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FORCED TO FVCK … (18+) … Part 2


“Ye! Ori Iya mi o…abeg na, oga…” Deji pleaded.
But he got another hot slap. He was shoved on top of Sisi, with a machete to his neck. His softening dick, which was then pressed against her still moist pussy, regained life and he started to grind against her slowly. Sisi didn’t move. She expectedly didn’t seem to be enjoying it. Her face was turned to the wall. The cultist drew close, shoved her face around and planted a brutal kiss on her lips.

“You too dey form,” he sneered. “You no dey enjoy am? See prick wey be like yam dey fuck you – mumu, otondo…!”
The other three cultists laughed. I could see their dick imprints pressed against their trousers. My eyes moved to Deji’s bubble-shaped ass rising and falling as he dug deep into his girlfriend with abandon. Or was it fear?

Suddenly, the chief cultist looked at me. He must have noticed my throbbing fly. I tried to hide it by turning around, but it was too late.
“Guy, wetin dey do you?” he asked. “Abi you be gay?”
The others laughed again.

“Ha no o!” I protested.
But before I could finish my defense, I got my first hot slap.
“Comot your trouser – imbecile!” the cultist snarled.
I obeyed. I shakily dropped my long shorts, and my straining penis bobbed into view.
They laughed again.

“I go punish you today!” the cultist said with a ribald chuckle. “Oya come and take over…” He grabbed me by the neck.
I was terrified at the thought that he was going to do something nasty to me; then a strange leer came over his face, and he concentrated on my bouncing penis with his gaze. I felt dread snake up my spine, as my frantic thought that he would do something nasty to me intensified.

“You this gays sef, you want to fuck abi?”
Then he pushed me on top of the couple writhing on the bed. My penis jammed against Deji’s rising-and-falling buttocks. I recoiled.
“Fuck that nigga or we will kill everybody this night!” the cultist commanded.

Deji stopped moving. He stared at the cultist, his eyes widened with horror. Then he turned his horrified gaze to me, then to my raging erection, then to the cultist, then to his girlfriend, and his spluttered, “Oga abeg –”
Of course, the rest of his plea was whipped away by yet another dirty slap. I got a deafening one myself, before the cultist snarled at Deji, “Idiot! Keep fucking!”

Deji humped against Sisi. This time, she moaned.
And I was dragged until I was lined up behind
the couple, my penis pointed all the way to where Deji’s well rounded ass opened. And I slid inside. He screamed. He got another slap, I got a final push, and I was in – all the way to the hilt.

Deji gasped as his muscled ass clenched against my erection – his first penis ever. Sisi stared, aghast, from underneath us both – I was fucking her boyfriend.
“Oya, fuck na! Abi you no like as e be? See ass like woman own…”

The cultists laughed again.
That was when I decided that if this was the last thing I was going to do alive, I would do it well. And I dug deep, with a viciousness that sent the tip of Deji’s eleven incher into Sisi’s uterus, until she choked out a scream. His body stiffened, but I didn’t care. I fucked like I was told to.

As I thrust deep into him, my hands went down and I grabbed his muscular butt cheeks. They bounced with every reinsertion. He relaxed a bit as he got used to the feeling and I rolled my eyes up, feeling an overwhelming sweet sensation begin to build. At the same time Deji moaned and grunted as he began to blast his girlfriend’s womb with hot semen. She screamed. I screamed too as I spurted my load till it oozed out and dripped to the floor. Deji’s ass clenched around my pulsating dick. I tried to pull out but it was too tight.

The cultists laughed again, they all had their hands on their visibly bulging crotches; what sort of perverse pleasure was this?!

That was when the gunshots were fired and everybody jumped.
“Police!” a shout came from outside. “Everybody, hands up! And don’t move!”

I collapsed on top of Deji, sinking deeper again, as he let out a cry of relief – or of pain, I don’t know which – and four men in black police uniforms and raised guns barged in to take charge over the sordid scene…

The End.

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