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FUEL STATION LOVE … (18+) … Part 2


She got to the fuel station. The queue was breath taking. The kind of turn up you would get if it’s announced that money would drop from the church ceiling. Even members that had forgotten the name of the church would attend.
Beatrice joined the queue, at the back of a teenager who was holding two 30 liters keg. “Habah! this one wants to buy the fuel station” Beatrice thought and smiled to herself.
She waited patiently for twenty minutes and it seemed like the queue wasn’t moving.
“Oga so na only one litre petrol you won buy you carry this big Jerry can” a male voice shouted. Everybody laughed and commented. The man they were laughing at was putting on a blue torn singlet, he was dressed like a roadside mechanic. “I…I…no… no…know say e…e…don”
“Oh!oh!” Beatrice muttered. He was actually a stammerer. Everybody roared into another round of laughter. Beatrice joined too.

“Beauty” someone tapped her shoulder. “Godwin” she failed. In as much as she wanted to hide her joy on seeing him, she couldn’t.
Godwin was her Ex. She loved him but he had temper issues. she had coped with him not until he slapped her in the middle of an argument and she was partially deaf for a week. She called him on phone to bring up, she hasn’t set her eyes on Godwin for six months.

“Godwin, I thought you died” Beatrice said trying to sound mean even though she missed him.
“How can i possibly die? When the love of my life is still very much alive” He teased. He was bent on getting her back. Beatrice was the coolest girlfriend he had ever had.
“I want you back” he pleaded when she didn’t reply his previous statement. Gosh! She didn’t even blush. he couldn’t believe she felt nothing for him anymore.
“I can’t date a panel beater” she replied with sarcasm. Godwin scoffed “but i don’t best panels” he replied, though he understood what she meant. He knew he had a horrible temper but after he kind of lost her six months ago he had been working on it.

“Abeg move jor, u dey here dey talk to bobo.”the man in his late Thirty’s said in a rather sassy, impolite way. Beatrice looked ahead of her and discovered he queue has moved and she was hindering the people behind her from joining the others.
“Oga, na fight?” Godwin retorted.
“You better pack well oh. You come here come buy fuel or you come look for ashi top bleep” he increased his voices this time attracting more ears. Beatrice understood the guy, the frustrated was enough to make someone mad, but she doubted if Godwin would be able to control his anger this time. Godwin clenched his teeth and fist, trying hard to subdue his anger. He really wanted to iron things out with this nigga, but he was at the verge of winning Beatrice back. He had to show her that he had changed. He took a deep breath and let out a fake grin.
Beatrice was about to join the queue. He held her back. “You see, I have changed. You know me, I would have scattered his teeth” he breathed but Beatrice just kept quiet.
“OK! Give me another chance. Any day I raise my voice at you, talk less of even raising my hands to hit you, leave me forever” he continued but Beatrice still kept quiet.

“Beautiful Beatrice” Godwin said as he bent his knee to kneel down. He doesn’t care anymore, he wants his girl back.
Beatrice couldn’t believe Godwin was kneeling for her. She only imagined that in her dreams. She loves him, so whatelse. but she still kept him hanging.
Godwin was prepared to cry when Beatrice made no attempt. He felt has already embarrassed himself by kneeling down publicly for a lady, so no big deal if he cries too.

“OK. Godwin, I will give you a second chance because I still love you” Beatrice said after second of total silence.
“Awwwn! Fuel station love” someone mumbled.
“Thanks, let’s go” Goodwin said. He just couldn’t stop smiling. He wanted to do many things to her at that moment, but they were in public
“I thought you came to get petrol” Beatrice said with a smirk. “Yeah, but I ended up getting a greater fuel. Beauty you are like my fuel, you keep me going” he teased. Those words were from his heart. “I was going to repeat Titanic with the petrol but why do that when I can make my own love story?”
Beatrice felt her head swelling like a piece is bread, soaked in water. She left the fuel station all lovey dovey with her lover that she forgot she can’t go to work looking tarttered.


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