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Season 1
Episode 1
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Buried Alive
But does it make any sense at all to know that it ends badly for all of us, even the happiest of us, and that we all lose everything that matters in the end-and yet to know as well, despite all this, as cruelly as the game is stacked, that it’s possible to play it with a kind of joy? I believe that a joy can ermanate from nowhere at the point of an apocalypse because to me everything is a game. The only sin I know that will take me to hell is the sin of what lies under the skirt. In other words, I love women. Even if I’m not proud to say it, is it my gender I should love? Hell no!

Nonetheless, the moon shone on a small village, like a street light illuminating a lonely path that had been subdued by darkness. Scratches from vegetations, along with chirping birds had the best wave of the air around the village territory. The night was not only quiet but void of humans except two love birds who thought that they had the village all by themselves. Oh God, that was me again, looking for what lies under Lizzy’s skirt. We could be seen on the street, kissing and grinning from one end to another. I placed my two hands on her butt to feel her undies through the light short skirt of the young girl. As the kiss took a different dimension, one could see my hand romantically moving down from her butt to her thighs where i practically slid my hand under her skirt to slide aside her pant. I was very close! But boom! I heard her restraining voice.

“Israel, stop!” She pulled away from me, smiling sheepishly. Her lips was glowing from my saliva like a salivating dog. Of course I could see it. I could only imagine how salivating her pussy was also. Obviously, her body wanted more of me but her spirit danced a different tone. Trust me, I pulled her back to myself, caressing her cheek while she stared at my eyes romantically. “My body longs for you.” I began. “My soul wants you as a mate. Therefore you’re my soulmate. You’re the girl after my kidney. Come, let me have more taste of you.” I resumed the kiss while my hands located it’s initial location.

“You’re a clown, Israel.” Lizzy smiled, reciprocating the kiss. Suddenly, a running footsteps interrupted us from afar. We glared at the direction to know the possessor of the brisk movement. Patiently, we waited with our eyes fixed on a distant darkness. Though the footsteps lingered but no one seemed to pop out from the darkness. I cursed whatever it might be because my dick was already bowing down when I still wanted it to keep standing.

“Israel, I’m scared.” Lizzy frightenedly whispered.

I never uttered a word, i waited for the strange being to show his or her face. Just then, an explosion blasted from the same direction, hence dominating the darkness and revealing the very person that was running like a hungry bear; that was Annabel. A young, slim girl who hated me for a reason I cannot write home about. She fell on the ground as a result of the explosion. I took on my heels to help her up, likewise Lizzy, but on getting there, more explosion blasted from the distance. We all fell down, hoping the fire didn’t get our clothes. I laid in between Annabel and Lizzy like a weak king in the protection of his queens. We could be seen panting and gazing at the exploding building and vegetations.

I stood up and said to Annabel, “Are you okay?” I stretched my hand for her to grab, but the girl hesitated. She stood up on her own then ran away after which I spotted a paper that fell off from her pocket. Just then, a police siren paved from afar.

“Come on, Israel. We have to get the hell out of here.” Lizzy suggested.

However, the headlight of one of the police vehicles had shone on our faces. Only then did we realize that it was late at night and we could be suspects for the explosion. Quickly, we took on our heels, soaring the darkness. In the process, I wondered the devil that brought Annabel to my sexual scene where I would have, at least, have my dick satisfied, but unfortunately, I saw myself running for my life. We barged into a building. As Lizzy was locking the door, so I was monitoring the Police vehicle through a window until they lost track of us. We could hear shouts and roaring fire caused by the explosion as we gazed through the window.

“Annabel must know about the cause of the explosion.” Lizzy broke the silence. “Yes. Otherwise why was she running from that direction?” She added.

I left the window. “I don’t know about that. But this caught my attention. It fell off from her..” I unfolded the paper that fell from Annabel’s pocket. Lizzy also approached closer when she heard the rattling of the paper. We read the content thus at once, “Death of Owls Makes no Death..”

