her feet were black elongated boots like a military agent. At another corner was Israel, leaning on the wall with a foot while the other rested on the same wall in a way it made a triangular shape. No one had spoken a word until James said, “You both seem like Romeo and Juliet interrupted at the point of hot romantic intimacy. What’s going on? You can continue from here if you like.”

Agatha disdained him while others remained quiet. She walked closer to Annabel, with a friendly voice she said, “How went the mission?”

“Your lord let Lizzy escape! That was what happened.” Annabel replied angrily.

All directed their eyes to Israel who suddenly released his foot from the wall, scratched his head vehemently and said, “I didn’t know what came over me. The worst part is that I was visited by the little alien. She scared the hell out of me! Her eyes shone like a burning fire and her guts could rise a dry bone when she told me that Lizzy must die! The echo seemed like Lizzy is a dangerous entity that must be stopped at all cost.”

“Then why didn’t you kill her!” James shrieked.

“I don’t fucking know!” Israel threw his gun on the floor.

“It’s obvious that you still love her!” Annabel retorted.

“It’s not that for goodness sake!” Israel’s voice could tell that he was actually saying the truth. “Something spiritual it’s going on. I swore to kill any person that has a deadly secret. I had it in mind to pull the trigger at Lizzy but I just couldn’t do it! Within me, I know It’s not love. I wish I know why I couldn’t pull the trigger.’

Silence took over the sanctum. Though Israel sounded convincing but Annabel had to walk out from the room to the next where Kande was laid on a bed. Agatha looked at Israel, her lord. She could confined in him, hence, she believed whatever he said. Calmly, she said, “Let’s hope your involuntary action doesn’t cause lost of lives in the universe, and leave Lizzy for me. I will personally send her to the grave.” She walked out too.

James patted his friend. “I believe you, bro. But don’t reason through your dick next time.” he sat down to put on a television. Just then, Israel saw the little girl, standing at the door on her usual red attire. The anger boiling in her could be observed from her breathing rate and eyes. Israel rubbed his eyes with his hands to be sure it wasn’t an illusion.

“James, she’s here. Can you see her.’ he pointed at the door.

“Who?” James followed the direction of the pointed fingers.

“The little girl! Can’t you see her!” His voice attracted the other girls who also, surprisingly wondered who Israel was talking about. All seemed lost, gazing at the door, yet couldn’t see the the little girl who only glared at Israel.

“Ten days to kill her, ten days to decode ten dooms brain and eventually kill those affected by the secret behind the brain. Failure to do this, your planet is gone, taking by them and their kind.” The little girl disappeared.

“Who are they!?” Israel shouted. Nobody replied him, not even his colleagues. In that silence, Kande’s voice came from the room saying, “But it’s only temporary. And this is perhaps the most comforting conclusion to be reached if one discounts the possibility of meaning.”

All began to look at one another. Of course they knew it was another doom words that must contain the name of a place, person and the person’s secret.
“I’m so curious about knowing the unknown; it can be scary, but I see it as a game. So Israel, what’s the meaning of this doom words, and what did the little child say?” James chipped in into the silence.

“I don’t know. I need to be alone.” Israel left…
Lizzy ran through the streets of the town on jean trouser and a polo. She had been exhausted from the marathon race, so she found a lonely corner where she panted to recover lost strength. She reflected on how Israel killed her brother and why he didn’t shoot her. She couldn’t get it because she saw the seriousness in his eyes to kill her, but she couldn’t write home about what happened next.

Only a few bad niggas roamed about the street at the hour of the night. Also, a few cars sped across the street. One suddenly stopped at her presence, men with guns kidnapped her and drove off with her eyes on blindfold. She was led through several doors until they stopped her at a particular room where she felt the temperature cold as a result of an air conditioner. Suddenly, a hand unfolded the blinds. Lizzy saw exactly nine men in suit. They were the government. Some she saw in their house while she didn’t know some. There was an enlongated table with bottle water in front of each of the men. Lizzy swallowed hard.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“At the right place.” One of the men replied. “You decoded a dooms brain. That’s why you’re alive to decode more of it.” he added.

“Wait.” Lizzy critically made use of her initiative. “Are you all behind why Israel couldn’t pull the trigger on me? And how did you do that? How did you even know that I decoded a dooms brain?” she asked.

“We sent you to spy on Israel, didn’t we?” One of them asked. “That’s by the way. You shall be decoding more doom words from now on and we protect you at the end of time.” Another man stood up and continued. “But it’s only temporary. And this is perhaps the most comforting conclusion to be reached if one discounts the possibility of meaning.”

“Those are doom words.” Lizzy said.

“Exactly, what does it mean?”

The young girl hesitated. She looked at the men one by one. There was something about them she couldn’t put a finger on. They seemed human but she believed they are not. Nevertheless, she swallowed hard and said, “First, what did you mean by end of time, and how did you know about the next doom words. Who are you people?!” she asked….


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.