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FORCED TO FVCK … (18+) … Part 1

That night, I had wanted to tell Sisi not to come because I wanted to sleep. But exams were close and she was nervous. We were the only two that offered PSY 204 in the faculty and she liked us to study together.
It was around 10 pm. She came with her boyfriend. I could never understand why he wouldn’t let her be. Didn’t he know we wanted to study? Or he thought I wanted to fuck his girlfriend. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway he was cute, a fair-skinned hunk with a permanent VPL in his jeans. No wonder my friend wouldn’t let him be either. I’d always had secret ideas about what I could do to him someday…lol.

Two hours of study later, I announced that I was tired and would be calling it a day. Not that the two of them would let me enjoy my much needed rest. They went at it all night like rabbits. My poor bed which I had sacrificed for them creaked until I feared the springs would give way.

That was when I heard the other sound, the loud rat-tat-tat on my door. My house was very far from the campus centre, so I wondered who could be visiting at past midnight. The knock sounded again, this time more aggressively, and it was followed by a dull husky voice: “Open Up!”

Sisi instantly snapped shut her thighs, which made her still-thrusting boyfriend wince in pain as she nearly crushed his weapon of ass destruction. We all stared, silent and petrified, at my door.
“No be human being dey inside or na animal dey sound for there?!” the voice roared. “We go comot this door o…”

Sisi started to whimper, something that incredibly turned her boyfriend on and he started to thrust, grunting, close to his climax. But she pushed him off, just as the door was splintered open. We shrank back, and the boyfriend was just then shooting off wads of creamy white semen onto his thighs, as the thugs walked into the room. The one in the lead had a menacing leer on his face.
He laughed, the thug.

“So na fuck you dey fuck for this serious period wey everyman dey read for exam?” he sneered. And with that, he reached out with one very long left hand and pulled Sisi from under her man. She screamed. Deji’s mammoth weapon bobbed up and down, still erect, and splattered more semen on his thighs. I stared at the monster between his thighs and wondered how Sisi’s tiny pussy could stretch that far.

She tried to get away from the grip of the thug but he whipped a slap across her face – and a hot kiss on her parted lips (not sure which came first), and then he flung her to the floor as three other menacing cult boys swarmed around him with brandished cutlasses.

“Jizosss, I’m dead…” I whispered.
Sisi started to cry. She got another slap for that.
Her boyfriend reached for his tiny boxers – not that it would fit around that penis in its current state – and he got tossed a backhand slap, one which made him reel into the corner of the room where I was. His firm muscular butt rested heavily on my groin. I got hard instantly. If he noticed, I couldn’t tell, because he nestled in even deeper until his butt cheeks were massaging my tumescent erection. All I had on was flannel shorts – Damn!

Gazing first upon the lover-boy with his rampant penis, and then at the vulnerable naked chick on the floor, a strange grin spread slowly across the face of the chief cultist. He seemed to salivate. His left hand was in his jeans pocket, holding on to what appeared to be a gun. Or maybe he was just happy to see freshly fucked pussy.

And then, he barked out an order, for the two lovers to fuck. Since that was what they knew how to do, he would teach them a lesson, he said.


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