“..but Bundles the Root of an Apocalypse Insane Night…” We heard a male voice from another room of the house which completed the sentence for us. Bemused, we looked at each other because the romantic night was turning into a strange one. Lizzy looked around the house once again to confirm that it was Annabel’s residence. What did I know? I was only a green horn on the land. Notwithstanding, we carefully walked towards the voice we heard to another room, opened the door slowly to see an old man laying upright on a bed. He had no cloth on except a wrapper. Though the man looked lifeless, but I could tell that he was alive and the voice came from him. I also noticed a loaf of bread on a table which reminded me that I was hungry, hence I needed to have a taste of it. I saw Lizzy reluctant and wanting us to leave the house immediately. Before she could utter it, a voice from behind shrieked, “What do you think you’re doing in my house?”

We startled. I nearly jumped through the window if Lizzy wasn’t there and for the sake of manhood who should be, at least, brave in the presence of a woman. We turned to see Annabel, glaring at us.

“Ann, we’re sorry” Lizzy found her courage before I could do. “We were actually dulging from the police. We didn’t mean to invade into your house”

“Yes, becaus we’re not Russia.” I supported hilariously, hoping the girl, at least, smiles, but it was like adding a fuel into a burning incinerator. Her voice roared into my ears like the fire itself.

“You both would have wished to disappear into the thin air because I’m calling the police now for invasion of privacy and theft” She grabbed a telephone.

“Theft?!” I heard myself repeating the word. “We haven’t stolen anything! At least, not yet”. I glanced at the bread.

Lizzy approached her unabashedly. Her voice was so mean that Annabel had to give her a listening ear. “If you call the police, we will tell them that you caused the explosion because we saw you running from that direction. So keep the telephone and we shall leave your house in peace.” she glared.

Everywhere became calmed. I waited from behind, anticipating Annabel’s reaction. She dropped the telephone and said, “You both should get out from my house!”

“Israel, let’s leave.” Lizzy sounded embarrassed. I could hear it from her voice. I glanced at the bread once more then followed Lizzy. I couldn’t shake the feelings that Annabel was passing through difficulties and the statement on the paper had to do with mysterious things. Therefore I turned back, leaving Lizzy at the door.

“Israel, what are you doing?” she asked.

I didn’t give her a listening ear. I met Annabel inside the father’s room where she shed tears beside him. For some seconds I stood at the door, I felt pity for her. I could also hear Lizzy’s footsteps approaching from behind. “Death of Owls Makes no Death but Bundles the Root of an Apocalypse Insane Night.” I repeated the statement.

Annabel turned with tears. “I told you to leave!” she shrieked.

“I don’t know why you hate me so much but this statement isn’t ordinary! It means more than you can think of!” I shouted on top of her voice. Just then, we started hearing gun shots from outside and more explosion. Lizzy ran to the window to witness it.

“I can’t see what they’re shooting at but it’s like something is happening in the village.” she narrated.

Quickly, I observed it to see people running helter skelter. I grabbed a television remote, put a flat screen T.V found on the wall of the living room on. We all hoped to watch a news to comprehend the Genesis of the pandemonium in the village, but was disappointed to see nothing.

“Apocalypse Insane night.” I said, gazing at the paper. “What’s happening tonight is an apocalypse Insane night. Where did you get this statement from, Annabel?” I looked at her.

“My father has been sick with zero medical results of his sickness and he has been making that statement. I was on my way to consult someone for the meaning only to discover the paper gone.” She explained.

I gazed at the paper once more thereby stirring up their curiosity and anxiety. Lizzy monitored my body movement and asked, “What’s going on, Israel?”

“Dooms Brain.” I answered.

“What do you mean by that?” Annabel asked.

“The statement is talking about Dooms Brain. Look at it.” Both approached to hear me read and pointing at the words one after the other. “Death of Owls Makes no Death, but Bundles the Root of an Apocalypse Insane Night. Bring out the first letters of all the words from ‘Death of Owls Makes..”

“Their first letters makes the word ‘DOOM'” Lizzy figured.

“Bingo!” I exclaimed. “What of the first letters in ‘Bundles.. Root.. Apocalypse Insane Night?'”

“BRAIN.” Annabel decoded.

“Terrific!” I straightened up to see them staring at me inquisitively . “Your father has a dooms brain. What he says is what happens. And what he has said is what’s happening tonight. And of course you know that whatever someone says comes from his brain.”

“I still don’t get it. Why is my father possessing such a brain?”

“We should be talking about how to stop what’s happening.” Lizzy suggested.

“How are we even sure that Israel is correct about his analysis?” Annabel was still inquisitively obnoxious. However, I looked at the statement once more. It was so deep that I began to fall into its peregrination. I knew I could be unserious in the point of seriousness, but I was overwhelmed by my sudden intelligence. “There’s more about the statement.” I began. “Death of Owls makes no death. Owls signifies death… so even if they’re still alive, they’re known as death?” I quickly placed the paper on a centre table found there, pointing my fingers on the words once more like a teacher trying to inculcate into the students the concept of the day content. “Root of an apocalypse!” I said in a hurry. “That means two things; the root of the tree called apocalypse and the origin of tonight’s catastrophe.”

“I know where the apocalypse tree can be found.” Annabel said. “Around our school.” She added.

“We need to visit there, as a matter of fact, with shovels and bread like the one I saw in the roo…” A bang on the door interrupted me.

“Please, open the door!” a voice followed it. It sounded familiar.

“James?” I detected.

James was my roommate. We all attend the same school and I was the only person who came from another town to carry out my project research and collect data from their school which I can now call mine because the school is my case study. Nevertheless, James barged into the house like one escaping from death. He wore only a boxer and a singlet.

“Israel, so you’re here!” He swiftly said.

“James, how did you find your way here?” I asked.

“The same way you found your way, a dangerous pathway to women” he looked around and continued. “Yes, I can see them; Lizzy and Annabel. This gender will kill you one day, Israel”

“I will happily die and rest in eternal pussy.” I concured joyfully regardless our tensed situation which James began to narrate.

“Guys, the village is swimming with crazy people who are turning against one another like they want the end of the world. They are like energetic, devouring vampires, killing one another.” Before James could conclude, the beings he just described began to approach to the house energetically.

“Death of Owls Makes no Death, but Bundles the Root of an Apocalypse Insane Night.” We all heard Annabel’s father again. Quickly, we used the back door with double tools and I never forgot the bread. On our way to Saint Michael’s college, we could see a whole lots of dead bodies and more people fighting one another. The village became the survival of the fittest. We scaled through to the apocalypse tree. It looks dry with red and purple scanty leaves which seemed to affect the cloud too.

“Now what?” James asked.

“Now we dig.” I replied.

“Dig what?”

“Bundle of the root of an apocalypse tree. In other words, digging for the dead, starrting with the ladies.” I pinned the two shovels on the ground, made the stem of the tree my resting head as I began to open the loaf of bread.

“I don’t understand.” James seemed very lost. Of course he was and non of us was ready to find him. Annabel grabbed one shovel and began to dig while Lizzy dusted her palms and sat beside me like one who opposed my idea of ‘ladies first’.

Nevertheless, after two hours of digging, being the only one inside the grave, I found a skull of a human and other skeletal materials. Instantly, the noise from the village stopped which means people began to regain normalities.

“Israel, i think whatever that is happening has stopped!” I heard Lizzy’s voice from the grave.

“That’s because we’ve found a secret!” I replied, taking the human skull in my hands. All looked down to see it.

“Oh, my God!” Annabel shouted with hands covering her mouth.

I threw the skull out which after I threw myself out too, sweating and panting like one who just ejaculated as we all gazed at the skeleton inside the grave, wondering the meaning and how it was connected to the insane night. Lizzy held my hand surprisingly. Just then, Annabel stepped away from three of us saying, “Now, Israel, you have some explanation to do. How do you know about all this? You need to explain to me otherwise I’m reporting you to the police!”

I looked into Annabel’s eyes. She was more mean this time. So I spread my hands. “Annabel, sincerely, I do not know. All I know is that we’ve discovered someone’s secret and knowing someone’s secret is dangerous. It can put us all in danger, so calm down.”

The girl did as if she had heard me thereby making the silence of the place seem like a grave yard. Suddenly, we heard a rattling leaf followed by running footsteps.

“Someone saw us which is another danger.” A said as fear gripped all of us…….


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